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New coalition pushing to relax Kansas liquor laws

When I was a minor it was MUCH easier to cross into Missouri and buy from grocery and drug stores. Liquor stores were much more likely to keep your fake ID.

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New coalition pushing to relax Kansas liquor laws

I cannot wait for 2-buck Chuck at Ward Parkway Trader Joes!!!

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New coalition pushing to relax Kansas liquor laws

They do not want minors to have a reason being in the liquor store.

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Ninth and Vermont development proposal gets reserved reaction from Lawrence city commissioners

Leawood, KS is getting a Trader Joes but everyone is going to go to the Ward Parkway location is Missouri so they can get $3 bottles of wine. Kansas liquor laws are outdated...

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Federal judge upholds decision to build South Lawrence Trafficway along 32nd Street; opponents promise appeal

I am still undecided. My wife and I live the Southwest end of town and travel to Kansas City/Overland Park once a week. This road would be convenient and save us some time. If we have to stick with 23rd street that is fine too. I do like that our neighborhood is quiet and a four lane highway nearby is going to be noisy. That sucks. Completing the highway might improve the value of our houses which is great, but I feel bad another piece of land is being taken away from Native Americans. If they have anything of value it gets taken away time and time again. Sad. The wetlands are home to wildlife like beavers but if they are going to develop more wetlands in the end, thats a good compromise. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens, because I could go either way on this. I can't spend anymore time thinking about this as I have to get to work so I can pay my bills and enjoy life. Have a good day everyone.

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Final public hearing on coal-fired plant in southwestern Kansas slated for Oct. 25

Windmills create jobs, provide electricity and don't pollute. It's 2010 and it drives me nuts that burning more coal still seems like a good idea. Leave the carbon in the ground!!!!

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Jury convicts 33-year-old Lawrence woman of child endangerment, lewd and lascivious behavior

that was a good one. And yes Donald, the guards are going to turn their back on you just like Natasha did to those kids.

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Kansas City Zoo polar bear’s repetitive swimming worries some

autie, I don't think you realize Stephen Colbert does not really hate polar bears. His show is funny because he is mocking the conservative Republicans typically found on Fox news. He is actually making fun of Sarah Palin...

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Reopened golf complex east of Lawrence hopes to make sport affordable, includes a mini golf course

I agree with that. This town needs go karts!!!

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