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Report: T-Rob t-raded

Good for T-Rob!! But unless you are a basketball scout by trade (which you aren't if you have time to comment here) don't assume he isn't any good for being traded twice so far....

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Organization is eternally young: Boys and Girls Club turns 40

Very nice comment jbaker2010!!! Nothing but great memories of the Lee Farm and all thee activities we had growing up!!

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Town Talk: Pair of single moms open East Lawrence sports bar; alteration shop zips into South Lawrence; second-floor apartment project slated for downtown

Plenty of single people own businesses of all kinds in America don't they?? Businesses like that have a "staff" don't they?? Thee point of any business is to make money and perhaps create a better "financial" life for yourself and family. Right?? Just because they own it doesn't mean they will be there all day everyday. Who cares where you saw one of them eating?? What does that have to do with anything significant?? Listen to yourself actually thinking because a person owns an establishment they can't eat and drink at another establishment. Wow....and next time proof read your comment before you hit send.

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Town Talk: Pair of single moms open East Lawrence sports bar; alteration shop zips into South Lawrence; second-floor apartment project slated for downtown

Playerz Sports Bar is a name that is used in different states as well. Thee only difference is the put a "Z" at thee end. Secondly how many women do you know that own a bar much less a sports bar??? It's a play on words because players play sports. That is why they chose thee name. That is why it now looks modern. That is why the theme of thee entire place is sports.

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Organization is eternally young: Boys and Girls Club turns 40

You guys really missed the chance to mention one of thee real reasons why The Boys' & Girls' Club of Lawrence was so successful from the early years to now.....and that was because of a great man named Dane Floyd. Dane was the heart & soul of the club as he taught a bunch of teenage boys how to be responsible young men. A lot of the members came from broken homes so Dane was like the father-figure for most of us. He taught us how to play many different sports but his greatest passion was basketball. He taught me how to use my left hand which helped me make every team I tried out for and helped me get a college scholarship. He taught us to take pride in ourselves and never give up on our goals. The point is the writer of this article should have actually done some research and mentioned what the club was like from the mid 80's until his untimely passing in the early 90's.....since they call themselves talking about the historical facts of the club in Lawrence. Dane Floyd should have been mentioned........

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Morris twins sign with agent, will declare for draft

I knew this was coming as soon as Marcus was announced as a 1st team ALL-American

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Seabury wins game, loses coach

It is really sad that he could go from "Coach Of The Year" in 2009 to "let go" thee following season.

Bishop Seabury was a joke in sports period before he showed up. Fired for being "too" good?? Those kids will only go D1 because their parents will pay through the nose.

Sad indeed!!

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

Finally an African-American coach!!!! Kansas lost ALL of their final 6 games!!! Obviously the players didn't respect Mangino any longer. It was time to get a new system in place. So we hired Terry Allen who had no accomplishments when he hit campus, how did that work out for us?? Turner Gill IS accomplished. Just give the guy a chance!!!

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Unemployed Kansans eligible for additional benefits

It's sad when people that have a job or "income" think that it's easy for everyone else to get, have, or keep one. In Lawrence there has never been a really great job. Factories and bars and restaurants are all that are around here unless you work for KU or the city. The Journal World general section used to have at least 20 jobs to pick from. Now they are barely offering 5. So good luck to all thee unemployed and uninsured and their families.

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The Lawrence We Remember: Things We Miss

JC Penney's when it was downtown.
Taco John's when it was downtown at 10th & Mass.
Woolworth's store and diner inside.
Harry Bear's when it was downtown across from the police station.
Ken's Pizza on 27th & Iowa.
The arcade/pizza place that used to be downtown.
Both movie theaters that used to be across the street from one another downtown.
Cinema Twin that used to sit where Kohl's and Old Navy are.
Rusty's IGA.......all 3 of them.
Wa-Lo the grocery store that sat where you pay your water bill now.
Dillon's when it sat at 6th & Michigan.
Being able to drive 14th St. from campus straight thru to Haskell Ave.
Partys off Wakarusa before they built all the businesses on it.
The old Day's Inn with the restaurant when it sat on the corner of 23rd & Iowa.
Molly McGee's when it sat in the same strip mall as Kief's.

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