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Parks and Recreation drafting tobacco ban for all department-operated land, including all parks

Smoking....nasty, filthy habit. Keep it at home. Keep your butts and smoke out of my parks.

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‘Run, hide, fight’ and other things to know in case of an active shooter at KU

Bear in mind the following:

I attended one of these types of presentations, and asked the police chief what the responding officer's actions would be if they saw, as I put it, "freelance responders" with guns, shooting as well. His matter-of-fact response ? "We'll shoot them, too."

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Letter: Total truth

Different topic, same old drivel from Carl. Doesn't matter what the subject is, be it computers in the school, the legislature, or aliens from space, ol' Carl has a rambling letter filled with random Bible quotes read.

Journal-World, don't you have ANY other letters to the editor to print instead ? Something useful ? Helpful ? Or maybe you keep a stack of these handy to plug an empty space.... it's certainly "filler."

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Another 'escape room' business likely to locate in Lawrence; rumors, rumblings and other speculation about an opening date for Menards

I'm no fan of John Menard, but if the Lawrence store is anythjng like the Topeka Menards, then the Lawrence Home Depot is in for a rude awakening. Poor selection, crappy lumber, clueless employees, and indifferent service just won't cut it anymore.

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Report: Kansas economy growing far slower than US economy

Still waiting on that "shot of adrenaline" Sam promised us....

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Records review raises concerns about quality of inspections for $92.5 million in school district projects

I've said it once and I'll say it again : lawsuits, legal fees, settlements, and fines will add up to far more than the district "saved" by skimping on inspections. I'd bet money the lawyers are salivating at the prospects here. And wait till OSHA and the State Fire Marshall get through with this !

Weinaug and Doll need to be held accountable for this clusterf**k !!

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Records review raises concerns about quality of inspections for $92.5 million in school district projects

Doug - who pays the inspectors then ? It's not just money "from one pocket to another." Inspections are done by people, who get paid a salary.

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Construction supervisor at New York Elementary says he quit in frustration over corners being cut

This just continues to stink. A cost-cutting, disorganized contractor. Workers unwilling to follow directions and rules. A questionable inspection arrangement, with a former county inspector with a demonstrated history of letting building code violations slide.

The school district and the city must take steps to demonstrate and document that the work done on New York School meets all building codes and is of good quality ! The warning signals are going off like crazy here !

Parents, will your children be safe at New York School ? Is the school district getting good value for the money the taxpayers are putting into this, or will we be hearing in a year or so about cracking concrete, bad wiring, leaky roofs, and so forth, requiring repairs that will cost far more than the school district "saved" by cutting corners on the inspections ?

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Leavenworth town hall meeting shows opposition to Gitmo transfer

Paul Conway = sole voice of reason and rationality. Thanks for speaking up for reality, sir, and thank you for your service !

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Kansas lawmakers' judicial policy is unconstitutional, judge rules; attorney general says courts could lose funding

Ok, so is Schmidt going to shut down the court system ?

September 2, 2015 at 6:33 p.m. ( | suggest removal )