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Editorial: Kasold options

Some roundabouts work well, such as the one at 19th and Barker. Others, such as the one on west Clinton Parkway...well...ya just gotta shake your head in disbelief at whomever thought it was a good idea to put a narrow pne-lane roundabout on a major four-lane arterial. Seriously boneheaded decision that.

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Lawrence affordable housing demonstration seeks $100,000 in city funding

Chad, I'm not real thrilled about that first line. Makes it sounds like they're settling or retrenching, which isn't the case. Justice Matters, as I understand it, still has it's sights set on "....millions of dollars for a new affordable housing trust fund." That hasn't changed. They're just starting with the available $100K First step, not the only step. Your sentence seems to imply differently.

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Lawrence water customers could see significant rate increases

How many thousands of gallons are you getting for that $12-14 a month ? What's your per-gallon cost - and contrast that to the expense of having to buy all your drinking water ?

Americans have it easy when it comes to drinking water. We eliminate in it, we shower it on our lawns, we let it dribble down the street, we water in the rain. Quite a contrast to the rest of the world. And people bitch because they have to pay a lousy couple bucks more ?

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Lawrence water customers could see significant rate increases

Clinton doesn't need to be dredged. Not that silted up.

A bigger concern is probably water quality, as excess nutrients cause algae blooms, that in turn lead to taste and odor problems in the drinking water, which in turn requires expensive solution, like activated charcoal or ozone treatment. Just ask Wichita.

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Lawrence water customers could see significant rate increases

Currently true in Colorado, not Kansas. Rain barrels are not, generally, allowed in Colorado due to their interpretations of water rights.

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Take a look at East Lawrence's latest multimillion dollar project; city prepares for discussion on economic development incentives

What'd that take, like, 15 minutes with a straight-edge and pencil to design ? Hire a 5-year-old with a crayon ? Utterly devoid of interest or creativity.

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KU employees, other Kansas state workers begin receiving furlough notices

Hate that term "non-essential." "Non-critical" might be a better way of putting it.

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Douglas County keeps mandatory building code fine for now

Set the name of Kobach aside for a moment and just consider the case as "John Doe" versus the building codes.

Conclusion: It's wrong.

What the county - Mr. Weinaug and Mr. Sherman have done - is wrong. Either there are building codes that are enforced or there's no point to having a building code or inspections. In this case, "John Doe" did not follow the code, should have paid a penalty, and should not have been approved for occupancy. It's black and white. The county is laying itself wide open to future code violations and lawsuits.

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Rock Chalk Park audit recommends city make final $1M payment, but finds accounting of project was incomplete

Started out stinking like s**t.

Still stinking like s**t.

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As audit begins, questions about Rock Chalk Park accounting grow

Chad Lawhorn is pretty much the only reason the Journal-World should exist nowadays. Without him, would any of these questions or insights have been raised ?

Aw, lighten up. He's kinda funny. Self-deprecating. Ironic. Makes reading business news far more interesting to read. Well, readable, period.

Lawhorn - Last - and only reason, aside from the comics - to subscribe to the J-W.

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