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Editorial: Tuning out

I pay no attention to the negative advertising. I know who I am going to vote for, I already have my ballot. I do agree that it is so annoying that some people may just give up and not vote, that is a big mistake. Everyone should vote.

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Kansas parks department seeks 5 new game wardens

I believe they are now called wildlife conservation officers.

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Letter: Fine print

We initially received the small print form, but asked for the regular form we always complete. It was mailed to us, it is easy to read, easy to fill out, and return.All you have to do is call the office of Jamie Shew and they will mail you the regular form. Simple way to solve the problem.

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Letter: Police facility

I am a retired SN County deputy sheriff, and have lived in DG County since 1975. I strongly support the LPD and our Sheriff's Office. As I live outside the city, I can't vote for the new police building, but it has my strongest support. My wife works in Lawrence, and I shop there frequently. Those Lawrence residents that can vote, please support the new police building.

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Editorial: Drone threat

According to the article it is already illegal to fly drones for non-military purposes, yet they are seen everywhere. If it is that much of a concern, I would suggest that the KU Public Safety Office enforce the law. The controlling device cannot be far from the drone.

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Lawrence touts benefits of proposed police headquarters project at forum

I am in favor of consolidating Lawrence Police facilities in a new building. Public safety should have come before the money spent on other projects. I was a deputy sheriff in Topeka when the Sheriff and Topeka Police moved into a joint law enforcement center there. My wife works in Lawrence, we do the majority of our shopping in Lawrence, and I do not mind paying the small addition in sales tax to enhance public safety. We have a good police and sheriff department in Lawrence and Douglas County. I strongly support both.

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Letter: Hate speech

Great letter. I am a life NRA, GOA, & LEAA member. I consider the rants of Guth a threat to my children's lives, as did many. Just like yelling fire in a crowded theater, you know better than most that there are limits to the first amendment. To all who think Guth was disciplined, remember he was placed on PAID leave. Like you my family detests death threats by anyone, especially against my children. I do consider this babbling by Guth as hate speech.

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Letter: Lightning danger

My 40' antenna tower was struck by lighting twice. The first time it cost the insurance company about $ 2,500, less my deductible. I asked the insurance company to pay to ground the tower, they refused. The second time the tower was hit by lightning it cost the insurance company about $ 3,500, less my deductible. I asked them to ground the tower, they refused. I paid around $ 1,500 to have the tower grounded correctly and have had no lightning strikes since then. It has been 15 or so years since the tower has been protected. I know farmers have had lightning rods on their barns, homes, etc for many years. I have no idea if they work. I have no idea if they work on modern buildings. They work on a single tall object, I can attest to that. You say all of the buildings on Mount Oread have them. Why take a chance when the cost of the rods are miniscule compared to what they are protecting?

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Letter: Shame on state

To say stupid things, as well. I see no retribution for Guth's shooting his mouth off, after all he is on PAID administrative leave.

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Deputies recognized for extraordinary service

I am very proud of both deputies. It is good that people of this caliber protect us, and help us when we need it. God Bless all of our peace officers !!

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