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25 years ago: Hoch to stay open in spite of fire code violations

It was very lucky that nobody was killed or hurt during that fire. I know the former fire dept. captain that was with the second truck to arrive, and therefore lead the team that entered the building. He and the team he lead into the upper balcony were very lucky to get out the building just before the roof of Hoch collapsed.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

What a completely clueless statement. KU Basketball brings into the university 3 times what it costs to run - check out the Forbes story on the subject. Even football brings in more than it costs. Without these two programs, you wouldn't have the ability to fund the "college sports" for the college kids withut syphoning money from the academic areas of the university.

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KU to wear alternate adidas camo uniforms in Big 12 tournament

I agree that these things are ugly, but it could be worse. At least we aren't stuck wearing the uniforms of the Notre Dame Fighting Lime Sherberts.

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FSHS boys bowlers take third at regional, advance to state

Sounds like a couple of spares here or there and it could have been LHS instead of Free State moving forward. You've got to wonder if it isn't a matter of kids being able to throw great at Royal Crest but struggle away from home. The LHS girls had been on a hot streak too, but only two of them qualified also. It's just one of those games, some days they are falling and some days they aren't You have to know how to adjust and get through on those days when what normally works isn't.

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FSHS boys, girls bowling first at home quad

Second 700 in a two week period for the Taylor kid. Impressive.

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KU grad tells Denver Post about Adderall abuse in college

Looks like someone forgot to take their meds..........

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Rain or shine, pastor’s daily devotion to running carries prayers though Lawrence

Knowing Nate as I do, I am sure he would be the first to pray that whatever it is causing the the bitterness in your heart is healed so you may get over your hatred of those who chose to believe.

He is that type of person. He will not judge you because you have chosen to not believe or because you show disdain for those who do believe.

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DUI charge filed in accident in which KU student lost his legs; driver had a previous DUI

Yeah, that "good person" was willing to place himself and everyone in his vehicle at risk by driving while 3x over the limit.

He was also willing to put at risk anyone and everyone encountered along the way at risk. Unfortunately for Colby he happened to be in that "good person's" path.

That "good person" was also willing to drop "friend" off on "friend's" front yard after an overdose, and then refuse to provide information about what he and the kid had ingested. I know the family and understand that the kid survived without any long term complications, but this is what kind of "very good person" Julian is. The kind who only thinks about himself.

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Retired public employees seeking cost of living adjustment

So. How many of the 77,000 retired KPERS members are double-dipping and earning full wages while pulling in a full pension as well? Or better yet, pulling pensions from multiple public jurisdictions?

For those that are truly retired and trying to survive off of the plan the way it was originally intended, I thank you for your public service and agree that a COLA is way past due. As a former public servant myself , I have no sympathy though for those that played the system.

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Sound Off: Genesis Health Club

Challenged by the reading comprehension thing I see.

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