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City Commission approves Rock Chalk Park

KU is finally making an effort to elevate its football program. Hiring Zenger was the first important step, getting rid of Gill was the next one, and hiring Weis to help lay the foundation is the current step. I doubt things will ever return to the bad old days where football was simply an afterthought.

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City Commission approves Rock Chalk Park

Let's focus on what's important about this project. The track will be removed from Memorial Stadium. The stadium can be remodeled to look like an actual D-1 football venue rather than a high school stadium. Yeah, I said it.

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Lawrence school officials uncertain about impact of Westar rate proposal

Wasn't it Westar executives who ripped the company off a few years ago for a ton of money? Are they trying to make up for it by gouging the rank and file customers?

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Lawrence man indicted on federal gun charge after several local arrests

I would tend to disagree. Without the existence of the plea bargain, our courts would be completely overwhelmed by the number of trials. Without the ability to plead to strike a better deal, a defendant would have little reason to avoid a trial. Trials are costly and time consuming. With the number of judges in Douglas County alone, the system would be brought to a stand still if all cases went to trial. Without the ability to plead in a deal, nearly everything would go to trial, each of which can last for several days and each of which require jurors.

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Hundreds of public entities take temporary exemption from concealed carry expansion

Makes sense. Rampant gun play from criminals in public buildings in Lawrence is out of control. It's really that simple. Right, Sen. Knox?

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League of Women Voters seeks to get names of judicial applicants from Brownback

But you want to let us all know that you refuse, amirite?

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North Lawrence residents, disappointed with local response to theft problem, to seek answers from legislators

The bottom line is this: the Kansas legislature determines the sentencing guidelines, not the police, sheriff's department or courts. District judges must sentence a defendant according to those guidelines generally within a narrow range, often just a few months. Depending upon a defendant's criminal history, the presumption can be probation or prison. Either side can ask for a departure from the sentence imposed under the guidelines, but it's not a given that a judge will grant such a departure.

People complain about taxes and want less government. But they also want better laws, more law enforcement, better law enforcement, and criminals locked up - with no cost to them because they feel the taxes they pay should already take care of that. Kansas prisons are crowded now. People will complain if a new prison would be suggested. And they wouldn't want it anywhere near them. They will complain about too many government employees when prison staff are hired. They will complain about more police officers or sheriff's deputies hired. They will complain about new judicial areas and more judicial personnel to operate them.

There is no easy solution. But the neighborhood group is being proactive and it's being noticed. That's a good start.

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State government buildings to allow concealed carry of guns

Do concealed carry permits require an IQ test?

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New 'no gun' signs posted in public buildings

When? Seriously? At what rate have criminals started shooting inside public buildings to warrant the need for the paranoid, neurotic and excitable public to carry guns inside those buildings?

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