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I'm not going to say everything here is bad because it probably wouldn't be true. I'm sure they can do some dishes well. One thing I am certain of is that the crab rangoon is bad and the fried dumplings are terrible. Jade Garden, please listen to me. Your pan-fried pork dumplings are pathetic. Do yourself a favor and fix them or take them off the menu. I don't want others to not try your restaurant because most of the menu items could be fine. In fact, I would give you another shot, but I will not take my chances again with those dumplings. If you like just a pellet of pork in your dumplings, you will love this place!

February 21, 2014 at 6:14 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Best pizza in Lawrence. I also love Glory Days Pizza but I've been craving New York style lately and this is the best in Lawrence. I have tried them all.

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I hired Roger (Maverick Construction Services) to construct railings for the front entrance to my home. His work work is top notch and his attention to detail was much appreciated. It turned out better than I imagined. The guy is truly a master carpenter and I would not hesitate to have him work on my next home project. Best of all, his bid for the job was very competitive!

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Would you pay $5 a month for curbside recycling?

Do they offer weekly pickup with no sorting required?

December 11, 2012 at 3:35 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Would you pay $5 a month for curbside recycling?

A good beer is often $4. Most people tip as well.

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$20 million gift to help build new business school

Those bathroom sinks are pretty outdated. I'm glad they were so persuasive! Thank you Mr. Dicus and Dean Bendapudi for making this much-needed project move forward!

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My wife and I were both big fans of El Mezcal and decided to visit this new place that replaced Ixtapa (we really liked owner Jesse). The menus prices are kinda high for Mexican food but my wife and I eat the shrimp and carnitas soft tacos ala carte and absolutely LOVE them. Cant get that at El Mez plus $1 drinks everyday keeps us going back for more. If you like Mexican food, you guys should give it a try and decide for yourself. (Unfortunately) you wont have to wait for a table. It's never really busy so I hope they can make it. Atmosphere is plain and parking lot is cramped but the food is my first priority. Trust me guys, pulled pork tacos here are the bomb! To momadon: you are right they are just pork (and pico de gallo) but they still taste better than the bland chicken and beef tacos everywhere else. These things are full of meat and don't really need cheese or lettuce in my opinion.

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Kansas House advances bill putting restrictions on sexually oriented businesses

“It’s traditional family values” motivating this. I hope they don't decide bikinis are "morally too revealing" when I am at the pool. Where does it end???

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Lawrence man who attacked woman on bicycle path gets 14 years in prison

In fifteen years he will be out of prison. Without any rehabilitation he will probably come out worse than he went in. I do believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Maybe a little therapy during his time in jail will cost us much less than investigating and prosecuting a more serious crime in 2027.

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New coalition pushing to relax Kansas liquor laws

There is a lot of Kansas liquor revenue going to Missouri in Kansas City. A well established grocery store (Hy-Vee/Price Chopper) or convenience store (Royal) in MO can survive on less markup than a standalone liquor store in Kansas. A lot of people drive across state line to save a couple bucks. It would be nice here in Lawrence if the wife could grab a good six pack while she is grocery shopping.

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