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Dispute with EPA plays into possible water and sewer rate increases in Lawrence

The NPDES permitting system has been around for decades. It protects the public health by protecting municipal drinking water supplies. Please, tell me how this is a problem.

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Officials upset over reassembly of Varsity House

This article is about one building, not "every old building".

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Library project moves forward

Wow, it looks like mansard mania is back.

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Part-time driver hired for KU's chancellor

I made c $15-$20/hr at Pizza Shuttle, and that was the late '90s.

$20/hr is a really bad wage for someone with that much professional experience....

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City drafting Oread guides

These sorts of regulations have been tested repeatedly in the courts; architectural design guidelines in a municipality's zoning code is perfectly legitimate and unequivocally constitutional. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Real Property law will tell you that owning a piece of property does not give you carte blanche to do whatever you want with it. This is not a case of government overreach.

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Douglas County takes advantage of low interest rates to save up to $940,000

Debt is the primary catalyst of public and private economic development. Virtually all governments, businesses, and private individuals use debt to finance investments that create an economic return where none would otherwise exist. Yes, the city has to pay interest on its debts, but the net monetized return on its debt-financed investments, holistically considered, will be positive. It's called...investment. Positive net return on capital. Simple. Economics 001. You would otherwise have no roads, utilities infrastructure, city services and amenities, all of which attract employers.

So, if you don't want to complain about the government spending your taxes wastefully, then just vote some people in that will eliminate the use of debt to finance local government, then you won't have any taxes to pay... because you'll likely become unemployed.

Did ya'll also hear, the Earth is round and orbits around the Sun???

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Borders store in downtown Lawrence to close by end of April as part of bankruptcy; 27 to lose jobs

Glad to know demolishing those buildings, driving Terra Nova, Adventure, et al, out of business was worth it (...)

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Family of former KU athletics director Frederick files suit against city, gas utility

Healthcare_Moocher, would you say that to Margey's face? What do you know about the situation that makes you think the her and family are "money grubber(s)", as you so elegantly put it? Please, contribute your wisdom so myself and others may know.

Perhaps, however, you'll simply continue to utter banal, inarticulate cliches in an attempt to mask, in vain, your total inability to express anything of importance or relevance.

Were I not, like so many others, close to the Fredericks then your comment could simply be ignored. It is, however, instead a personal affront to all of us.

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The Oread featured in two-part episode of ‘Home and Away’

Is it even possible to include more superlatives in this press release?

Perhaps by adding the line:

"This building is an utter monstrosity, supremely over scaled for its context with a non-sensical facade, ludicrous overabundance of limestone cladding, and a farcical pastiche of pointless ornament."

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40 years ago: Wescoe plans made public

Wescoe is an excellent example of Brutalism, very rare in the Midwest. Try to have some perspective, eh? And why should all buildings be 'beautiful' anyway?

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