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Paul Davis makes it official: He's running for governor

He's got my vote. I'd vote for my neighbor's dog if he ran against Brownshirt.

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Retail sales in city starting to slip, latest report finds

If I can buy it online, I do. And if they don't charge sales tax, it's a bonus. Sometimes shipping is free and sometimes it's much lower than the sales tax would be. I've yet to be burned buying anything online, and I have bought quite a lot.

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Appeals court knocks down Montana law similar to Kansas' Second Amendment Protection Act

This is a good example why Kansas continues to be a backwards state, which allows Brownback, the legislature and former BOE members to repeatedly demonstrate that Camelot is a silly place.. Of course, I'm probably wrong because everyone knows, for example, that we all need to carry concealed firearms in courthouses to protect our constitutional liberties.

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Downtown Lawrence call center gives details on plans to hire nearly 200

"'Lawrence is a good cultural fit for the company,' said Rosen, who said the company likes to go to communities where it can attract customer service representatives with small town values and courtesy."

Translation: the company likes to go to communities where it can find a pool of cheap labor which doesn't require a living wage, i.e., mid-sized college towns.

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Kansas Board of Regents indicates it will pursue in-depth study of new concealed carry law

When college students get into trouble downtown or elsewhere, we say, "oh, they're just kids doing dumb stuff. Remember when you were a dumb kid"? And now we want to let these same "kids" carry guns around campus. Yeah, that's smart.

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Private roads remain thorny issue for the county

A private road may cut across one property, by easement, to get to another. A driveway is typically on the owner's property.

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Sandrats still hope to build memorial in North Lawrence

What exactly are they memorializing with their projected memorial?

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