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Construction to close gateway intersection to KU campus for much of summer

Thank you to the city for making bike lanes and sidewalks part of this project. And thanks for the traffic calming at Crescent and Naismith.

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Breaking down the numbers in the school district's $87 million bond issue

We did a great job updating our neighborhood elementary schools. Now it's time to do the same for our middle and high schools.

April 23, 2017 at 9:35 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Year-round yard waste collection, other trash and recycling changes to begin in May

Al good news! It is wonderful to live in a city that is taking many steps to become more sustainable.

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Opinion: The right call on cellphone use

Mark, I like you a lot, but please don't say "sweet young thing," even in jest. It's beneath you.

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Letter to the editor: Support schools

The taxes we pay cover the costs of operating schools and doing some routine repairs. They do not cover the costs of major renovations and upgrades.

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School board leaders discuss bond issue at town hall forum

Chad Lawhorn reported that Douglas County had the highest growth rate of all urban counties in the state. Our population has grown 7.7% since 2010. This is great news for the business community, but causes overcrowding in schools. More space is needed to support continued growth.

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School board leaders discuss bond issue at town hall forum

It appears that comment was made by the reporter, not by Mr. Harmon.

One of many reasons I am voting yes is because I value good teachers and want them to have workplaces that support their efforts in many ways. If I were at teacher at LHS and didn't have heat in my classroom for half of the winter I would change jobs.

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Letter to the editor: Not this time

Mr. Finch:

The April 3 article was misleading.

It's common for districts to use capital outlay funds to supplement bond funds for both known school facility improvements as well as unforeseen immediate needs arising during construction. This was part of the plan for 2013 from the beginning.

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Aging Lawrence High School would receive bulk of bond issue funds; a look at most pressing needs

I visited Lawrence High recently and can confirm that these improvements are badly needed. One teacher's classroom had no heat for part of the winter. And when it rains he has to put 5-gallon buckets around the room because the roof leaks.

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Letter to the editor: Wasteful plan

Most households possess the ultimate yard waste recycler: a mower. When you mow often enough, grass clippings can be left to decompose in place. They make great lawn fertilizer. In the fall, my husband mows over leaves to shred them and leave them in place. Again, great lawn and garden organic material, and free. We have a compost pile in back where most of the excess goes. I use the brown bags maybe twice a year to clear leaves that won't fit in the compost pile.

Sticks are another matter. We break the small ones up for wood mulch. The large ones do need to be disposed of somehow.

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