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State decides not to apply for Race to Top funds

I feel like some clarification questions needed to be asked in this interview.

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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

I don't have a strong opinion on this either way. On one hand, people should be able to have a porch couch--they are very popular for students. On the other hand, I saw the outcome when one caught fire due to the tenant absent-mindedly dropping a cigarette (after all, he was outdoors). Sadly the whole front of the house went up in flames and had to be replaced by the owner. Too bad that several stupid people who smoke and weren't careful, have caused porch couches to be banned by everyone, but that's the way it goes. Porch couch fires are more common that I realized. Time for them to just get some proper outdoor furniture or use plastic chairs.

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Annoying cliches in education jargon

Teaching to the test and standardized testing, 'no child left behind', high drop out rates, etc. It sounds broken to me.

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Annoying cliches in education jargon

Hmm. Well I do think it's broken. I don't agree with de-funding it though. This writer seems to imply that the schools underperforming is due to poverty and leaves it at that. But how about if the education system was better, it would help the poverty problem? There is definitely a link between education level and poverty. Don't just blame poverty and leave it at that. Do a better job of educating people, meaning--start when they are VERY young so they don't get behind from the beginning. Poverty is hard to fix. Just throwing money at it is not a long term solution. Start by funding EARLY childhood education.

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One dead in Lawrence shooting; two suspects arrested

On the new story, they identified the suspects. I've been curious about something for a while: Of all the shootings that occur in Lawrence, what % of them are done by residents of Topeka? I'm just curious. I feel like a lot of them are.

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Immigration bill clears major hurdle; Roberts, Moran vote 'no'

Despite our elected (not by me) officials, who pretty much unfortunately always do what I expect them to do... I am curious as to why the issues are all in one bill instead of separated.

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KU grad student wins national fellowship to help young kids deal with intense stress

The head of Missouri prison system even said if we spend more money and effort for early childhood, we will save MANY times that amount later. Parental education is key.

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Two convenience stores coming to downtown Lawrence

I tried Sandbar Subs on 23rd. It gets a thumbs up. I will be glad when the new one opens.

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Two convenience stores coming to downtown Lawrence

I vote for a Diet Dr Pepper slushie! I would buy one every day! In the summer anyway.

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Uninsured cancer patient also a victim of bad timing

Yep. This is proof that it needs to be required, not just a choice. Taxpayers have to pay more for it this way so it needs to change. People with much less pay for insurance. I didn't for a time, by my choice, but now I do and made it work though it was a struggle. Glad the story is out because I think other people out there who are uninsured may read it and make a new choice. Her story may save lives and financial turmoil for others. Thank you for sharing it.

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