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Letter: No-call strategy

I do the same as Mike. If I do not recognize the number, it goes to the answering machine. They rarely leave a message. Another trick I learned is to put the callers number into a search engine. It shows all sorts of information, mostly that the caller has been annoying lots of other people and is on many do not call lists. Sometimes it identifies the caller. Then you can press *67, which disables their caller ID and call them.

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The ins and outs of a proposed increase in parking fines for downtown Lawrence

I seldom shop downtown, or any place else where people have to pay to park. Though I am disabled and do not have to pay, others do and it is the principle of the thing. Downtowns in many cities whine because they can't attract few that do not have to work there. They spend millions renovating their downtowns, and it makes little difference. The answer is so simple it amazes me that they can't get it. People do not like to have to pay to park, and then rush around to get their shopping done to get back before the meter runs out. Maybe they don't have any change? The parking meters are the problem !!

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Editorial: Worthy ideas

I do not like redistricting. The last one took away a state senator I respected, and though he was from a different party than I am, I found I agreed with him a number of times. The one I got is a bleeding heart liberal whose position on most everything infuriates me. Put things back as they were, and leave them alone.

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Controversial Kansas sex-ed poster lives on as lawmakers debate prosecuting teachers

This should be taught to children by their parents, we were. I am the oldest of three boys. Mom and Dad ( who was a physician ) had "the talk" with me first, and later my two brothers. Parents should take the initiative and teach their children about sex, as they should about honesty, fairness, and all of the other things that make their children contributing members of society. Worked for us.

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Editorial: CURB detour

We have a total electric home. We are used to Westar's numerous requests for rate increases, and think CURB was the only entity that tried to keep them down. I want CURB restored to it's original mission as quickly as possible. I am retired and on a fixed income. We currently pay over $ 500 a month for utilities. We live in the country and I do not want propane or gas of any kind, it is too dangerous. CURB was created to help see that we aren't being taken advantage of by utility companies, let them do the job they were created for, it does help.

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Editorial: Tax leakage

I grew up in TX. My wife is from KS. We have been married almost 30 years. Were it not for my wife's refusal to move to TX, I would be back home where taxes are much more reasonable. The last time I was there taxes on food and car tag renewal were non-existent. I would suggest KS study the tax situation in TX and make note of it's much fairer taxes. I like KS, but it's taxes are way too high.

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Plans filed for major soccer complex near eastern end of SLT; Kansas ranks near top of list of states people are leaving

My guess is that people are moving because of the high taxes. Property taxes are way too high, on real estate and vehicles. Sales taxes are around 10%. Were it not for my wife refusing to go with me, I would be back in my home state of TX, where retirees are treated fairly, where taxes are much more reasonable, and there are no potholes to destroy our vehicles. She won't go, and it is not worth throwing an almost 30 year marriage down the drain to me. KS should take some lessons from TX, however. They are far more tax friendly.

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Department for Children and Families won't be audited for alleged anti-gay bias; critics call decision an outrage

If there is nothing wrong, they should not object to an audit. The fact that they do indicates to me that there is something in the woodpile that ought not to be there. I hope people continue to press for an audit, until one is done.

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Kansas lawmakers, Douglas County officials respond to Brownback's budget and policy proposals

I am retired and on a fixed income. Our property taxes went up about $ 300 this year. That may not sound like much, but to us it is. My medications continue to rise, as well as everything else. I am adamantly in favor of a permanent lid on property taxes, and especially the school district which accounts for a very large portion of our taxes. Their spending has been out of control for years, and continues to be. The conservative experiment is not working, and businesses should pay their share of property taxes. The slack is obviously being dumped on individuals paying property taxes, this is unfair and cannot be sustained. People who worked hard all their lives to have a nice home in which to retire, are being taxed out of it.

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Legislative panel says 'family structure' important in foster care placements; critics say intent is to discriminate against gay people

I have two lesbian friends that not only provide great foster care for children in need, but have adopted two of them. These two wonderful people make excellent parents and their sexual orientation should not have anything to do with it. I am quite conservative on most things. Had I not known these women and my other gay friends personally, and for many years, I would most likely have shot my mouth off against it. My advice for legislators, and any other homophobic people is get to know these people. They are just like us, except for their sexual orientation. That is a small part of what a human being is, I learned it, so should you.

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