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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

It is very simple. You should not be required to have a permit from the government to exercise a right granted under the constitution. Thank you.

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County updates public on efforts to improve jail, mental health care

I am pleased that they are looking at alternatives to incarceration for mentally ill people. It will cost taxpayers less, and will allow people with mental illness to get treatment instead of looking at cell walls. There are instances, however, that mentally ill people who commit horrific crimes must be locked up. A recent example is Ms. McLinn who was just sent to prison for the terrible murder of Mr. Sasko. She claimed she had mental illness.

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Group asks what will make planned 9th Street Corridor project a success

Just curious, I have noticed this for quite some time now. When did streets, highways, boulevards, etc. become corridors?

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Letter: Animal advocate

I am an advocate for animals, and totally agree with your letter. It may be too late in this legislative session to make a difference, but a much stronger law should be prepared for the next session.

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Letter: Gun responsibility

The problems you are worried about have not manifested themselves in other states such as Vermont, and Alaska, that have constitutional carry. Kansas has statewide open carry now, without a permit or background check. This bill would allow concealed carry to be equal to open carry. I know criminals will always have guns. A background check does not guarantee all information about an individual, particularly a history of voluntary treatment for mental illness, is included in the database. Knowing this, I support Senate Bill 45, and have asked my legislators to support and vote for it. I hope it is passed into law. I do not think the government should require a permit for anyone to exercise a constitutional right.

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Letter: KPERS questions

I retired under K, P & F, a division of KPERS. I am infuriated that the state will not live up to the 2012 agreement to pay additional monies into KPERS this year, due to the budget problems of their own making. KPERS says they will be able to make payments to members through 2033 if the present system is not infused with more money. I will most likely have passed by then, but I am concerned with others that worked hard for government entities in KS and were promised retirement benefits under KPERS. Of all the things to not cut, KPERS is one of them.

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Only in Lawrence: Humane Society Executive Director Kate Meghji called 'perfect person for the job'

She seems very well qualified for the job. I wonder if she is investigating animal abuse cases as the previous Director did? I despise abusers, and want to be sure they are caught and punished to the full extent of the law.

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Letter: Weather radio

We have the same problem near Lecompton, so I put the wx radio on an external antenna on my tower and get great reception from the Topeka transmitter now.

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Westar asking Kansas regulators for $152M rate increase

K, P & L, now Westar, helped us make a decision to build a total electric home 29 years ago. Then electric rates were reasonable. Last month's electric bill was over $ 400. They ask for numerous rate increases every year and I am sick of it. I like a total electric home, it has the best windows, 6" insulated walls, and lots of insulation in the attic. A couple of years ago we replaced the original heat pump, a Trane which was still working, with a much higher SEER one. We are doing our part to save electricity, but the electric bills are really hurting us. I am opposed to any rate increases for Westar.

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Saturday Column: How will Netanyahu’s visit affect U.S.-Israel ties?

I have always supported Israel, and always will. Obama is acting like a child, who picks up his marbles and goes home if they won't play his way. Israel is one of our strongest allies, it is deplorable that they are being treated this way by the president. Obama is one of the worst presidents we have had. He has been doing his best to destroy our country, the "change" he promised.

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