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Stepfather of infant found in trash faces attempted murder, abuse charges

Where did you read about this?

I found it in a KC paper:

Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic battery charge and was placed on probation. As part of that case, Young was ordered to enroll in anger management classes and complete a Veterans Affairs program for post-traumatic stress disorder.

His criminal record also includes an earlier conviction for aggravated battery.

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Authorities searching for man suspected in 5 fatal shootings in Kansas, Missouri

I don't believe the names have been released yet, although they appear to be a man in his 30s and his three friends. I just saw that another body has been found in Florence, Mo that they believe is also a victim of this killer.

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Three-lane 9th Street sees fewer crashes after lane reduction

I live on 8th St. and I know that I avoid that part of 9th whenever there is any increased traffic. I've frequently encountered jams even outside rush hour and football game days.

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Lawrence Humane Society announces $500,000 gift from estate of KU librarian

What a wonderful legacy to leave her community and the animals in need within it!

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

I gather that you have not taken 9th St at rush hour. I have never seen jams like this other than during home football game days. We are talking cars sometimes backed up from Iowa all the way down past Michigan. I have spent more of my 30 years in Lawrence living near and using 9th St than not but I now avoid it during high traffic times because it is such a mess.

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Lawrence Super 8 owner charged with attempted first-degree murder in wife's stabbing

Patel and Singh are the most common surnames in India. It is unlikely that any of the Patels in the news are related.

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