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Editorial: Reconsider transit hub site

It may take 20 years to decide, as the highway did. I do not have all the data that the people deciding this have. I do wish, for the sake of people using the transit service, that this issue is decided quickly.

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Douglas County sheriff and his mother under investigation for voter fraud; case reveals quirk in Kansas voting law

I have great faith in our Sheriff. I do not think he intentionally did anything wrong in helping his Mom vote. He even asked about it from the county clerk. I would think your newspaper could find something else to do instead of reporting this. I have faith that when the dust settles on this, our Sheriff will be found not guilty. I am on the side of Sheriff McGovern on this one. He has and will continue to do a good job for us.

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Editorial: Next chief

You should take a look at Topeka. The last three police chiefs were found from outside agencies. Not a one has stayed with the department. I think it more important to recognize local officers, who have worked many years, and know the community and city well, as candidates for the job. There is a reason the last two police chiefs were promoted from within the department. Save all the money you will spend looking for someone outside of Lawrence. There is great talent in your police department.

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Compromise reached on bill limiting public access to police disciplinary records

Once again, there is no such thing as a law enforcement officer's license. It is called a certification. One would think that after you made this mistake before, and the correction was explained to you, that you would have understood. Such mistakes are a pet peeve of mine, as I served 30 years as a peace officer in KS. No wonder people don't trust the media.

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Editorial: Reject Kobach’s terrible ideas

I believe in voter ID nationwide. It should be a federal law. Most people have no idea how many illegal persons there are in KS, there are many. Every law enforcement agency should aid in combating this growing problem. When I served as a deputy sheriff in KS for 30 years, we frequently caught illegal people. Most were from mexico and southern countries, and most spoke only spanish. Even with those impediments, for those of us that did not speak fluent spanish, we arrested quite a few of them. Sometimes when we called the border patrol, we were told to let them go, as they had spent their yearly amount of money to deport them. Many times they were deported. I am retired now, and the situation may have changed some, but I continue to believe that we should all aid in seeing that people in our country illegally should be deported. They can come back legally, using programs our government has established to do so. They can vote legally once they have achieved citizenship.There is nothing terrible about Kobach's push for voter ID laws. I agree with him. As for the bills referenced in your editorial, I don't see the need for them. All peace officers have authority to enforce federal law. I believe the oath we take when sworn in gives us that. We can jail them until federal authorities arrive. There was never any question when we arrested persons in the US illegally, and turned them over to the border patrol, when I was working.

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Lawrence man accused of threatening man with box cutter, felony cruelty to animals

Anyone who harms or kills an animal, except for slaughter of farm animals for meat, should be prosecuted as a felon. They should receive the longest sentence possible. Companion animals are unable to adequately protect themselves against assaults. The state must speak for them.

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Lawrence animal rights advocates speak against greyhound racing bill

I love animals, and am opposed to any inhumane treatment of them. I will say that electronic gambling, if patrons wish to become involved in it, would be far superior than involving animals.

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2 Kansas City men accused of breaking into a Douglas County home, stealing weapons

Great work. I am sure the home owner is appreciative, as I always am when our law enforcement officers do a good job. Thank you for being so attentive to your duty.

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Senate panel begins debate on bill to reverse some of Brownback's tax cuts; governor objects

At some point we have to wake up and recognize the governor's experiment did not work. Every one should pay their fair share of taxes. I think individuals pay enough. There is no good reason why businesses, who have dodged paying taxes for a number of years, should start paying their share.

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Suspect in Taco Bell robbery escaped with thousands in cash, police say

Many use armored car services. Some businesses have the manager take the money to the bank, this is the most dangerous option.

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