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Kansas State veterinary school helps out at Lawrence Humane Society with mobile surgery unit

This is an outstanding idea. What a great benefit to the shelters, the vet students, and lastly and most importantly to the animals. More great animals can and will be adopted having already been spayed or neutered. I love animals, and seeing them put to sleep for no other reason than shelters run out of room makes me sick. I am hopeful that this will stop a lot of that.

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Letter: Police thanks

Lawrence has an excellent police department, now it needs to provide them with an adequate home. I live in the county, have for about 35 years. My dealings have been with the DG county sheriff's office. I have the greatest respect for our sheriff and his deputies. I have been well served by them for this time, and have no doubt I will continue to be. We all need to say a big thanks to the peace officers that make up the thin blue line between a nation of law and anarchy.

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Man charged with multiple felonies after alleged Wal-Mart shoplifting leads to weapons standoff with police

Great self control by officers of the LPD. They probably would have been justified in shooting the suspect. Instead they took him down and got the knife. People who think LEO's just want to shoot people should take note.

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Lawmakers to hear about privatizing KPERS

I am retired under K, P & F, a division of KPERS. If the legislature would stop stealing from KPERS, and meet their obligations under the 2012 agreement, the system could pay down their unfunded liability. KPERS is a good retirement system, it should definitely NOT be sold to a private company. It should be adequately funded by the state.

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County commissioner: Justice Matters event 'inappropriate'

I agree with Jim Flory.

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Kansas regulation of massage industry might help prevent sex crimes, some leaders say

I definitely agree that massage therapists should be licensed, and given background checks. When I worked for SN County we had a problem with massage parlors, mostly set up in trailers, south of Topeka. Ultimately we had undercover deputies go in and make prostitution cases on them, and they were all shut down. I have seen a number of such businesses in Lawrence. For many years I have gone to a great massage therapist who treats muscle problems for me. She and I have talked about this topic many times. Legitimate massage therapists want to be licensed. They have gone through many hours of training to do their job. The one I go to not only has a lot more than the minimum 500 hours of training, she teaches massage therapy to others. These incredible people work helping people, and they want to be recognized as the professionals they are.

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Only in Lawrence: Jim Bennett has 'a passion for language,' and sharing it

I have kicked myself many times for not paying more attention in two years of high school spanish classes. I passed the classes, but not using it I forgot a lot of it. It would have been very helpful in my job as a peace officer. I am now retired, and if I could attend Mr. Bennett's classes I would do so. I think it is great that he is passing on his knowledge to others.

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Jenkins says women are gaining power, will soon win White House

I do not consider gender when I support a candidate. I look at their qualifications. I think Lynn Jenkins does an admirable job, and will continue to support her. When a qualified candidate appears for the presidential election, I will support them as well. Women are as good as men at most any job I can think of. Of course a woman can be a great president, but it has to be the right woman.

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Letter: A few rules

One does not "assume" the right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional right, it is a constitutional right. A citizen does not need to petition the government for permission to exercise a constitutional right, they already have that right. This is why constitutional carry is the law in Kansas. If you do not like it you do not have to buy a firearm, or carry it.

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City Commission supports hiring firm to conduct residents survey

I agree with the two previous comments. It is taxpayer money you people are spending, be frugal with it. Things like this are a waste of it.

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