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Kansas to set up seismic monitoring system

We have had earthquake insurance for many years. People laughed at me over it, but they are not laughing now.

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Letter: Out of Mideast

I agree on most points. We cannot be the world's policeman or sugar daddy. We should bring our troops home, and cut off foreign aid, with the exception of Israel. Helping Israel continue to exist and fight off the enemies they are surrounded by is a matter of our national security. We can learn much from them, such as why they have had no school shootings in Israel. They have the world's best intelligence agency in the Mossad. They can teach us much, and we should work with them.

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City monitoring concrete cracking at Rock Chalk Park recreation center

When we built our home 28 years ago, our concrete contractor was professional enough to have slits cut in the driveway to control where the cracks occurred. I would think that this would be common practice almost 30 years later, but apparently not. This is shoddy work, and should be replaced forthwith, and have the slits cut in the concrete to control where the cracking occurs.

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KU office of scholarly communication named after former provost, executive vice chancellor

That is one I never heard of before. I guess it helps them talk to each other? I do understand the copyright part, however.

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V.P. Biden says Orman “with us”

Jersey Joe, for once, tells it like it is.

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Election 2014 results - Kansas courts

I am pleased that Justice Rosen was retained. I have known him for many years, he is a man of integrity, honesty, and a love for the law. He did a great job as a district court judge ( where I sat in on many proceedings in his courtroom ). He is doing a great job as a supreme court justice.

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Orman puts $3M of own funds into Kansas Senate bid

I agree, campaign spending is out of control. There should be a reasonable cap on it. I have received an average of 5 robocalls a day for the past few weeks, which really annoys me. Caller ID does no good because it does not give a name with the calls. I think political calls should abide by the do not call list, as well.

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WOW working on long-distance calling issue

We live in the county. We have had WOW canopy wireless internet since the system was initially installed by a Topeka company years ago. The system was sold twice before WOW took it over. Under WOW the system was down a lot, the last time for three days. I got so fed up I changed over to an underground fiber optic internet at the end of my drive, in a service box. It is faster, cheaper, and I understand it has a history of very few down times. Thus far we have had it 5 days and we are most satisfied.

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Letter: Necessary facility

I am completely in favor of a new facility for Lawrence Police. We live in the county and cannot vote on it, however my wife works in Lawrence, and we do most of our shopping there. We will pay the extra sales tax. I am a retired deputy sheriff, I served for 30 years in Shawnee County. I was working when Topeka built a new joint law enforcement center for the police and sheriff. Better working facilities made for improved morale, better communication between agencies, and everything was in one place, close to the courthouse and jail. I saw what both departments came from, and went to. New facilities are badly needed in Lawrence, in this case it is for the police department This should have been a priority, and been done before a fancy library or sports facility. I have lived in Douglas County since 1976, I watched as gridlock postponed a needed road for 20 years. It seems citizens of Lawrence want to argue about most everything. This is not the time to do so over a badly needed police facility.

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Letter: ‘No’ to sales tax

I admit I am biased, I am a retired deputy sheriff. I cannot vote on the new police facility as we live in the county. I generally do not like taxes, but taxes paid to enhance public safety I will gladly pay. In fact we will pay if it passes as my wife works in Lawrence, and we do most of our shopping there. Public safety should have been considered long before a fancy library, or a new sports complex. One can see where resident's priorities are, until someone is breaking into their home, or attempting to do them or their family bodily harm.

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