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Saturday Column: How will Netanyahu’s visit affect U.S.-Israel ties?

I have always supported Israel, and always will. Obama is acting like a child, who picks up his marbles and goes home if they won't play his way. Israel is one of our strongest allies, it is deplorable that they are being treated this way by the president. Obama is one of the worst presidents we have had. He has been doing his best to destroy our country, the "change" he promised.

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Letter: All-out effort

Well written letter, I agree.

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Lawrence attorney disciplined for misconduct

I have seen Rumsey work in court. I recommended him to a friend of mine, he served him well. He does a good job, perhaps too good of a job, of representing his client. I think this is what keeps getting him into trouble. I also wish he would mellow out some, and stay out of trouble. If he does that, he would be an excellent attorney.

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Letter: Wrong remedy

Very well said, John. I agree.

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County to vote on creating a public building commission

I will sign the petition. I live in Lecompton township. We do not need yet another commission. Our taxes are already way too high. I moved to DG county many years ago because the taxes in SN county, where I worked, were too high. Now I am retired and on a fixed income. I cannot afford what we have to pay now, much less more. It is not fair to tax someone out of the home they worked all their life to pay for. Between the county and USD 343, this is exactly what is happening.

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Editorial: Age issue

I am opposed to this bill. I had the opportunity to be assigned as Shawnee County's first full time court security deputy sheriff. I got to work with some of the finest judges I have ever known, two of which now sit on the Kansas Supreme Court. Many of the others are now senior judges. I do not advocate lifetime appointments of district court judges, or Supreme Court justices, but setting an arbitrary retirement age, lower than what is now the law makes no sense. Why waste all of the knowledge and experience these people have? That is why many of the district court judges I know, have retired, but elect to keep working part time as senior judges. There is no reason to change what works well.

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Editorial: Paying the price

I am not saying I agree with you people, but I submit that it is my opinion. We should be I. I know something about criminals, I arrested and put them in jail for thirty years. Once one told me "my job is to break the law, your job is to catch me". I do not know the current policy of Shawnee County regarding reimbursement for being locked up in their Department of Corrections. I would guess it is determined by each individual judge when they rule on a case. That was my observation when I worked in court security and sat in on many trials.

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Editorial: Paying the price

This should apply to any jail inmate. If you do the crime, you do the time. You should pay crime victims, and taxpayers for the cost of your illegal activities. That should include reimbursement for the cost of items stolen, and medical bills the victim incurred as a result of being hurt by you. This sounds fine on paper, but we all know a large percentage of criminals won't do it even if a judge orders it. After all they are criminals. They do not think like we do, or have the same values and morals that we do.

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Letter: Gun insurance

I agree with Mr. Mertz. The idea of having to take out insurance to cover the exercise of our second amendment right, is absurd. I am just as concerned about innocent bystanders as the letter writer, perhaps even more so, but this is not the right approach. I served 30 years as a peace officer, during that time we were required to qualify at the range quarterly, some were night shoots. I am retired, now I have to qualify yearly shooting the same course as active officers, and pass, in order to carry a LEOSA permit. I urge every gun owner to take a firearms course, and practice, practice, practice if you want to carry. If you must use a firearm you must hit what you are aiming at, so no innocent people are hurt. Criminals don't care about this, but you must. You are civilly liable for where that bullet goes. I expect this state will have constitutional carry soon. That means if you are a law abiding citizen, you can carry open or concealed without a permit, as it should be. KS will most likely still have a permit system in place, so other states which recognize a KS permit, would allow you to carry in a state without constitutional carry. Everywhere law abiding citizens are armed, crime drops.

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Letter: Mental health, jail

I do not agree with your generalization that seriously mentally ill people get guns and start killing people. Many seriously ill people are not a danger to anyone, they just live a miserable life. Of course we need more mental health facilities to help them, but some will not accept help. We must continue to try our best to help as many as we can, especially our veterans.

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