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Feature film set in Lawrence won't be shot here ... again

hAR hAR. those holllywood types just wannta smoke a cig over dinner and a beer. My bet is that is why they bypass your smug little town!

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Should the city offer recognition of gay partnerships?

Not unless bestial relationships and mere I-am_caring-for-my-next-of-kin relationships are to be recognized as well. thus one could get both vet bills and the nephew's orthodontst bills paid by the city.

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Ryun response

I am prolife and I am a conservative. I consider myself a political independent, but seldom do I find myself tempted to vote Democrat for obvious reasons. I truly thought 1994 would make a difference. It did. It corrputed the Republican party as the Dems were when they ran the big show in Congress. Jim, you had a chance to make a difference. You could have been a contender. You threw it away to be status quo. Thank the Lord your Saviour did not, nor did his cousin John.
Jim, admit you blew it, humble yourself and try to help Nancy find the courage to stand up to the Dark Side that you could not fight. There is much more to being Christlike as a Congressman than merely parroting the White House and Fox News. In fact, such parroting has nothing to do with being Christlike. It seems you never struggled with the prophetic mandate. Your taxpayer mailing just before the election asking for "hot button" or wedge issues did not even offer the WAR IN IRAQ as an option! I almost wrote "It's Iraq, Stupid" and sent it back, but you must have known, and just decided to toe the line for the good of whatever order we are advancing in that New Vietnam. Looks like you were a casualty of that conflict, but from my perspective the wound was self-inflicted. I voted for you, but did not like doing so. Evidently many more could not bring themselves to reward you for merely sitting in the House voting for whatever Big Govt Bush wanted shoved up America's posterior.
Repent Jim. Show us the courage that must become standard if we are to save America for my grandkids. Or just go away, please, for we need no more lukewarm political hasbeens grousing about Kansas for the good old days when they sucked freely out of the govt largesse.

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Controversial Kline

Hmmm, evidence of unreported abortions on 10 year old girls.

(Not, as Seinfeld would say, that there is anything wrong with that. Choice, like every goddess, needs some sacrifices, right??)

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Is Phill Kline vying for Paul Morrison's old job?

Maybe the press association will pick him up?

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Burned by 'Borat'

So if the comedy was a Moslem poking the same satire at the hubris of the Jews and the joys of shelling Palestinian childen then I suppose it would be blood libel and antisemite and we would all be led in a chorus of "death to the Jew haters."

But you can slam away at traditional cultures, well, because they are traditionalists, silly rabbi! So you go, Cohen, er, I mean Borat! Send up those modernity-rejecting Kazakkers. You are the new Woody Allen, which means we are all obligated to say you are funny or risk rejection by those who truly matter.

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Soccer moms may provide election kick

Makes me hurt for medicine mom.

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Soccer moms may provide election kick

Your a little a teapot, short and stout...

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Morrison raises more than $1M in campaign

So there were the Greeks, facing down one million determined Persians. Western Civ's fate hung in the balance, and a crack Greek legion of less than a thousand stood to defend the pass from the million strong. Steve Pressfield (Gates of Fire) picks up the story at this point:

The novel writes: is said that on the eve of battle, he was told by a native of Trachis that the Persian archers were so numerous that, when they fired their volleys, the mass of arrows blocked out the sun. Dienekes, however, quite undaunted by this prospect,remarked with a laugh, 'Good. Then we'll have our battle in the shade.'

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Movement for slavery reparations gaining momentum across country

I once heard an elderly black minister praying thanks to God on the radio, thanking that Higher Power for the fact that his ancestors suffered in slavery so that he could live in the great land of America. How wonderful! Where has the negro race better flourished? Even in South Africa they do not enjoy the benefits they do here. We have a vibrant black middle class and even a black upper class.......where else? Show me a nation where the black race has been more blessed materially? The social debt for slavery was paid generations ago. By blacks who suffered, by Yankees who sacrificed, and by the South under the jack boots of Sherman and pain of Reconstruction. My blood is alleged to have been mixed with the Redman generations back. Does that mean you all owe me a debt? No it does not. Life is not fair, and any attempt to make us all equal in circumstance under the law can only be done with equal oppression under the law. I vote for more freedom, more personal responsibiity, more common sense, not less. And so I vote for less government, not more. Is that so difficult? (Evidently it is.)

This reparations talk is simply the left seeking levers to balkanize and conquor. Let's just all be Americans and build a future we can be proud of, without the politics of institutional racism. (Like checks for skin color.)

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