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Sound Off: Teacher contracts

The KNEA has the interest of teachers in general at heart, but I don't believe they have the interest of EACH teacher.

The KNEA seems to be encouraging all teachers to be paid the same, whether they are low-demand PE & history teachers or high-demand science teachers. If I was a teacher in rural Kansas able to teach upper-level science and math classes, I would definitely want to be able to leverage my rare qualities into a higher salary than others with a line of applicants qualified to replace them.

In this era of obsessive sabermetrics and impressive search engine algorithms, the unions are going to have to bend a little on demands for accountability. The NEA needs to find a palatable set of measures (factoring in more than just test scores to measure a teacher) and stop insisting that all teachers be paid the same.

And yes, individual negotiations will take a long time. But most businesses seem to have the ability. That is why we have middle management.

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