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Editorial: Family belongs together

Yes, they belong together and would be if they had obeyed the law.

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Letter to the editor: More guns needed

Like many in my age group I was taught firearm safety, hunting, and fishing by my Dad. When I was 10 he gave me a new .410 pump shotgun. As I am the oldest of three boys, when my second oldest behind me got the .410, I got a new Remington 20 ga. semi-auto shotgun. As we aged a few years we all got new .22 rifles Our Founding Fathers said we can keep and bear arms, by adding the second amendment to our constitution. As smart as they were in taking years to mold it, and just coming out of a war to whip Britain's butt, they knew that being armed was the cornerstone that guaranteed and protected the remainder of the constitution. They had to have known that everything would change in time, be upgraded, not just firearms. These were the smartest men of their time. Changes in the constitution have been made as needed since the drafting of the entire constitution. After spending a 30 year career enforcing the law, anything done with a firearm, the firearm is blamed not the evil person using one in a crime. Think about this. People are murdered with all sorts of other objects, and rightfully so the evil intent is the main focus. Not a pot of flowers dropped from a high building to kill, or an iron skillet, or a table fork, etc. None of these objects, or tools are blamed for the death. The evil person using them is blamed and tried for it. No screams for registering flower pots, iron kitchen tools, etc. A firearm is a tool that has many legitimate used, not simply to kill people. As for me I collect them, enjoy shooting them, and buying certain new ones that catch my fancy. I live in the real world, I know the evil that is there. I sent a few of them to prison. I am always armed, and so are other friends. Some are retired peace officers, some are not. I also collect, music, coins, and movies. We need to start blaming firearm deaths on the evil people misusing them.

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Letter to the editor: True original intent

i will sit this one out, but agree with Mr. Smith, as usual.

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Judge gives man convicted of 14th Street stabbing a chance at sobriety on probation

One negative thing I see getting worse in society as I age, Is not accepting blame for one's actions, blaming it on anything else they conjure up. I had a distant family member who had alcoholism,. To his credit he finally went down so far, that he went for treatment and knew he could never drink again. He never committed any crimes except upon himself. He could not hold a job for any length of time. Alcoholism is indeed a disease, but in many cases, such as this one will cause a person to blame their crime on it. People must again take responsibility for their actions. If they know they have a disease that could cause harm to others, they must get it treated. I was a peace officer for 30 years. I have heard every excuse known . I hope the judge's trust in this defendant doesn't come back and bite her.

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Lawrence police officer who was accidentally shot during training released from hospital; internal investigation underway

Prayers for the officer, his family and fellow officers. I wish him a speedy recovery. No matter how careful we are, accidents can happen. For the officer's sake, I do hope the investigation will absolve he or she of any violation of the department's general orders. I did the job in an adjacent county for 30 years. The toll taken, as per my memory, is one television, and one very large kitchen appliance. No injuries to officers. Constant vigilance is called for in handling any firearm or other deadly weapon. Still accidents can and do happen. Which is why we train continuously. We were required to go to the range quarterly.

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Still no time frame for massage regulation, but city legal staff say revisions underway

It has been some time since Shawnee County dealt with this issue, but if my memory is correct our problem then was in the county more than in the city. The county commission passed a home rule resolution dealing with it, we sent in undercover deputies and starting making arrests. Eventually the operation, which was housed in trailers on S. Topeka Blvd, left after the numerous arrests. I believe a murder was involved, and I cannot recall if it was ever solved. I think if we pass a resolution at the county level, and keep the pressure on, that the problem will go elsewhere. The ideal answer will be a state law, but if we run these people out of Douglas County, that will give us time to work on that. The DG county sheriff can check with the SN county sheriff, and/or retired deputies they can find the answer that worked for us back then.

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Editorial: Waste of time

They will do as always. Piddle around until the session is up, then call a special session so they can make more money doing what they should have been doing all along.

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Editorial: Support online sales tax

I am opposed to any more taxes, period. Seniors on fixed incomes are being taxed off of their property and out of their homes that they worked all their adult lives for.

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Kansas House panel advances bill to tax online retail sales

I am totally opposed to this. We pay more than enough taxes already. Property and sales taxes are already slated to rise if the jail and mental health facilities question passes. Property taxes will rise, it is said, because assessments will rise. This hurts seniors trying to stay in their homes, the worst.

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Letter to the editor: Disgraceful proposals

Israeli schools, with an accompanying outside sign saying that teachers are armed and will protect students. Look it up.

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