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'We can't do our job without the community': New police chief greets Lawrence residents

Good start Chief, you are correct that community backing is necessary for law enforcement to do our jobs. I am looking forward to seeing positive necessary changes that you make, if needed.

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Editorial: State bungling driver's license initiative

Well said, and true.

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Already five years past due, state likely to miss deadline again for upgrade of driver's license system

If the state were a private company, it would be bankrupt a long time ago. Wait, it is almost that way now.

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Local Boy Scout leaders react to news that girls will soon be allowed to join

I was in both the cub scouts, and boy scouts. Both helped me a lot in learning life skills, how to work with others, honesty, etc. I think cub and boy scouts could benefit from joint activities with girl scouts, but I see no reason to intermingle the two further than that.

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Dukes up: 6 from Douglas County Sheriff’s Office slated to fight at Kansas City boxing event

Good for our Sheriff Deputies & Corrections Deputies, I am proud of them. This can only enhance their jobs which is to protect us.

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Letter to the editor: U.S. needs unity

Well said, I agree.

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Confirmation hearing set for Kansas judicial nominee

Bravo for her, she deserves this and I hope she gets it.

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Kansas DCF Secretary Gilmore under fire from some Republicans

Looks to me that Dr. Colyer should give her a free face job, for starters.

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Letter to the editor: Family values?

Great letter, Fran, and I agree with it.

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Letter to the editor: Be responsible

It makes good fertilizer.

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