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Letter: Healthy lunches

There is nothing wrong with meat and dairy products if combined with vegetables and other healthy foods. I grew up eating meat, drinking milk, and continue to do so. I am not obese. I walk a lot and get other exercise. I am in my 60's. I do not think it is proper to compel growing children to eat school meals of only vegetables & fruits, meat and dairy products are not demons and are important to growing bodies.

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Letter: Empty gesture

We have not gone to a movie theater for the 29 years we have been married. We enjoy watching movies at home, either on television or from our large movie collection on DVD. For what you pay to go to a theater to watch a movie, you can buy it on DVD and have it to watch anytime you wish. I do agree with Mr. Masters, if you do not like the requirements imposed by a business, you do not have to go there. Checking women's handbags will not keep firearms out of a movie theater.

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Former Kansas Chief Justice Kay McFarland dies

This is a great loss to all KS law abiding citizens.

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Police: 4 men now in custody following morning incident involving guns, masks

It is good that the police department's new K9 unit shows their value right away, chasing bad guys. Great job officers. Keep up the good work.

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Editorial: Recycling option

We live near Lceompton, and will not haul our trash to Stull. Overall it is a good idea, but there needs to be one in Lecompton.

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Commissioners approve recycling pilot program for unincorporated Douglas County

If there was a recycling point in Lecompton, for instance, we might contribute to the effort. Since there is not, we won't haul trash to Stull.

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Dog found shot along Highway 24, Humane Society providing surgery; Naked man runs into traffic at 23rd and Mass; Name released in Wednesday police chase

Do you include calls by the Sheriff's Office in your logs? It would be helpful if you did, many of us live in the county, outside of the city limits of Lawrence.

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Law enforcement training involves pepper spray to face, underwater diving; weekend arrest list; 911 call roundup

When I was a deputy sheriff in SN county, we were sprayed with pepper spray. It was not fun. It sometimes takes more than a few minutes to wear off. I wonder if area law enforcement agencies are aware of Sabre Green? It is horseradish spray, as hot as pepper, but decontaminates much easier. I gave my wife a can to carry. State law requires at least 40 hours of in service training per year. The photos of the training are appreciated, I hope they continue. We have a good sheriff's office and deputies in this county. I thank all of them for their service.

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Baby owl wins face-off with sheriff's deputy

Nice video. I think it was a tie.

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Editorial: Gun responsibility

I agree with Mr. Forer. My Dad taught me and my brothers safe gun handling, hunting and fishing. I got my first shotgun when I was 10. I am the oldest of three boys. Many children do not have Dad's that hunt, some have no Dad at all. I think gun safety should be taught in school, and in many schools the NRA backed Eddie Eagle gun safety program is taught. I do not care who teaches gun safety, as long as it is taught without a political agenda attached. Children should know about guns. The Eddie Eagle program is for younger children, and teaches them if they see a gun to not touch it and get an adult. For older kids the KS Hunter Safety program is good. Just as long as they are taught about guns, how dangerous they can be, and if they are interested how to safely shoot.

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