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At forum, Douglas County commissioner explains 'what if' option if sales tax referendum fails

You used to be a person of consequence. I looked up to you, particularly for all the work you did on American Eagle and Progressive Lawrence Coalition a few years back.

Now you're just ____________ ..... well, I'll let someone else fill in the blank.

"Cult" ? Really ? A "cult" ? THAT'S the best you can do ?

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At forum, Douglas County commissioner explains 'what if' option if sales tax referendum fails

Justice Matters is a cult ? My wife is enrolled in a cult ? Oh no ! What shall I do ? There's been no evidence of this cult - no incense, no chanting, no saffron robes... should I search her closet ? Check her phone ? Make sure she's not buying large quantities of Kool-Aid ? If I'm married to a cult member, does that make ME a cult member - and I don't even know it ? From all appearances, she's been working for affordable housing, for restorative justice, for mental health care... and it's all a lie ?

Or maybe just blow it out your other end, Melinda.

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Despite campaign literature to the contrary, county officials confirm there's no legal finding that Douglas County Jail must be expanded

Once again, same old story in Douglas County and Lawrence. The powers-that-be (elected and non-elected) decide what they want (South Lawrence Trafficway, American Eagle, closing elementary schools, Rock Chalk Park, etc, etc) regardless of public sentiment, dissent, facts, or input; when challenged with resistance, different interpretations of data, or even legitimate questioning, engage in every trick in the book - shading the truth, denials, administrative tricks, obfuscation, attacking the messenger, with a strong dose of patronizing pronouncements to the peasantry by the lords of the manor.

- Remember how they attempted to force the SLT through with legal tricks ?
- Remember the deals surrounding the American Eagle warehouse site ?
- Remember how the school board closed Wakarusa Valley School, and wanted to close Cordley and New York Schools (based on faulty data)?
- Remember Rock Chalk Park ?

I'd bet y'all can come up with even more examples.

Same song, over and over again.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider policy that would bill property owners for sidewalk repairs

Fundamental problem being, the City has kicked this can down the road for decades now, insisting that the homeowners be responsible for forking over thousands to repair/replace the sidewalks on their property. And that policy has failed, magnificently.

Let's accept some truths. Sidewalks last a long time. Longer than roads, I'd bet. So they don't have to be replaced as often. Folks really don't have the funds to replace their sidewalks for the most part - and even if they do, sinking those thousands into concrete isn't a high priority. High cost, low return on the investment. Basic economics. Does the city want a bunch of homeowners mixing SakCrete and coming up with their own versions of "quality" paving ?

Look, let's be smarter about a solution. How about this: Divide the city up into 10-20 districts. Within each district, treat it as a special tax assessment district (we've done this before, right, for developers ?), and for each district, assess a small tax or fee onto the utility bill for sidewalk replacement. Prioritize districts and areas within districts that have large/long stretches of bad sidewalk - it's going to be cheaper for the city to contract to replace a full block-length of sidewalk at once than piecemeal it out here and there and create a patchwork of good/poor sidewalks.

The problem isn't one of concrete, or homeowners who don't maintain their sidewalks, or of the city being too broke to repair/replace them. None of those are true. The problem is that poor city management in the past has exacerbated the problem via neglect; the past/ongoing solution isn't working, isn't equitable, and isn't feasible, and flat-out doesn't make sense; and what we're lacking here is is not funds or enforcement - we're lacking creative solutions.

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Confucius Institutes, like one at KU, coming under federal scrutiny

Confucius Institute is no longer located at the Edwards Campus.
From their website: "The Confucius Institute of the University of Kansas is a unit of the School of Education at the University of Kansas. Current location: The Confucius Institute, School of Education, Joseph R. Pearson Hall, 1122 W Campus Rd "

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Senate passes GOP tax bill after flurry of final deals


You're right. The poor, the disabled, the ill... all are freeloaders. Useless drags on productive society. Perhaps we should set up regional stations where such people can be quietly euthanized, saving tax dollars and reducing that load upon the economy.

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Short notice of city's release of nitrogen-contaminated water raises concerns downstream

Yeah, I wouldn't suggest eating fish from the Kaw at any time:

Kansas recommends not eating specified fish or aquatic life from the following locations: The Kansas River from Lawrence (below Bowersock Dam) downstream to Eudora at the confluence of the Wakarusa River (Douglas and Leavenworth counties); bottom-feeding fish because of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

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Short notice of city's release of nitrogen-contaminated water raises concerns downstream

To put these discharges in perspective - 1000 cfs (cubic feet per second) converts to 646 million gallons per day. The article states that 500,000 gallons (0.5 million gallons) of nitrogen-contaminated water per day will be released into the river - or 0.08 % of the river flow. So there's a lot of dilution going on here. Proportionately, about a shot glass of nitrogen water poured in a 10-gallon aquarium.

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Faith group wants Lawrence residents to vote yes on affordable housing sales tax

Poorly written. Methinks the reporter has a bias ? Cite your sources: "One of the main criticisms".... " Another criticism ..." Who said that ? Who offered those criticisms ? Be specific now, show your work. Otherwise:

Now, Rochelle, go back to point zero and start over. Provide and examine both sides of the argument (pro and con) for and against the use of the sales tax to support affordable housing. Examine the fundamental premises; test their validity; cite your sources.

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