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Group seeks broader liquor sales

Come on guys... This is AMERICA. The free market should dictate business. Not government, and especially not a REPUBLICAN government. No one will make people shop at the supermarket for alcohol. . If people want to shop at the small liquor stores, they are welcome to. The fact of the matter is, supermarkets and convenience stores are more convenient. By passing this law, the CONSUMER wins. They have the choice where to buy beer and alcohol.
Smaller stores can offer superior customer service and knowledge over huge chains, but it is up to them to differentiate their product. They probably won't be able to match national chains on price (think Wal-Mart... it's the #1 retailer for a reason - they're cheap). If they can't keep up with the changes, it's their loss and the consumers' win.
Lawrence has a full range stores... From ALDI to the Merc and HyVee in grocery stores, and from Sonic to Pachamamas in restaurants. Yet, there are enough people to keep them all in business. The weak don't survive, the strong get stronger. Laws like the current ones are why the nation laughs at Kansas. Lets change this!

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Town Talk: Food Network contestant opening cupcake shop in downtown; city survey shows hits and misses for downtown; new commissioners voicing concerns on homeless issue

We at Cupcake Construction Company are trying to streamline the ordering process. Last weekend was out first BUSY weekend, and we learned quite a bit from it. Hopefully, this week will go smoother!
We strive to give each customer the best experience - that includes the wait time, the assembly process, the customer service, and of course, the taste of the cupcakes. As with any brand-new concept, there are wrinkles to iron out, and we are trying to do that as quickly as possible. Thanks for checking us out!!! We appreciate the feedback.

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The one millionth comment countdown: So you want to know about prizes?

Hmm, that's a tough decision who to root for... KU or NU. Beak 'em Hawks!

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What is that thing?

I was hoping to get an explaination about the buffalo on the north side of 23rd street, just past the school house. Why is that buffalo there, and who decorates it from time to time?

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