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Kansas state senator: School leaders want to oust incumbents

What a surprise! Do they expect school employees to just stay bent over and take the abuse until schools are sold to the highest bidder? Last time I checked engagement in politics is considered a patriotic duty. Does the good senator disparage patriots?

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Kansas Supreme Court turns attention to adequacy of school funding, sets date for arguments

Sammie will just borrow another 1/2 billion to pay for, the schools.

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Local GOP candidates discuss guns, education standards at county forum

Feds baaaad, until the Gov asks for disaster relief.

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Judge: Kansas can't cut Planned Parenthood's Medicaid money

The videos were proven bogus, just like Sammie's plans to deny women health care.

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Opinion: U.S. also vulnerable to Brexit thinking

Well said, Sir. The "Nationalst" candidate will try to exploit this for all the wrong reasons.

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Opinion: Brexit effects will hit Latin America

A return to protectionism could lead to the trade wars that triggered the Great Depression in the 1930s, and both Asia and Latin America — which depend on trade much more than the United States — would be among the biggest losers of a new world depression. We should all be cheering for the EU’s survival.

Welcome to TRUMPville.

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Kansas denies firing clerk not attending office Bible study

The American Taliban; KKK is a chief Mullah.

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Would you consider voting for a third-party presidential candidate?

No. Nader stuck us with GWB.

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Saturday Column: ‘16 presidential election is political fork in the road

"Once a person tells a lie, how can that individual be trusted to tell the truth on any serious or controversial matter?"

Good point. Guess you cannot vote for Trump.

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