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Immigration experts meeting at KU criticize Kobach’s laws

We are already spending our tax dollars on these people. The mothers break our laws by coming here by non legal methods. Two days later she is in an american hospital, we pay for the birthing of her child. Then they get low income housing, food stamps. Food stamp card gives them $300 every month in cash assistance to pay for non food items. She has five years before her benefits run out to find a job. And guess who pays for a job coach to help her find a job? Guess who pays for daycare if she doesn't earn enough to pay it herself? Healthcare? Yep, you got it she quailifies for Medicaid. Please tell me again how allowing them to stay in the community makes them pay for their own keep?

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SRS considering steep cuts in services to Kansans

How can you expect them to take a 10% when just a couple of years ago they gave themselves a 1% raise retro back for 10 years which amounts to a 10% raise & now you want them to give it up? Oh, my, my......... what will they do??(sarcasm intended)

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Kansas House won't debate bill to lure new casino

I live in Southeast Kansas. I think instead of the state being worried about the competion from the Oklahoma & Missouri casino's they should worried about all the Kansas money that flows out of Kansas into those other two states.
I know that 22% of nothing is still nothing. I also know that 22% of $100.00 is $22.00 that I didn't have yesterday.
I also know that state employees take thier state paychecks & go gamble in these other states on a regular basis. Some monthly & some weekly. Also know that when they plan these trips they wait to fill thier gas tanks in OK or MO as gas is usually cheaper there. Also people who smoke will buy their cigarettes in OK. They built a new casino in Bartlesville, OK last fall & it is closer for me to drive from Pittsburg, KS to Bartlesvile than to drive to Wichita.
So as long as Kansas feels its okay for all this money to flow out of Kansas I'm sure Oklahoma is more than happy to get it.

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Kansas lawmakers seek quick agreement on KPERS legislation

It doesnot matter if the current employee decides to retire now or after 2013 they will still be under the current plan. But anyone Hired AFTER 2013 will have to use the new 401 plan. So when your child graduates from college & decides to work as a state of Kansas employee they will be given the 401 plan.

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Speaker bans union official from Kansas House gallery

Why is it that o'neal thinks he has the right to ban anyone for using their First Admendment Right to Freedom of Speech?
Didn't the Surpreme Court just rule on this? "With its 8-1 ruling for the infamous Fred Phelps, the Supreme Court has continued its vigorous defense of the First Amendment."
Maybe Mr. Tunnell should sue O'Neal for violating his right to Free Speech.

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Statehouse Live: Union members kicked out of Kansas House gallery during vote

Your last sentence sums it up. The public union the funds for political contributions ARE seperate from dues and ARE VOLUNTARY. Two serperate forms to sign. If at a later date you wish NOT to be part of either one you are free to opt out

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Kansas GOP criticizes Parkinson over taxes

As far as my family & I are concerned, we will not be re-electing any incumbent to any position. Its time to give someone else a try. Even the "village idiot" is smarter than what we have allowed to be in Topeka.
"We, the people" voted them in to present our views to the State of Kansas. Since they blatantly thumb thier noses at any thing "We, the people" are asking them to do. When the re-election most of them are trying to ensure rolls around that "We, the people" exerise the right the Founding Fathers gave us & vote out all the incumbents who are still fiercely fighting for poltics as usual.

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Legislators announce plans to trim their own budget

I fail to see how the Legislators are leading by example when they offer to voluntarily furlough themselves for 3 days, which works out to .03 of their total pay from the state. They say this is to lead by example. If they were truly leading by example they give back the same amount they will be taking from other state workers. One day a week comes to 52 days a year or .20 of their total pay from the state.
Plus for the real state workers their state job is their ONLY job. No business or law pratice to go back to after 90 days of state service.
So are our lawmakers willing to truly lead by example & cough up that other .17 of pay?

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Tax exemptions need a look

I agree. If most these Tax Exemptions were rescinded our State budget would benefit from the additional revenues being pumped into our coffers without further punishing the "little man".
Lobbists are paid by the company that hires them. The only 2 entitys a Lobbists looks out for is the company that hired them & themselves.
I think that our Legislatures should stop listening to the Big Business Lobbists & statrt doing what will benefit the majorty of Kansas. The old way is not working.

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Painful cuts

Maybe its time to stop being mangement heavy & worker poor. Take a look at a beehive it has thousands of worker bees but only ONE Queen. Why is that? Maybe because nature knows that is an effiecent way to run. Maybe we should take a lesson from nature.

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