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Faith group wants Lawrence residents to vote yes on affordable housing sales tax

Poorly written. Methinks the reporter has a bias ? Cite your sources: "One of the main criticisms".... " Another criticism ..." Who said that ? Who offered those criticisms ? Be specific now, show your work. Otherwise:

Now, Rochelle, go back to point zero and start over. Provide and examine both sides of the argument (pro and con) for and against the use of the sales tax to support affordable housing. Examine the fundamental premises; test their validity; cite your sources.

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White nationalist posters found on Kansas State campus

Grammatically, shouldn't that be, "Diversity means FEWER white people, not, "Diversity means LESS white people" ?

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Profile picture of animal shelter director giving the finger raises questions

Non-issue. Tempest in a teapot. Move along, nothing to see here.

C'mon Journal-World, there's better and more important things to write stories about!

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After 22 water main breaks, city finds 13 miles of pipeline were improperly installed

"Wagner said he is not sure who decided to not wrap or protect the pipe or what the rationale was."

C'mon Wagner. Who was the Director of Public Works ? Who wrote the contract ? Who signed off on the specs ? That pipe didn't just get put in the ground by little green elves. Someone at the city was responsible, even if they were ignorant or incompetent.

Name names. Who screwed up ? And are they still working there today ?

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Kansas principal resigns after student reporters investigate her credentials

Judge for yourself:

Certainly calls into question the competence of the superintendent and the vetting process they use to screen their candidates in hiring, that they glossed over or missed something so blatant that even high school kids could discover her un-qualifications.

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Lawrence City Commission to review proposal to enforce sidewalk ordinance, offer some financial assistance

That's entirely reasonable. In the proposal, city staff suggested starting with the northwest part of town, which seems strange to me since that part of town likely has the newest sidewalks in least need of repair/replacement !

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Lawrence City Commission to review proposal to enforce sidewalk ordinance, offer some financial assistance

Fundamental problem being, the City has kicked this can down the road for decades now, insisting that the homeowners be responsible for forking over thousands to repair/replace the sidewalks on their property. And that policy has failed, magnificently.

Look, let's be smarter about a solution. The proposed measure is a half-fix; it's not a real solution, but an attempt at a solution. I give the City Manager and staff some credit for at least thinking about the issue and a solution beyond just ham-handed strongarming of property owners via threats. Neglect ain't working for us either. I want nice sidewalks.

Let's accept some truths. Sidewalks last a long time. Longer than roads, I'd bet. So they don't have to be replaced as often. Folks really don't have the funds to replace their sidewalks for the most part - and even if they do, sinking those thousands into concrete isn't a high priority. High cost, low return on the investment. Basic economics.

How about this: Divide the city up into 10-20 districts. Within each district, treat it as a special tax assessment district (we've done this before, right, for developers ?), and for each district, assess a small tax or fee onto the utility bill for sidewalk replacement. Prioritize districts and areas within districts that have large/long stretches of bad sidewalk - it's going to be cheaper for the city to contract to replace a full block-length of sidewalk at once than piecemeal it out here and there and create a patchwork of good/poor sidewalks.

The problem isn't one of concrete, or homeowners who don't maintain their sidewalks, or of the city being too broke to repair/replace them. None of those are true. The problem is that poor city management in the past has exacerbated the problem via neglect; the past/ongoing solution isn't working, isn't equitable, and isn't feasible, and flat-out doesn't make sense; and what we're lacking here is is not funds or enforcement - we're lacking creative solutions.

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JCPenney announces closure of Lawrence store, several others in Kansas

Pennys - as a company - was already old and stodgy decades ago. Time to pull the plug.

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