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FINAL: Kings of the Big 12! KU takes conference title with 72-64 victory over KSU

Great game at the Sprint Center. We were there for the game. Fun atmosphere. About 2/3 KU fans. Anybody else that went or heard on ESPN if they gave the crowd breakdown? A lot of respect between these two in state rivals. None of the chippy stuff like the A&M game. Two good teams played and the better team won. Congrats to the Wildcats and good luck in the big dance. Maybe we will meet again. And our Jayhawks. Yes! Big 12 tourney champs. Let's win it all! Rock Chalk!

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

A Husker fan thinks Gill is a great hire for KU. Well that's just great. I feel so much better now. Real nice. If Gill is hired the best of luck to him. Rock Chalk.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

Nothing against Turner Gill, but he didn't win at Buffalo. And he's supposed to win at KU in the Big 12? Maybe so, but that doesn't really make sense. The ultra religious Gill will be a radical change. Maybe he is the best KU can do. Who wants to work for Lew anyway?

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Perkins did it his way

Perkins did it his way. Not the right way. Imho.

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If this is the end, how will Mangino be remembered?

I'll remember Mangino as the guy that brought KU football back. Lew is the snake. His timing was evil and an insult to KU. Mostly, I will remember these seniors. Thank you guys.

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FINAL: Ressel's last-second field goal gives MU 41-39 victory over KU

This season with such high hopes became a nightmare. A salute to the seniors. Thank you all for such great memories and the seasons you gave us. And whether Mangino goes or stays, and I'm not judging, it seems its gonna be tough for him to remain. Lew Perkins timing and orchestration of the whole mess is just plain wrong. In the best interests of KU? It could have waited until the season was over. Just saying.

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Lawrence school board president suggests possibility of closing schools

Are you kidding me? Classes are already too large now. So lets close some schools and cram more kids into fewer rooms. Hasn't he thought about the kids? And what about the teachers? They are already spread too thin, overworked and grossly underpaid. He doesn't care about them either. Pretty sad.

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Opurum may be equalizer

I don't know about Opurum being the focal point of the offense. Yes, run him more and pound the line and he does seem to get good positve yards often, but mix up the offense more. Yes, take some heat off Todd, but it seems the Jayhawks are getting predictable at times.

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Perchance to dream: Cut out the habits robbing you of a good night’s sleep

Good tips. No exercise 6 hours before bed? How can that be done? I get up at 6 AM. Get home from work about 6 PM. Work out every day on a home gym for 30 to 45 minutes starting about 7. Get to bed around 11. That's just weekdays of course. Math and a 24 hour day kinda preclude the 6 hours before bed. Also, for anyone watching their weight, not sure how good an idea it is to have a light snack before bed. He's dead on with the caffeine and stress.

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Defensive disparity damning

Hope the defense toughens up a lot and fast. More than a little bit. 5-0. RCJ.

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