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Local men at center of local 'K2' synthetic marijuana controversy brought up on federal drug charges

I'm not sure, even with legalization, that we'll see the market for synthetic drugs vanish. People are chasing a stronger, better high constantly and even with the rapid increase in potency of weed, it's still not enough for a lot of users. It's either smoke more or find something more potent. That's the synthoid market.

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Anti-abortion activists urge passage of fetal heartbeat bill in Kansas

What's more interesting, to me, is that a group (conservatives) who vociferously demands that government stay out of our lives, is now demanding that government intervene.

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City Commission candidates disagree on how to serve homeless in downtown Lawrence

I do not want a drop-in center over in the Prairie Park area. I was mildly OK with a family-oriented center moving to my area, but I'm 100% against a drop-in center for the transient population.

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After efforts by student activists and bookstore leaders, living-wage factory now producing KU clothing

From the article, it sound like these 'activist' students tried to bully/blackmail the Bookstore. Is that really acceptable? As long as the end goal is progressive, the means are justified?

I'm going to assume that these 'activist' students are going to make a strong showing and support these clothes with their wallet?

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Rec center project progresses; city gives plans for police headquarters cooler reception

That would put it on the "wrong" side of town. E. Lawernce has the jail and pending homeless shelter. A nice rec center would not belong in that part of town.

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Rally held in support of medical marijuana

"Medical Reasons"


Just admit you wanna smoke up and quit the pretense.

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

You can be succinct in 140 characters. She wasn't. At least take a stand on an issue. "You suck" is not an issue. For somebody who claims to have been a part of 'student government', i'd expect something a bit more insightful. Not much, but something other than 'you suck'. Anybody could say that.

I'm not defending Brownback's or the school administration's response at all, it's uncalled for and maked them look petty and stupid.

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

If you're going to make a remark critical of somebody, at least make it intelligent criticism and not just a lame insult that barely makes sense anyway.

It sounds like she's just trying to impress her Facebook/Twitter followers anyway and not make any relevant statement. She should apologize to us for the lame comments.

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Some Knology customers experience Internet outages, delays

It was Level3 that had the outage. Anything connected to sunflower (if you are on their network) was fine. Once you tried to leave the Sunflower network, it got lost. If the physical link wan't the issue, they (level3) likely horked a routing table.

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