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Credit card data breach affects Lawrence arts and craft store

We just got a call that there was suspicious activity on one of our cards. Over $500. Now I know why.

April 19, 2014 at 9:09 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

There are many parents out there that don't have a valid excuse for not getting their kids to school on time, or not sending them at all on a regular basis. Let's get the story on what those kids are able to learn when they do not attend school like they should. This parent may have some valid reasons to be upset, but many others do not, yet they throw a fit and make threats when the school contacts them about truancy. LJW, dig into statistics and do a story on how those kids fall behind and how it affects their performance. Show how schools are held accountable for these situations that are beyond their control, yet parents are often not held accountable. Get the school's side of the story.

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Popular breakfast restaurant Milton's returning to downtown in space currently occupied by Loopy's

I've already had my French toast at the Loopy's/Milton's, and it was as fabulous as it was before. We've never had cold food at Milton's. Yes, if you went to Milton's on Sunday, as we often did after church, there was usually a long wait. Once we were seated, our food generally came very quickly. I'm disappointed about the small space of the new place. The old spot was almost too small for the crowded times of the day. This one will be impossible if the crowds from before return.

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Tax burden

Wow! I didn't know that I was not supposed to go out to lunch during my lunch break on the days that I am working at school without kids. But wait, some people think the only time I am working is when I am in front of a classroom full of kids, and others think I'm not really working even then. I guess those recording and reporting days are really more days off for me. On those rare days when I do get to go out to lunch, and they are rare, since I have maybe 20 minutes tops to eat most days of the year, those other people I see eating out must not be on their lunch break from work. According to Kasha, working people should not go out to eat for lunch. Oh, wait, Kasha insinuated that TEACHERS should not go out to eat.
I hate the emphasis that has been placed on the No Child Left Behind tests. The last thing I want to spend time on is preparation for these tests. The pressure is coming from above. Thank the federal government for the emphasis on testing, and stop berating teachers. The bottom line is that the kids must pass these one shot tests that do not really give a true picture of what they know. If they don't, then it looks like they are not making adequate yearly progress, and the school is punished. You think it is wrong that we prepare for the tests, yet what would you say if the school didn't pass?

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Teacher planning time issue on hold

Walk a mile in a teacher's shoes before you comment about teachers working part time for full time pay, having Wednesday's off, whining about working at home, etc. If you haven't been there, and being a student in public schools does not count as being there, then don't make crass comments about teachers. Way to go nell and vegasartie!

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