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Editorial: Kasold questions

I'm pro-growth, actually. Let's spend that $1M more effectively on other projects that attract commerce and population growth.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

What is fanciful in my view is spending $1M more on a project than we need to, and creating an inferior street in the process. Some factors that support the three-lane solution:

--COST: The three-lane option will cost $1M less. That's a huge savings for taxpayers. Four-lanes is over-building and a waste of taxpayers' money. If we don't want taxes raised, why would we cheerfully ask the city to waste $1M that can be spent on other, more pressing needs?

--LAWRENCE'S MEDIAN AGE IS 27: Being a university town, we have many young drivers under age 21, many of whom text while driving or drive under the influence. We need ways to keep the public safe from this risky driving behavior. The three-lane option will slow drivers down through what is mostly a residential area.

--MOVES THREE KINDS OF TRAFFIC: The three-lane option offers the safest and least expensive way to address all of the ways that people like to get around town--on foot, on a bike, in a wheelchair or in a car. The 2015 Citizen Survey showed that availability of safe routes for kids to walk to school was one of our citizens' two top transportation priorities (of nine choices). Are critics suggesting the city not listen to its residents?

The needs of our community evolve over time, and our street design should, too.

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Letter: Complete streets

Hilary, we have a Complete Streets policy and have made some progress on making the community safer for people walking, on bikes or using wheelchairs. If you'd like to get involved in advocating for streets that serve all residents, I would invite you to join LiveWell Lawrence's Healthy Built Environment workgroup.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Walking and waking at Rock Chalk Park

Thank you, Chad, for an article featuring one of the great things about the new rec center.

I don't think anyone in Lawrence would defend the contracting and construction mistakes. And neighborhood equity remains a real issue.

But the building is succeeding marvelously at supporting the health of many local residents of all ages and abilities. As a mom of three daughters, I'm especially excited about the expanded opportunities for girls. Sports are a proven way to reinforce and grow the self-esteem of tween and teen girls.

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Topeka-based financial services company moving headquarters to west Lawrence; city moving ahead with ice rink; new affordable housing coalition forms

Why not keep the ice rink open through the entire winter? A longer operating period would help justify the fixed cost and give people more opportunities for physical activity.

Plus, downtown needs traffic in the slow months of January and February.

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City commissioner proposes tax increase to fund bicycle, sidewalk projects in 2015

No. Current property taxes don't generally cover these costs.

You are right that retired people are especially sensitive to property tax increases. But some also greatly need transportation options that don't involve driving. It is hard to even walk your dog around the block when the sidewalks in your neighborhood are hazardous.

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City commissioner proposes tax increase to fund bicycle, sidewalk projects in 2015

The plan would fund sidewalk repair and connections too. This would help anyone who walks and anyone who uses an assistive device such as a walker, wheelchair, motorized wheelchair or motorized scooter.

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City commissioner proposes tax increase to fund bicycle, sidewalk projects in 2015

Chad: Michael's last name is spelled Almon.

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Health Champion: Older runner has inspired many in the Lawrence community to be more active

Congratulations on your award, Ellen. Very well deserved! Thanks for all you do.

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