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Retired KU professor giving $1.4 million to establish urban planning position

Dr. Black has done an array of things in his career besides teach. Thanks to that, he was able to pass on a lot of unique experiences to his students. And his teachings continued beyond his retirement in 2007--he is selfless with his time and has dedicated many post-retirement hours to KU.

Thanks for all that you've given us, Dr. Black, both in the classroom and otherwise. Your generosity means the world to me, and it will mean the world to future students in the planning program.

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New DUI law tougher, but loopholes still exist

I agree. A friend of mine had an interlock device on her car for a year. I wasn't even able to get the darn car to start ...not because I had been drinking, but because I didn't have the lung capacity!!. It takes a good amount of concentration and physical exertion to operate one of those. It would start beeping at her while she was driving, and it was scary to be with her while she blew on the thing on the highway. I think they are great tools, but surely there's a way to revise the retest. Then again, the distraction of the interlock device is probably far less than the other distractions that people have while on the road.

I'm not sure a child could blow into it successfully.

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Heard on the Hill: KU men's basketball more profitable than football in 2009; KU law school releases salary data; KUMC researcher helps find better hepatitis C treatment

It's true that football is the money-maker in college athletics, but in the case of KU, how many football fans do you think are at the games indirectly because of the success of the basketball team? I have never been a huge football fan, but attended football games throughout college and for a few years afterward because I wanted to support another sports team at KU.

Honestly, as ridiculous as it sounds, I chose to attend KU because of KU basketball. My father (who did not attend KU) was a huge KU basketball fan, and he started taking me to games at Allen Fieldhouse when I was young. It was because of the basketball games that I fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere, and began to research KU academics when it came time for me to think about colleges. I don't think I'm alone in this. I think many people are drawn to attend KU (and even KU football games) because of their love for KU basketball.

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Heard on the Hill: KU prof researching biggest fossilized spider ever found; KU Info knows how much it costs to fill a pool with Jell-O; Cathy M. Dwigans tells me something I didn't already know

Andy, I love this column! I live in another city and this makes me feel closer to KU. You write about things my friends and I would talk about on the Beach during lunch.

I'm also glad to see the KU Info snippet--I've always thought that you and KU Info should collaborate!

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Fluoride concern

I suffer(ed?) from dental fluorosis. It's not so noticeable now, but when I was a young girl, the splotchiness was pretty obvious. I can't get a lot of the whitening treatments that others can get. Not the worst problem in the world, but as your smile is often one of the first things people notice about you, I've often wished I had prettier teeth.

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Wrong way driver killed, at least one other person injured, in accident on K-10 between Eudora, De Soto Monday night

Tom--if you really need an answer that badly, can you please just email them and ask them privately?

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Do you have any pets that exhibit strange behavior traits?

Was there a chance the cat had some Siberian in him/her? My cat is a Siberian and she gets in the shower with me. Siberians are known for loving water...I'm sure there are other breeds that do, too.

My dog barks at me when I'm on the phone.

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Downtown Lawrence merchant group asking customers to stop giving money to panhandlers

You are more than entitled to not give a homeless person money. But to ask me not to is truly ridiculous.

Your "go away, you smell bad and I don't want my kids to see you!" attitude disgusts me, but I would never ask you to change it. So please, respect me enough to at least pretend not to disapprove as I go to YOUR restaurant, purchase TWO meals, and give one to a human being that deserves a bit more compassion than you are willing to give.

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Naadir Tharpe commits to KU men's basketball team

Good point!

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