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New system in Lawrence lets riders locate a bus via text message

Ha maybe I had a poor choice of words.

In Austin, we have a service where you can text your bus stop number and receive the timetable for that stop. It's not real time, but same concept. It was great when I didn't have a smartphone, but if you weren't at the bus stop, finding out the bus stop number was a pain. It was better than nothing, but with a smart phone, it's much easier to get the same information faster with Google Maps because you can locate the stop on a map and the timetable is displayed much nicer. I haven't used the texting service since I got a smart phone; it's simply not as convenient.

Lots of cities make the GPS data available for developers to create apps. Of course, not everyone has smart phones so this texting service should still be applauded.

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New system in Lawrence lets riders locate a bus via text message

I'm curious if the data is or will be made available for 3rd parties to create apps that might be more user friendly than having to text to get time estimates.

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Getting Used to Socialism

"OK, so you own property upstream from the city's water intake and you're pooping directly iinto the river. Do you have that right because any law restricting the use of your private property is verboten?"

Would this not be violation of public property, therefore making the property owner liable?

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Israel once again gets blame

I honestly can not say with certainty. Civilizations come and go, but what happened to their civilization I am at a loss.

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Israel once again gets blame

Arab contributions to civilization:

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Government isn’t our enemy

There will always be robbers, plunderers and those who want nothing more than their own personal gain at the expense of others. I agree with you, jonas, that compulsion needs to be utilized to keep those intent on harming others in check.

However, your comment seems to posit the notion that hegemonic enslavement is a right for those who are able use violent force (or the threat of violence) against others. You claim you have the right to tell others what to do if you have "sufficient force to back it up and enforce it." If a gang of men successfully forcefully create a serf out of someone who has tilled his own land for years, is this somehow a right of theirs? Certainly you see the error here in propounding a political ethic that sees the successful use of limitless force as a right.

But again, those wise enough to see the virtues of a society whose members respect the rights (life, liberty and property) of others had better be prepared to protect themselves against those willing to murder, enslave or rob others.

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Government isn’t our enemy

Overplayedhistory, your responses are very long, but somehow still manage to avoid a coherent thought or point. I suggest you take L1's advice and read first.

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