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'Mother of all bailouts' may reach $1 trillion

People are wrong to pin this solely on either party. This is everyone's fault. For example: the people who bought expensive homes on small salaries with the help of exotic mortgagesthe financial institutions who packaged and sold mortgages secured by these extremely risky mortgages the ideologues who look at free market ideology like gospel and eschew regulationIronic how, in the end, the free-market worshiping neo-cons who never hesitated to bash Keynesian economics jump on the Keynesian bandwaggon as soon as their previously-lucrative investments go belly-up.Another example of how extremism is alive and well in all corners of the world.

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'Mother of all bailouts' may reach $1 trillion

So much for either candidate's tax cut proposals. Something tells me that future tax cuts, and the ensuing flood of treasury securities into the market would increase debt service payments beyond what our government can realistically afford. (debt service was the single fastest growing expenditure in 2007 at 13.4%). The prospect of such a dramatic increase in the cost of debt service will likely force both candidates to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010.

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'Mother of all bailouts' may reach $1 trillion

Moral Hazard anyone?Up to 10,000 staff at the New York office of the bankrupt investment bank Lehman Brothers will share a bonus pool set aside for them that is worth $2.5bn The average pay of Goldman Sachs employees Â- and that includes secretaries. distorted incentives like these, this is may well repeat itself.

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$700B bailout negotiated by Bush team, Congress

Moral Hazard anyone? Up to 10,000 staff at the New York office of the bankrupt investment bank Lehman Brothers will share a bonus pool set aside for them that is worth $2.5bn The average pay of Goldman Sachs employees Â- and that includes secretaries. what if Goldman didn't get caught with its hand in the cookie jar. Instead of holding the mortgage backed securities when the damn broke, Goldman was lucky (and perhaps smart) enough to dump much of its mortgage-backed junk before the sh*t hit the fan. As I see it, Goldman and others like it perpetuated this mess by trading these assets and this is how they are held accountable--with $500k salaries. This is only the beginning. With distorted incentives like these, this is bound to happen again and be far, far worse.

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Simons: Americans should appreciate seven years without attack

Dolph, Sorry, but I didn't waste my time reading your article. Nevertheless, I though--based on the ridiculous title you gave this column--that you might need some help picking the title of your next column. Here are some suggestions:Americans should appreciate six decades since WWII.Americans should appreciate potable water.Americans should appreciate passing the burden fiscal irresponsibility to future generations. Americans should really appreciate . . . lamp. Oops, I need Dolph to write another article because I ran out of things Americans should appreciate.

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Free Sarah!

And in other news:Inside sources report that vice presidential candidate Palin has given the interview of the millennium to ABC news. According to inside sources, Palin delivered a one-hour interview in which she responds to a series of questions using only the following terms:Liberty, Freedom, Courage, God, Terrorists, 9/11, Reagen.An unnamed the University of Idaho journalism professor reacted the the interview stating: "I am pleased that one of our graduates has learned that the use of political buzzwords is, in fact, a perfect substitute for communicating actual knowledge."

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Liberal media

RestoreReason - Now that you have had a chance to level and ad hominem attack against the LOE writer, maybe you could add some substance to your post and articulate the policy reasons you favor the McCain ticket. I'm particularly interested in how, and why, you think that Bush has kept this country secure. I, for one, don't see how a McCain ticket is "conservative" when they want to continue increasing the yearly deficit (and aggregate debt) with record spending while also pushing to regulate social issues based on religious beliefs--clearly not "conservative" policies.If the media is anything, the media is incompetent and opportunistic--not liberal or conservative. True conservatives vote Libertarian!

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No questions, please: Palin sticks to script

The ideologues are really nailing the hard hitting issues this morning. Any bets on how many times the terms "liberal" and "conservative" will be thrown around pejoratively in this thread (typically as a substitute for true critical thought)?

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McCain casts self as reformer

What kills me is how McCain preaches fiscal responsibility. The past 3 republican administrations have run massive deficits thereby greatly increasing the national debt. These deficits amount to nothing more than a cross-generational wealth transfer. The republican mantra -- Let your kids pay for it!

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Palin introduces herself to American public

Damn liberals! I could do without your silly ideas like free markets, individual autonomy, and democracy!All good fear-mongering reactionaries vote Republican. Meanwhile, true conservatives (classical liberals) vote Libertarian because they don't need a bloated government to protect them from all the purported "bad guys."

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