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City leaders seek to define core services as part of strategic plan

Thanks to all for engaging in this work. Looks like you've made good progress.

"Unmistakably vibrant" doesn't work for me in a vision statement. "Unmistakably" makes for a fun tourism slogan. Here it seems superfluous. "Vibrant" is overused to the point of being nearly meaningless.

Instead, how about using some descriptors that actually represent aspirations or reasons that residents are so attached to our community? Here's a great little 2 minute video on a study that finds that the three key drivers of community attachment are openness, aesthetics and social opportunities.

Some aspirations might be sustainable, inclusive, entrepreneurial, welcoming, creative, etc.

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Editorial: District learning costly lesson

Do school board members annually review the district's conflict of interest policy and sign a form indicating they understand it and will comply with it? This is a best practice in the nonprofit world.

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Editorial: District learning costly lesson


My guess is that a gift to the district itself is less of a problem than gifts to individuals who work for or serve the district.

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'It’s the impact you have on people’s lives': Retiring KU professor invented widely used drugs for HIV and other conditions

Thank you, Val, for your enormous contributions to our university and community.

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Letter to the editor: Rural vs. urban

Capitalism and globalization are inextricably linked.

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School board tweaking meeting structure to allow for more public input

I appreciate Marcel's leadership on this.

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LiveWell Lawrence to celebrate eighth anniversary with community breakfast

Correction: The event is Friday the 18th.

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Recreation officials say revenue for Sports Pavilion Lawrence is on track

I hope full location costing will include a percentage of the LPR central office's operating costs, including staff compensation, liability insurance, etc. It would be very helpful to taxpayers to see this breakdown for all LPR facilities.

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Letter to the editor: Sidewalk scenario

The preliminary proposal outlined by staff calls for the city to pay for sidewalks that need to be repaired due to street trees.

But I do agree with your conclusion that sidewalks should be a public good.

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A closer look at options for sidewalk repair in Lawrence

Here's a look at how eleven cities across the country are handling sidewalk repair .

It is possible to have an opt-in sidewalk utility that requires property owners to keep paying even after their own sidewalks are repaired. See Englewood, CO on the website above.

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