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What's in that tasty hot dog?

Funny they failed to mention in this article what the public is really consuming is lips, butts and any other reject parts of the animal that doesn't go to the rendering plant for dog/cat food.

Geez people, just have a veggie dog and then you don't have to worry about any of these problems. But that would be just a little too simple I guess . . .

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Iditarod musher, lead dog impress Quail Run students

It's not a matter of "I don't like it so I'm not going to go". When something is harmful to someone else, then it is our duty to get involved and see that the abuse stops.

Believe it or not, sometimes you have to dive a little deeper into issues to find the real truth. Do all Iditarod mushers beat their dogs? No. Do some take care of them? Yes. BUT, overall, many mushers do not treat their dogs very well, and until that changes, this sport will continue to lose huge sponsors as well as the public's support.

Dig a little deeper on this sport and you'll be amazed what you find. Many people who are in industries that exploit animals will tell you they love their animals and take care of them. But entirely too much undercover footage tells a very different story.

Research and education is key!

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Iditarod musher, lead dog impress Quail Run students

This is sad that the school would bring in this man. The Iditarod is one of the cruelest "sports" out there involving animals. Several of the dogs die each year in this race. It's a shame they are trying to teach these students that the Iditarod is a good thing, when it is anything but. Many large corporations have pulled their sponsorship of this sport due to the inherent cruelty. What a shame . . .

Hey, maybe they'll allow HSUS to come in and show a video of the dark side of this sport to really educate these children on what the Iditarod is all about -- money and cruelty. Doubtful though . . . all they'll get to see is the supposed "happy" side of this sport.

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Committee stands against partnership registry

Typical bigoted Republicans . . . always making fear-based decisions.

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Vegan benefits

Don't worry right-thinker, most vegans are well aware of what to avoid. Sickening that animal products are in just about everything but concrete, huh? Like Emily said, it's just all about educating yourself and making an educated decision. But I think most of you will have a hard time doing that by some of the posts I've read here where people's comments are "eat meat", "eat bbq", etc. Now that's an intelligent conversation!

And by the way, being vegan has nothing to do with trying to be perfect. Humans will always cause damage no matter how lightly we try to live on this planet. BUT, they try to live their lives doing the least amount of harm to all living creatures as they possibly can.

BTW, I just have to ask this question. Please help me understand why an animal that has its life taken to feed our bodies is given the least amount of respect and kindness of all the animals by humans. Doesn't that just seem odd. I would think that especially Christians (which I'm sure most of you will claim to be), would live by the Bible and give these "food" animals the utmost respect. After all, they are making the ultimate sacrifice for you. I've just never had a meat-eater explain that one to me.

Oh also, this whole "humane meat" thing is ridiculous. There is no such thing as "humane" slaughter for one. Last time I checked, cows weren't clicking their hooves saying "yippee, I get to be a burger"! So even though an animal is raised somewhat normally (not in a confined building), their deaths are anything but humane and normal. And quite frankly, it makes me sick that these industries have highjacked the word "humane" to describe raising and killing animals for food when again, it is anything but humane. Besides, like I said before, people don't need to eat animal flesh, their mammal secretions and their embryos to survive on this planet anymore.

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Vegan benefits

Everyone here can split hairs all they want over vitamin B12, what the true definition of a carnivore is, sperm counts, etc. But they are just distractions from one very important issue surrounding your beloved meat. Cruelty. As humans we have a choice as to whether or not we want to support the despicable cruelties of the meat, dairy and egg industry. We also have the choice to eat lower on the food chain and not be a part of the cruelty. Better health and less environmental damage are all just side benefits to eating a vegan diet. Eating animal flesh, their mammal secretions and their eggs is just not necessary to survive anymore.

So really, it's just a matter of what your conscious and your heart tells you to do. For many, it is to live their lives on this planet doing the least amount of harm to humans and animals. And they should not be belittled and called "weirdoes" for living their lives that way. Since when did compassion mean weird?

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Vegan benefits

People, if you eat flesh, you're a carnivore! Plain and simple. If it makes you feel better calling yourself an omnivore because you also consume some fruits and veggies, great. But the fact is that carnivores eat meat. And it sounds like you eat meat, right? And I never said eating meat meant being anti-vegetable. I simply stated the facts -- if you choose to eat meat, you're more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. Diseases that real carnivores don't develop. Kind of a no-brainer huh? Don't eat animal flesh and your odds of developing these ailments is virtually non-existent. But that would be too difficult for humans. No, we need to rely on the pharmaceutical industry to cure all our ailments with drugs. Why would we humans take responsibility for our actions when we can pop a pill?

"But to say that we should completely stop eating meat because of that is like telling women to stop having children in order to eliminate post-partum depression."

Sorry Ragingbear, but comparing not eating meat with women not having children in order to eliminate post-partum is not anywhere near the same topic. No one is forced to suffer if a woman doesn't have a child. Eating meat is directly connected to suffering. We are so far removed from where our meat comes from and how much suffering goes into it, that when most people find out, they are horrified. And they should be.

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Vegan benefits

"Since I have canine teeth (as does everyone) as well as incisors and molars, I believe that evolution made me with the need and ability to eat both veggies and meat.

Defender -- let me put it this way, the next time you see a decaying dead animal on the side of the road that's been hit, if you start salivating and get the urge to pull over and start tearing into its carcass, THEN I'll say you're a true carnivore. But I seriously doubt you'll do that.

Humans were never meant to eat meat. You'll have to do better than just a couple of somewhat pointed teeth in your mouth to convince me. True carnivores don't die of colon cancer. True carnivores don't die with 5 lbs. of undigested red meat in their bowels. True carnivores don't have extremely long intestines/colons for processing grains and vegetables like humans have. Theirs are very short. True carnivores don't have to cook and season their flesh to be able to eat it. True carnivore's jaws do not move side to side to grind their food down like herbivores do. They are able to bite, tear and swallow raw flesh. I have yet to see a carnivore friend or family member do this. Sorry, but the evidence that humans are carnivorous just isn't there.

Besides, eating meat is simply just a brainwashed "tradition" that most people don't question. We are taught as infants to love animals, then we're taught later on to eat them and not care about their fate. Kind of strange, don't you think?

I love the quote: "If you put an apple and a rabbit in a crib with a baby, and the baby plays with the apple and eats the rabbit, I'll give you a million dollars".

Humans inherently love animals and are very connected to them at birth. It is only until we are taught to not care about their well-being that we begin to consume their flesh, and participate in other abuses against them.

Just because a caveman way back when chowed down on an animal shouldn't be reason enough for people to continue to kill animals at the rate we do to feed the billions of people on this planet. Do I believe in evolution? You bet, and now is the time to evolve from cavemen to a more dignified, civilized society!

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Vegan benefits

75x55 -- "Civilized society", indeed-that's a neutered society"

AMEN to that!!!

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Vegan benefits

Oh my Rangingbear, where do I even begin?

Okay, first off, all the psychological diseases you mentioned are not more prevalent in vegans. This is just absurd and simply not true. Second, I have yet to meet a vegan or strict vegetarian that had heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obese, etc. These diseases are basically non-existent with them. Third, protein is WAY over-rated. There is protein in absolutely everything you eat -- just check the labels in your fridge and cabinets. People can get plenty of protein without eating flesh. Fourth, all mammals, including ourselves, are made of flesh. Does that mean we should go out and eat humans? Normally I hear that humans should eat animal flesh because we're "true" carnivores (which by the way we're not), not because they are made of meat. So this is a very bizarre reason to eat flesh.

Besides, if eating vegan was so dangerous for people's health, then why are the majority of people dying in our country from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity, carnivores?

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