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Letter: Christmas theft

Criminals have no consideration for anyone or anything. They do not even care about their fellow criminals. Even after dealing with them for 30 years, things like this infuriate me. I hope someone notices this display and reports them. I agree a photo either online or certainly to law enforcement will help recover the display. I have seen instances when the thing stolen becomes so well known that the criminal returns the item from where they took it out of fear that they will be caught.

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Letter: Mental health issue

I prefer my tax dollars be used to build a psychiatric center, rather than a multi-million dollar jail expansion. It has already been said mentally ill people cannot receive the treatment they need in jail, so why not use the money to give them a place where they can receive the needed treatment? I dealt with many such people in my career as a peace officer. If they do not want help, or won't take their medication, locking them up in jail is a short term solution with very few favorable outcomes. Many times it requires long term in-patient treatment, and therapy, to help them to want change their lives and take the medication that can make them better. If nothing is done but lock them up, and give them the medications they need, they will most likely stop taking it when released. Their ability to pay for the medications should be addressed as some may want to continue the medications but can't afford to buy them. After the state closed the majority of public hospitals, and flooded communities with the mentally ill, we are stuck with helping them, or locking them up. I agree that the problem has grown worse since Menninger moved to TX. I want to help them.

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Atkins diet co-author sentenced to 41 months

My friend was a patient at Brewster Place medical unit when Vernon was the medical director. His daughters lived a long way from Topeka, so I visited him every week. I saw first hand the type of medical care he was getting. He developed pneumonia and was sent to Stormont Vail. While there he picked up MRSA and died.

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Letter: Pathetic act

I agree, the reason was most likely the plate and the criminal was most likely college age. After having dealt with criminals for over 30 years as a peace officer, I learned they think differently than we do. Most have no remorse for their acts, and justify what they do for the most stupid reasons. What university one supports is a prime example, that is no reason to commit a felony. The majority of my wife's family go to, or have gone to, K-state, yet I support KU. I find what happened to the car deplorable, another criminal act for a stupid reason, and you have my sympathy. I wish I had been there when they did it, I would make sure they had a criminal record that would haunt them the rest of their life.

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Letter: Saving energy

We are slowly changing our bulbs from CFL to LED. If you read the fine print, when it says a bulb lasts 22 years, it also says with 3 hours a day usage. I agree LED bulbs are better, but I have not seen the price go down, and we have already had two of them burn out before a year's usage. That will not stop me from replacing all of the bulbs we use a lot to LED bulbs. The cool light bulbs cost more, but put out more light, so they are worth $ 1 more. That is all we buy.

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Editorial: Guard duty

I agree. These correctional officers should receive a pay increase first, at least commensurate with the pay of states surrounding KS, or in-state sheriff's deputies working in jails. Equipment such as radios, and stab resistant vests must be replaced with new ones that work. Correctional officers must be placed under the K,P & F retirement system as their jobs are as dangerous as law enforcement officers and firefighters, without having to take lower salaries to do so. I worked as a deputy sheriff for 30 years in KS. I deeply respect correctional officers,, and the thankless job that they do.

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Kansas prison workers' pensions face big decision

They should definitely be under K,P & F. Their jobs are as dangerous as police, sheriff deputies, and firefighters.

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Letter: Flawed argument

I understand that the supreme court is settling this matter, so we can move on to other things.

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Kansas to set up seismic monitoring system

We have had earthquake insurance for many years. People laughed at me over it, but they are not laughing now.

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Letter: Out of Mideast

I agree on most points. We cannot be the world's policeman or sugar daddy. We should bring our troops home, and cut off foreign aid, with the exception of Israel. Helping Israel continue to exist and fight off the enemies they are surrounded by is a matter of our national security. We can learn much from them, such as why they have had no school shootings in Israel. They have the world's best intelligence agency in the Mossad. They can teach us much, and we should work with them.

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