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Letter to the editor: Sidewalk sense

I share your dismay. Those of us who served on the task force heard one senior city staff member after another--including the city attorney-- pronounce the current policy unenforceable.

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Editorial: Sidewalk options

Low income residents pay rent to landlords, who use a portion of it to pay property taxes. Low income residents also purchase food and other basic necessities, and are charged sales tax at the same rate everyone pays. Property and sales taxes pay for infrastructure. So they are paying.

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Editorial: Sidewalk options

Bob, A large source of funds for road maintenance is the city's infrastructure sales tax. Everyone who makes purchases in Lawrence--driver or non-driver--pays this sales tax.

Property taxes are also used for road maintenance. Everyone who owns real estate pays these taxes, whether they drive or not.

Finally, we are all pedestrians. Are you saying you never set foot on a sidewalk?

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Editorial: Sidewalk options

Sidewalks are a means of public conveyance, as are streets. All hell would break loose if the city decided to make property owners responsible for the streets in front of their properties. One has to wonder if there is a legal basis for this disparity, which profoundly reflects non-drivers such as Lorraine Cannistra, profiled here

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Property owners need to start paying for sidewalk repair, city manager says

The crushed stone surfaces aren't usable by people with wheelchairs. And if it rains enough, they become a mess and need to be regraded.

We need sidewalks that are accessible to all.

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Property owners need to start paying for sidewalk repair, city manager says

The task force had nothing to do with either bike corrals or the Kasold project.

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Lawrence task force recommends $1 million per year over 3 years for pedestrian and bicycle improvements


The task force's plan calls for $1M per year from 2017-2019. From 2020 forward, we recommended earmarking 0.05% of the prospective 2019 renewal of the 0.3% infrastructure sales tax. That is estimated to provide $850,000 per year in funding.

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Editorial: Pedestrian priority

Turns out the most recent plan from the East Ninth consultants has sidewalks on both sides of streets and a separate dedicated, two way bicycle path. Sharing will not be required.

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Editorial: Pedestrian priority


The city ordinance only prohibits riding bikes on sidewalks downtown. Everywhere else, bike riders can lawfully be on the sidewalk.

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Editorial: Pedestrian priority

Thank you for shedding light on the needs of pedestrians, including those who use wheelchairs, walkers and other assistive devices. On a shared path, bike riders and others should yield to them, slowing down and giving sufficient warning when they want to pass.

Polite, aware pedestrians share the path by staying to the right, and by making sure their pets stay close to them, especially when many others are on the path.

Regardless of how we choose to get around--on foot, on two wheels or four wheels, we all have a role to play in making our streets safe and comfortable for all.

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