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Editorial: Grand opening

Impressed? I'm embarrassed that the city put this project ahead of a new police facility and then has the gall to come back and ask us for more money to pay for that.

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As court ponders ballot case, polls show why it matters

I love my Insight Kansas guys.

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Letter: Neglected needs

So if the city has known this for so long, why did they raid the 1994 sales tax fund for Rock Chalk Park, at least some of said tax could have gone to fund a new police facility? I really do want an answer to that, Michelle. Why did they put a WANT before a NEED?

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Letter: Police needs

Mr. Gardner holds no sway with me. He spoke in favor of the owner of the 12th and Haskell Recycle Center continuing at that location at a BZA hearing. While he purported to support healthy living. Yeah, breathing fumes from fires is really healthy. He had the audacity to tell our neighborhood that we needed to clean up our area before we attack Bo. Really? Zoning laws don't matter?

Sorry, Red Dog, you're just being used and if you support this, that's a good enough reason for me not to. I find you to be really creepy.

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Group launches new TV ad in Kansas Senate contest

Six figures and all they could come up with was "Obama"? Does it cost seven figures for "Harry Reid"?

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Kansas Gov. Brownback to proclaim Zombie Preparedness Month

I suppose that's one way to try to hit a younger target audience.

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Kansas Supreme Court orders state to remove Taylor from Senate ballot

Best idea so far: Dems put someone named "Milton Wolf" on the ballot, if forced to. Or even the original one.

Except, according to my source:

For those wondering, Kobach is trying to move the date of when he sends the military ballots. One problem: federal races are locked in thanks to the Move Act of 2009.

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Editor's note: What issues are important to you in the 2014 elections?

What Cille said, along with:

Marriage Equality (you know that one's coming back)

Medicaid Expansion

Women's Reproductive Rights (please no more sonograms in committees)

Sustainable Energy, especially wind power

Take a serious look at how KanCare is performing

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

Exactly, Cille. All the talk about leakage, but I haven't heard anything about what the pull factor would be. Probably because there isn't one.

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

"The city has done a good job of providing opportunities for development around the city," said Planning Commissioner Jim Denney, who supported the project. "But in the long run I think it should be business that decides where it puts its ventures. It is the business that is investing lots of money."

Seriously? Who appointed this man to the Planning Commission? Does he even understand what a Comprehensive Plan is?

If everyone who believes that planning should consist of the (developer) tail wagging the (community) dog can just be patient for a few more years until those of us who actually believe in the planning process are all finally dead and gone, then you all can have your "free-market" heyday.

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