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Editorial: Pedestrian priority

Turns out the most recent plan from the East Ninth consultants has sidewalks on both sides of streets and a separate dedicated, two way bicycle path. Sharing will not be required.

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Editorial: Pedestrian priority


The city ordinance only prohibits riding bikes on sidewalks downtown. Everywhere else, bike riders can lawfully be on the sidewalk.

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Editorial: Pedestrian priority

Thank you for shedding light on the needs of pedestrians, including those who use wheelchairs, walkers and other assistive devices. On a shared path, bike riders and others should yield to them, slowing down and giving sufficient warning when they want to pass.

Polite, aware pedestrians share the path by staying to the right, and by making sure their pets stay close to them, especially when many others are on the path.

Regardless of how we choose to get around--on foot, on two wheels or four wheels, we all have a role to play in making our streets safe and comfortable for all.

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Lawrence school board to vote on whether to purchase 5,000 iPads

The biggest issue in this debate is internet access. Whether iPads or laptops, some assignments require access to the Web in out-of-school hours. There are hundreds of families in USD497 that don't have wifi, can't get their kids to the public library, and can't afford an expensive cup of coffee so kids can sit in coffee shops.

This isn't just a school district issue. It's a community issue. Universal free wifi is a distant dream, and the community is not equipped to help all families without WIFI.

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Lawrence group begins effort to raise tobacco-purchasing age to 21

I'm with you, Chris. Not happy to have my tax dollars go toward paying Medicare, Medicaid and government employees' insurance claims for smoking-related health problems.

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City Commission rejects plan to raise sales tax to fund sidewalk repairs

David: Yes, it is still in place. It is currently used to construct sidewalks when new streets are built or existing streets are rebuilt. But many broken sidewalks are on streets not scheduled to be rebuilt. We proposed some of that funding in the future go toward such standalone sidewalk repairs.

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City Commission rejects plan to raise sales tax to fund sidewalk repairs

Thanks for complying, Clara. Trouble is, very few people do. And as the story notes, enforcement would be "extremely resource intensive."

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City Commission rejects plan to raise sales tax to fund sidewalk repairs

This might help, Mike The "straw man" proposal in our draft report would have increased the city's share of sales tax from 1.55 to 1.60. BUT, commissioners rejected the idea, so we'll be looking for other possible ways to address sidewalk repair.

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City Commission rejects plan to raise sales tax to fund sidewalk repairs

The sidewalk GAP program is funded with Community Development Block Grant funds that pass through from the feds to communities. It has provided on average $140K/year to fill in sidewalks gaps in modest income neighborhoods. It's been helpful, but isn't anywhere near enough money to make a dent in the 72 linear miles of sidewalk gaps in Lawrence.

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Pedestrian-Bicycle task force releases proposed recommendations, asks for more funding, organization for accessibility issues

Some are cracked, pockmarked, uneven and/or have damage caused by tree roots. They pose hazards, especially for seniors, and can be completely inaccessible to people with disabilities .

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