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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

This typical comment / thread on this website is beyond embarrassing. This move will undoubtedly improve the quality of the conversation.

Of course I have zero interest in actually attributing my own name to my comments, as this would not fly professionally at all. So...

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KU showing off sustainability program with parking lot

Um, yeah. This headline made me laugh out loud; there is no such thing as a sustainable parking lot! This is a great green infrastructure project, but its benefit to stormwater management is far outweighed by the negative environmental and social impacts that come with creating a built environment designed for cars, not people.

Read some Donella Meadows, people!

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City, KU Endowment discussing new bidding process for recreation center project

If anyone's interested: the definitive academic (urban theory/sociological) explanation of why development interests (almost inevitably) co-opt the local political process can be read via the link below (sorry, you'll have to sign up, etc, but it is free).

It is definitely an academic read...but having grown up in Lawrence, proof of its fundamental accuracy can be witnessed daily within the pages of the LJ World, this article being an excellent example....

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Compton-led group set to take over Abe & Jake's building in downtown Lawrence

So...Democrats aren't "liberal". Sure.

In any event, why don't you actually address the issue? You deleted your original comment. Do you always delete your comments when someone calls you out?

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EPA tightens soot pollution standards

And why is that? Do you know what the EPA actually does? Do you understand its underlying, incontrovertible constitutionality? Explain yourself!

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EPA tightens soot pollution standards

This will save 15,000 lives a year. So who doesn't care about "human misery"? Please note the word "net" which means that any negative social or economic impacts caused by the tightened restrictions have already been weighed against the positive impacts.

The purpose of the EPA (established by Richard Nixon) is to protect the public health. How can this possibly be a partisan issue?

Indeed, our air is cleaner than it has been in a long time; because of, for the most part...the EPA....

Lastly, please note that we have a market economy, not a centrally planned economy (eg North Korea, USSR). Perhaps you're referring to regulation, which is something very different. Any economist (even including someone like Milton Friedman) will tell you that regulations are essential for a private market economy to function.

Please take a course in macroeconomics before talking nonsense, you just sound foolish.

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Compton-led group set to take over Abe & Jake's building in downtown Lawrence

This reply from LarryNative is so illogical I don't know why I'm even bothering to respond to it.

But for the sake of everyone else reading this discussion, please note: more middle and upper income people in this country identify as Democrat, not Republican. So...your argument that liberals are "broke" is flat wrong.

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Opinion: Colo. students shun gun dorm

I'm pretty sure the Republican-dominated Kansas state legislature levies taxes. OMG Republicans are socialists too!!!

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Large apartment complex surrounded by new nine-hole golf course proposed for northwest Lawrence

If the 'pro-growth' crowd (to perpetuate the vacuous cliches in this thread, and yes, I'm looking at you) want to waste your tax dollars on infrastructure to subsidize housing developments in the middle of nowhere , then Lawrence must be a great place to live for you! Do you like paying more taxes than necessary to subsidize road, sewer, and water infrastructure to benefit people who want to build houses in the middle of nowhere? Guess why property taxes in Lawrence keep going up? Because low density residential development is a net revenue loser for city governments. It's a fact. Incontrovertible. Look it up, yo!

So you know what's even more entertaining? People who makes cliched comments that show they have no idea about how urban economics works!

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