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River City Jules: Saying farewell

I have loved reading your column these past years. It is such a nice balance to all the negative things that can go on in this world. I love your perspective on life and your sense of humor about the small mundane things that make life so special. I will miss reading your articles. Thank you and your family for all the great stories!

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River City Jules: Spring break reminiscence

I love this walk down memory lane! Ah to be road tripping with 5 friends, care-free with no responsibilities for a week. Priceless.

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River City Jules: The inner diva comes out

"Smelly Cat" pales in comparison to your witty commentary in "Stalking Old Boyfriends on Facebook." ... old boyfriends will be flattered. Though you may not come close to achieving Tina's vocal power or exciting hair, you will make all of us diva wanna-be's proud!

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River City Jules: Prada piper fails to deliver

I did not follow my Jason Bourne instincts so my naive friend and I followed a China man four blocks, down a dark alley, to a parking lot, and into the back of a van. Yes I followed him. Yes I got into the van. And yes I got my Burberry. And I did not end up bounded in a duffel bag and thrown into the Hudson. Nevertheless, I was running through episodes of Walker Texas Ranger in my mind, at the ready to pull out a round house kick just in case.

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River City Jules: A poor vantage point for a birthday

As someone who has had a 40th bday and loved every minute I have hope for dear Michelle. And isn't going down hill the reward of climbing uphill? At least that's what I tell myself!

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River City Jules: Men, privates don't belong in public

So true Julie, so true. Obviously some people are into the whole "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" thing. That is fine between two consenting adults. But I don't want to see yours. So please for the love of God if you are a famous person who has a wife with pending children, just use a little common sense! Oh, and I'll keep you on my list of people I want to be marooned with. Oh, and Bon Jovi.

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River City Jules: Royal wedding watch (tiaras required)

I couldn't agree more! I am so fascinated by the whole event. My husband does not have to justify why he can watch 3 hours of Fox news (the same news just by different hosts) every night. However, I somehow have to justify just one day of watching the event of the decade to those who do not care how awesome it would be to wear that dress and ride in that carriage and eat that cake. If I could I would be sitting right there beside you eating our crumpets and drinking our tea, but alas you know I will watching in my basement thinking of you!

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River City Jules: Bad date, happy outcome

Love this story. Sorry about your nose. Love this story!

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Cruise spa's expensive shower not to one’s fancy

So flipping funny! Love your stories!

November 9, 2010 at 1:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

From out of the Blue(tooth)

Magic phone booth - hilarious! I wish it created a magic booth! You are so spot on!

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