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Opinion: Trump diminishing GOP chances

Quit bitching, Will. The Republican Party laid down with the hogs and pigs of the Tea Party, and now they're complaing that they got manure on them ? Reap what you sow, George.

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Safety inspections at school construction sites questioned

I think the county has some 'splaining to do.

One inspector for work done on 20 schools across the city. One inspector, for a 92 million dollar project. A process that the city would have charged at $280,000 due to the workload involved. But the county will do it for free. With one guy. Were the inspections done ? Can the county certify to this taxpayer and parent that the work in my kid's school is indeed up to code ?

I think the city has some 'splaining to do.

Why was the school district allowed to shop around for a different inspection process? All the projects are in the CITY, not the county. Will other large projects, say, by developers, be allowed to pick their inspection process in the future ?

And the school district. Big fail. To save 0.3% on the construction budget, you went cheap on the one element of independent outside verification that work on 20 schools was being done properly and safely. A kid got hurt, and I'm betting that the personal injury and liability lawyers are gonna have a field day with this one, and in the end, it's going to cost the district far more than $280,000 to make it right.

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Safety inspections at school construction sites questioned

Furthermore, given Mr. Sherman's dodgy inspection practices so far, as demonstrated by his involvement in the Kobach building, should lead every parent who has children in a renovated school building in this distrct to wonder about the inspections of the work performed therein. Are you sure your kids are in a safe building ?

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Safety inspections at school construction sites questioned

The personal injury and liability lawyers are going to have a field day with this one. I'm betting the contractor and school district will end up paying far more than the $280,000 they "saved" by cutting corners and abrogating codes and regulations designed to prevent such things from happening.

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Letter: Talk about God

Carl Burkhead have the week off ?

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Farmer faced legal issues over unpaid income taxes while he ran for Lawrence City Commission in 2013; did not disclose

Don't be trashing Chad Lawhorn. That man has done more good investigative reporting the the past year or so than three reporters put together.

He also writes the funniest column in the paper.

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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

Neighbors won't talk to Strecker ? Kroeger hides behind her daughter and won't let Strecker even come to the meeting to explain his project ?

One word: COWARDS

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Fraternity antics; alleged drug-toting bicyclist escapes police; why wasn't apparently drunken truck passenger arrested?; auto buglaries in Pinkney, Old West Lawrence neighborhoods

""Metal knuckles" are listed as a banned weapon in Kansas criminal statutes. "

But not handguns. Hunh.

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State reviewing safety measures for Kansas National Guard facilities in response to Chattanooga shootings

Great. More white-trash gun-fondlers making a place more dangerous than if he wasn't there.

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Crashed truck removed from between guardrail, wall in North Lawrence

Love the Twitter feed,@CaitlinDoornbos !
Funny ! More interesting than the formal article !

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