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KU restructures athletics board; chancellor considering non-university members

consumer1, no, I'm sure it doesn't.

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Americans are losing their civility

Does anyone remember the "assertiveness" craze in the 70's? That's where it really started. Once again, it's a simple matter of Americans taking a good thing to unhealthy extremes. Assertiveness gone too far = aggressiveness.

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Blatant bike bias

That business about not being allowed in the bank drive-through is bunk. That teller was making that up. If that ever happens to me, I'm staying put until I get service.

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Group sues to stop ground zero mosque

For those of you who are so concerned about the "911 Families," were you sympathetic to the 911 widows who spoke out against the Iraq war, or did you jump on the Ann Coulter/"doctrine of infallibility" bandwagon? Do you really care about the sensitivies of all of the 911 victims' survivors, or only the ones who will be offended by the proposed mosque?

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Wheat State Pizza reopens under new ownership after property seized

Hey! I waited tables there in 1980! Now I have to try to figure out who you are....

(and not to pick nits, but it was Gene, as in O. Eugene Durham - Campus Hideaway trivia time: What did the O. stand for?)

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May 12th: National Limerick Day. Care to Write One?

On a forum well known for its rants,
No's, Won'ts, Shouldn'ts, and Can'ts,
She said Join the Fun!
Dust off an old pun!
And write a limerick - In My Pants!

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Morgan Hill students sent home over clothing

I have actually been to Morgan Hell, so I have some idea of the context of this story - I bet there is much, much more to it than this.

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Re: footbaths in airports,

1) I don't think that the fed. govt. owns the airports (correct me if I'm wrong?)
2) Several US airports have Xtian chapels in them

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Random wild turkey annoying for some, enjoyable for others

I live in this neighborhood and I've seen her around. She likes the corn I put out for the squirrels.

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