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Suspect arrested in Monday homicide; victim's name released

He has certainly been in trouble since 2001:

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Suspect arrested in Monday homicide; victim's name released

I believe that he was also driving the truck he stole from the resident of the house.

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Suspect arrested in Monday homicide; victim's name released

The suspect is included in the KS sex offender registry (for sex with a 15 year old in 2001). There are five different mugshots there as well as a list of aliases, so he clearly has had more than a few run-ins with the law.

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Kansas budget gaps have lawmakers mulling taxes

Those 191,000 business owners need to pay their fair share of income taxes, just like the rest of us. The idea that they will use their extra cash to hire more employees is patently ridiculous in theory and practice.

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Regents approve apartments for men's basketball players; project will be named in honor of Marie S. McCarthy

I have to wonder just how posh these digs will be, given that they are spending $305K a student. Good grief!

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City asked to cut downtown employees a break on parking; talk of a downtown liquor store versus downtown grocery

You would think that Schumm, who has owned two restaurants, would realize that most of those who are working downtown and not making the big bucks are spending their entire work days on their feet.

So, essentially, when it comes to 9th and NH, it is take from workers and give to developers.

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City prepares to put $25 million police headquarters plan on November ballot

So this will be put up for a vote but Rock Chalk Park was not? With the 1994 one-cent countywide sales tax, we could have built a new cop shop and made the sorely needed upgrades to our city water system. Instead, we will have an additional sales tax increase as well as higher utility bills. And there is already talk of a convention centered partially funded by the city...

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