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Five-year-old Quinn Cunningham and her brother Oliver, 7, both of Lawrence, get a chance to sit insi

Cute picture and nice car, but that's a Peerless (built in Cleveland, Ohio), not a Ford.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Save a wave for the sign holders

This is probably going to be my favorite article I'll read all week. Thanks Chad!

September 9, 2013 at 9:28 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Opinion: American credibility is at stake

So help me if I here one sabre-rattler from the days leading up to the Iraq war saying how imprudent it would be to intervene in Syria...

'Possible chemical weapons' versus 'known possession AND use of chemical weapons'....

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For sale by owner: Baldwin City school buildings

I always thought Baker should buy all that property and level it for new apartments. There is no easier place for them to grow. It's too bad they didn't snag the grade school.

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Kansas trailer soon to have Kansas tags

And another thing: why are all those darned Uhauls registered in Arizona!

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Kansas trailer soon to have Kansas tags

I have a small collection of license plates (mostly from trailers) found alongside our highways. It must happen more than you would think.

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Band Day to draw about 3,000 student musicians

I remember coming to KU Band Day in the mid-90s. Made me want to come back to live/go to college here! (but I went to Baker instead)

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Hutchinson expands anti-bias ordinance

kansanjayhawk: are you asking for a law to take away the civil rights of adulterers?

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Marriage threats

+1: my wife the divorce lawyer has said this many times

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