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Longtime homeless shelter director to retire

I have always thought that Loring has the most difficult nonprofit job in town. He has done the job with dedication and grace. Very sad to see him go, but happy he will get some rest.

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Study links fitness with academic performance

Important news. Thanks for covering, LJW.

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Kansas Rural Center working to increase number of bees

Thanks for the coverage, Nikki!

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Couple's deteriorating health preceded alleged shooting death of wife

Thank you for this article, which has prompted much soul searching for me.

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Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department wins award for promoting health

Congrats to Lawrence Parks and Recreation!. Thanks for being a leader in improving the health of our community.

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Letter: Healthy mandate?

I'm sorry if you were offended, but I stick by my guns in supporting placement of healthy options in public venues where the customers are primarily children. As a mom of four who spent A LOT of time at ball parks and rec facilities, I would really have appreciated having some healthy food available for my young athletes and myself.

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Letter: Healthy mandate?

I think these changes are reasonable and will be welcomed by some families. Our country has a long history of protecting children from themselves on the premise that their judgement is underdeveloped. If we follow Mr. Graham's argument to its extreme, should we start selling cigarettes and beer to kids in our rec centers because there is demand for them?

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Parks and Recreation plans healthier foods at city-owned concession stands

I applaud these changes. And I think coaches have an important role to play. My daughters played on a softball team that had brief written instructions for parents on what kids should eat and drink to maintain peak performance (no burgers, fries, soda, etc). The kids took it seriously because the coaches were serious about it.

Thanks, Parks and Rec, for making this change!

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Editorial: Ongoing gift

Thank you for highlighting the generosity of the Gill/Harrison family and for the kind words. We are honored to serve this community.

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Douglas County Community Foundation receives largest single donation in its history

Thank you for the great story about this wonderful gift. Strictly speaking, it was an outright contribution rather than a bequest.

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