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Lawrence gets full-time navigator for Affordable Care Act

I could not agree more, Chootspa!

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

So I guess the 2nd Amendment trumps the !st in this state. Appalling.

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Fix-It Chick: How to make lime mortar

Thank you so much, Linda. This is just the info I need for my upcoming project. Duly cut and pasted. :)

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Library expansion bids come in below budget, allowing for coffee shop concept to be added back to project

Why spend MORE taxpayer money while also taking business away from other downtown coffee houses? Just because the estimate comes in under budget does NOT mean that the project itself will, as anyone who has done any renovation knows. If there is money left over when all is said and done, why not put it toward paying off the bond?

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Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods calls for citywide election on recreation center project

Put it to a vote! I doubt that this will pass.

I do not think that this is the time to spend money on an expensive and unnecessary project.
We need improvements to our existing water treatment plant, another one not far down the road, and upgrades to the police department and several schools. All of this will cost us a bucket load of money but they are essentials that will benefit far more residents and taxpayers than the rec center. I also have serious doubts about the way that this the entire project has been and will be handled.

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Teaching about Thanksgiving in a multicultural society

I am certainly not denying that there was genocide and I am not fan of the Puritans for many reasons}


I have to wonder why a Green Corn Dance would be celebrated in November rathe than in late spring or early summer.

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Teaching about Thanksgiving in a multicultural society

This is not a question of ignoring genocide, but finally disconnecting the romantic myths and horrific realities from a beloved holiday that should be based more in the season than in history..

I say we celebrate our Thanksgiving in the same spirit as the Canadians and many Europeans, as the last harvest before winter. This was traditionally a time of abundance before the privations of winter. After all, we still celebrate the first harvest with the county and state fairs of late July and early August.

As far as I'm concerned, Thanksgiving is a time to re-connect with loved ones and keep familial and cultural traditions. Whether you have rice as your side as does my Japanese-American best friend in Hawaii or my family's paprika-flavored velouté as "gravy" with a very Czech dressing, this should be a time of celebrating both unity and diversity, within our families and our county.

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Lawrence artist miffed after Topeka restaurant removes Brownback painting

I agree; if you enjoy the benefits, then you must deal with the burdens.

By the way, it is the restaurant's landlord that had it removed and, as someone who was a renter for most of her adult life, that really bothers me. I have known a landlord (Palmer Mai) who went as far as requiring couples to be married. I wonder if there is an "I get to decide what goes on the walls" clause in the lease?

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Lawrence artist miffed after Topeka restaurant removes Brownback painting

He is not the manager; he is the LANDLORD. I would have an issue with a landlord telling me what were suitable subjects for art in my home or business.

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City moving forward with new rec center site

Local government in our country has never been purely republican., nor should it be. I think we should strive for more democracy, not less.

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