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Sloan draws primary challenger; other recent candidate filings

Tom Sloan is one of the smartest, reasoned, well-balanced people in the entire Legislature. He is what we all wish the Legislature would be - thinking people, passing legislation to reform and improve the quality of life and the prospects for the future in Kansas. He has done excellent work on the Vision 2020 committee and on other committees relating to energy and health care. Vote the man, not the party. Were I in his district, I'd be voting for him.

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Goats, sheep may be your new neighbors under proposed city code for urban agriculture

Lots of people in the city have beehives. More than you might think. And Cottins is now selling beekeeping equipment.

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Letter to the editor: Do your job

Oh, this is rich ! Between Donald Trump wrecking the Republucan Party and the Senate leadership childishly blocking Obama's appointment, the Repubs are gonna lose EVERYTHING this fall ! (Well, except for the Kansas Legislature and Governor, unfortunately)

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Letter: School alarm

I'm with you. Cut the USD 343 golf program !

(Now - where is USD 343 ?)

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Letter: School alarm

"We are no longer educating people..."

Any time the required curriculum changes at a university, someone makes that claim. Truth is, requirements and curricula MUST change over time, or university education becomes increasingly irrelevant. Here's the curriculum from a college in the 19th century: Greek, Latin, geometry, ancient history, logic, ethics and rhetoric.

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City Commission gets confirmation on grocery store for former Borders building

40,000 square feet ? And the current building is 20,000 square feet ? Anyone actually LOOK at the lot on which the former Borders store is located ? Where are you going to PUT the extra 20,000 SF ? There's no room on that lot to double the size of the store, unless you eliminate all the parking........ oh, wait.....

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City Commission gets confirmation on grocery store for former Borders building

"City staff initially recommended charging developers the appraised value of $70,000. Staff changed its recommendation to $35,000 after developers offered that as a compromise."

Cool. Great precedent set here. Can I have half off my utility bill, City ? Or if I get a speeding ticket, how about I offer to pay half the fine ? Half-price parking tickets ?

You just gave $35,000 to a wealthy developer. That was real money. They were perfectly capable of paying the full $70,000. What did the City get in return for their $35,000 ? Not a damn thing. Remember this, people of Lawrence, the next time a social service agency needs help, or your street doesn't get paved, or a special event downtown asks for funds and gets turned down. The City Commission will have to say, "I'm so sorry, shelter/citizen/group, we gave your money to a multi-millionaire instead."

If you're gonna give handouts to people, Commission, at least give the money to someone or an organization that needs it !!

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City Commission rejects plan to raise sales tax to fund sidewalk repairs

OK, a few points with regards to sidewalks in this town:

1. The law/policy that it's the homeowner's responsibility to maintain/repair/replace the sidewalk is stupid, plain and simple. I gain no advantage or benefit to having a sidewalk in front of my house; furthermore, my neighbor across the street has no sidewalk, so why am I dinged and not she ? People on corner lots are especially disadvantaged in this regard.

2. Given this, I've seen a lot of shoddy sidewalk replacement/repair by a homeowner with minimal skills and a couple bags of Sakcrete. If I'm on the hook to repair a sidewalk, can I also have the option to remove said sidewalk ?

3. There are economies of scale when it comes to sidewalk replacement. It's far more expensive for one homeowner to contract with a company to replace 20 feet of sidewalk when the city, by bundling a lot of sidewalks, could contract for a lower per-linear-foot price.

4. Sidewalks last a long time. Decades. Combine the two elements above: The city goes into a neighborhood with the intent to replace, say, 10,000 linear feet of sidewalk in the neighborhood, contracts with a company to do said replacement, and then bills each homeowner through a 20-year assessment added to the utility bill for the address, pro-rated according to the linear feet of sidewalk on that property. Makes utter sense to me.

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