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Another fast-food chicken restaurant sets its sights on Lawrence; basketball court promise broken at Rock Chalk Park

"...the decision to close the one court to public use was an administrative decision..."

Weasel words.

WHO made that decision ?

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Opinion: Inequality part of freedom

Would the Journal-World PLEASE put a moratorium on opinion columns by grumpy old men who write pointless stream of consciousness rants ?

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Lawrence historic resources board hears heated comments on East Ninth Street design

First refuge of the creatively bankrupt: "...and a large rock formation that would act as a sitting area"

Rocks ? That's the best you can do ? Are you so completely out of creative ideas, designers, that you resort to plopping rocks along the street ? The city plans to spend $3.5 million on this, and the best idea the designers have is "rocks" ?

How 'bout a pile of bricks ? A stack of used railroad ties ? Some leftover concrete ? Or just dump some dirt in a pile and call it "evocative of Kansas landscape."

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Property owners need to start paying for sidewalk repair, city manager says

I suspect a lot of those people are not "content" with their damaged sidewalks - but lack the means to replace those sidewalks themselves, as required under current state law and city ordinance. I'm proposing a better way.

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Property owners need to start paying for sidewalk repair, city manager says

Regarding the sidewalk issue: Tougher enforcement (as advocated by City manager Markus) is the stupid approach to solving the problem of sidewalk condition. Does the City really want to take the ham-handed approach of forcing often elderly and low-income homeowners to spend thousands of dollars to replace sidewalks ? Particularly when many of these crumbling sidewalks are in older parts of town.

Look, sidewalks are infrastructure. And I understand that the city doesn’t have millions to spend on replacing sidewalks. On the other hand, I don’t have several thousand dollars handy to replace mine, and if I did have that extra cash, I’d probably sink it into foundation repair and home improvements, not on slabs of concrete that are no benefit to me.

I gain no benefit – real or intangible, on the face of it – from having sidewalks in front of (and since I’m on a corner, the side) of my house. Furthermore, forcing homeowners to pay for the repair of the sidewalks is a disproportionate financial imposition – my neighbor across the street, also on a corner lot, has no sidewalk along the long side of her lot, and thus has a much lower potential financial burden. Many houses in West Lawrence – and some in east Lawrence (think Learnard Street) have no sidewalk at all. If a homeowner has to replace a sidewalk, perhaps then they should have the option of ripping it out permanently as well.

Time to work smarter. Time to leverage the power of the city, not in fixing the blame, but in fixing the sidewalks:

1. Leverage cost savings by contracting in bulk. It’s got to be cheaper, on a per-linear-foot basis, to replace an entire block’s worth of sidewalk than piecemeal one lot-length at a time. The City knows where the poor condition sidewalks are (past sidewalk survey). Divide the city into, say, 10 zones, one for each year. Within each zone, let contracts for, say, 10,000 or 20,000 linear feet of sidewalk to a company (I’m picking figures out of the air here for discussion sake).

2. Charge the cost to the homeowner on the City utility bill, and amortize it over 10-20 years. For example, my block is 660 feet long. At $20/linear foot for sidewalk, that’s $13,200. There are 12 lots/homeowners. Divide that $13,200 by 12, and you get $1100. Amortize that over 10 years (120 months) as an add-on to my City utility bill and it comes to $9.16/month, which is pretty minor charge. I can afford that. Heck, make it an even $10. Now, tell me that the city, with that dedicated revenue stream, couldn’t issue “sidewalk bonds” to finance the initial upfront construction of the replacement sidewalks ?

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Sloan draws primary challenger; other recent candidate filings

Tom Sloan is one of the smartest, reasoned, well-balanced people in the entire Legislature. He is what we all wish the Legislature would be - thinking people, passing legislation to reform and improve the quality of life and the prospects for the future in Kansas. He has done excellent work on the Vision 2020 committee and on other committees relating to energy and health care. Vote the man, not the party. Were I in his district, I'd be voting for him.

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Goats, sheep may be your new neighbors under proposed city code for urban agriculture

Lots of people in the city have beehives. More than you might think. And Cottins is now selling beekeeping equipment.

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Letter to the editor: Do your job

Oh, this is rich ! Between Donald Trump wrecking the Republucan Party and the Senate leadership childishly blocking Obama's appointment, the Repubs are gonna lose EVERYTHING this fall ! (Well, except for the Kansas Legislature and Governor, unfortunately)

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Letter: School alarm

I'm with you. Cut the USD 343 golf program !

(Now - where is USD 343 ?)

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Letter: School alarm

"We are no longer educating people..."

Any time the required curriculum changes at a university, someone makes that claim. Truth is, requirements and curricula MUST change over time, or university education becomes increasingly irrelevant. Here's the curriculum from a college in the 19th century: Greek, Latin, geometry, ancient history, logic, ethics and rhetoric.

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