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Do you drink Kansas wine?

The Wine Cellar in Lawrence at 25th & Iowa also carries Kansas wine. Norton is also known as Cynthiana so look for both names.

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Do you drink Kansas wine?
To my knowledge, none of these wineries even offer Elderberry.

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Do you drink Kansas wine?

There are several wineries in the northeast part of Kansas that ARE growing grapes, in fact most of theses wineries are 100% estate. I agree that the law that lowered the standard creates a oxymoron for Kansas wine, fortunatly most of these estate wineries fought in oppostion. Unfortunatly they were not able to win. So your job as a consumer would be to stay informed, ask questions and support REAL local!

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Do you drink Kansas wine?

It seems that Kansas wines are being painted with a broad brush of negitivity. There are several wineries in the Northeast part of Kansas that are not only growing Kansas grapes but are making excellent wines and have achived a numorious amonts of international awards to prove it. Most of these wineries offer both Dry and Sweet selections to please even the most diserning palate. So to say the Kansas only makes sweet wine is unfair and not true. All wineries in the state offer free samples so I encourage you to visit them, try and enjoy. These are local farmers who put passion in their work and in the wine.

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