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Manual mowers earn praise for environmental benefits

@JJE: Nice tale about the scythe. Seems to me that you piddled around with your little knife toy while your ladyfriend labored over your gigantic jungle yard with a gas mower. The EPA is calling you, Jake.

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Obama must heal rift with female voters

What a rank lie. There is no coalition of Angry White Women. What is the Associated Press smoking???

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City chickens

I agree--This is another ploy to extract fine money from citizens.

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Valuation fluke?

I recently tried to purchase a home in East Lawrence. It was a lowdown dump, for sure, but I figured I could fix it up. In 2007, it was valued at 168K, but it appraised for--get this--125K. Douglas County is off its rocker.

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I think the excess mailing is part of the stimulus plan. The more people get excited about that money, the more they'll go out and spend NOW, or that is the idea anyway. I, too, am completely irked that I got this dummy tax paper in the mail with no check inside, but I understand that it probably has stimulating effects. Plus, isn't junk mail the cornerstone of the U.S. Postal Service these days? Most people will have probably spent their paltry $300 several times over by the time the money shows up.

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Blacks must accept progress

Alleged white pride, colorblindness, spurious re/definitions of the word "race"--All of these reactions betray stubborn denial and latent racism. Leonard Pitts is ultra-moderate. He bends over backwards to appease white sensibilities, sometimes to the detriment of his arguments. And STILL the LJW commentariat bleats on and on about how racism is either okay or nonexistent, or both at the same time. Embarrassing!

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Store wins final OK

I make a small stipend as a graduate teaching assistant, so it is absolutely necessary for me to find bargains when I can. So I used to shop at Walmart. I dressed myself in White Stag and sported ye olde Faded Glory shoes. After replacing the same fire-retardant blouse and $20 pair of flats 4 times in one year, I realized that shopping at Walmart wasn't actually saving me money. I learned that buying used clothing and occasionally investing in well-made pieces is much more cost-effective because those items LAST.

Walmart supposedly provides relief to poor people in the form of affordable consumer goods: Ha! It peddles junk that has to be replaced again and again by people who can ill afford to do so.

Walmart :: "Planned Obsolescence Mart"

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Store wins final OK

Look on the bright side: That part of town is already thoroughly homogenized, unnavigable by foot, and almost completely beige. If the city wanted to preserve some semblence of local flavor and community space, it should have acted a long time ago. Toss another big box on top of the corporate dungheap!

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Woman tells of ordeal at preliminary hearing

The courts should prosecute both parties for their respective crimes. Let's not endorse vigilante justice via meat tenderizer, okay?

Also: This story sounds like something invented by the Coen brothers.

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Lots of activities

The cowpat town where I spent my formative years had exactly one public place that welcomed teenagers:

A cemetery.

I agree that Richard's suggestions are not very scintillating, but any of them beats keeping company with the dead.

More ideas:

See an all-ages show downtown
Play sports at one of the free community rec centers
Go to the movies
Get a crappy job
Go fishing

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