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Editorial: Right call on sidewalk policy

The public has sent a clear message to the city commission that sidewalks are public infrastructure, and should be funded as such. The city can achieve huge economies of scale by bidding out concrete work in bulk, and inspecting to make sure the public is getting a quality product.

Both the infrastructure sales tax and property taxes should be considered as funding options.

Prioritizing safe-routes-to-school, arterial and collector streets makes sense, as long as residential streets eventually get their due. Right now there are people with disabilities and seniors aging in place who can't get to the end of their own block safely. We can and must do better.

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Lawrence City Commission to review proposal to enforce sidewalk ordinance, offer some financial assistance

These are the HUD income guidelines I found on the city's website

If they use 80% of median income, households with one person would have to have income of less than $41,850 to qualify for assistance. For a family of four, household income would have to be less than $59,750.

It would be helpful if someone in the know would confirm this.

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Residents voice dissent at information session on proposed whitewater center

Our city and county commissioners can kill this project by not signing on to the financing deal. It's important to let them know how their constituents feel before this gets any more traction.

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Residents voice dissent at information session on proposed whitewater center

It simulates a river with rapids.

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Residents voice dissent at information session on proposed whitewater center

"Douglas County and the City of Lawrence would have to file a joint application for the bonds, a decision that would have to be made by both local governing bodies."

Contact your city and county commissioners and let them know that you oppose applying for STAR bonds for this project. And once the city commission race gets underway in the fall, ask candidates to take a position against this project.

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Affordable housing board considers new funding sources, including bonds, donations and development fees

Why would we penalize developers for density when higher density can reduce rents and lead to a more sustainable walk-, bike- and wheel- friendly community?

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Information session on potential whitewater outdoor center scheduled for Thursday


The Lawrence Mountain Bike Club's Facebook page says there is a public input session on Wed. at 7:00 at the Cider Gallery. Can you confirm it's happening and whether the general public can attend?

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Editorial: Finish the Lawrence Loop

Thank you for the thumbs-up, LJWorld. This project has tremendous potential, not only for recreation, but also for transportation, tourism and retiree attraction.

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