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Letter: A few rules

One does not "assume" the right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional right, it is a constitutional right. A citizen does not need to petition the government for permission to exercise a constitutional right, they already have that right. This is why constitutional carry is the law in Kansas. If you do not like it you do not have to buy a firearm, or carry it.

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City Commission supports hiring firm to conduct residents survey

I agree with the two previous comments. It is taxpayer money you people are spending, be frugal with it. Things like this are a waste of it.

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New City Commission set for more study of police headquarters, other goals

Wasting more taxpayer money on "blue ribbon commissions" and expensive retreats is a joke. If you people cannot study this issue on your own, and come to some workable conclusions, it sounds like another 20 year debacle like the SLT. The chief of police can tell you what his department needs now and in the future. The expensive trip to San Antonio and the input gained by that, along with the sheriff's office and mental health professionals should give you the information you need to work on handling these mental health issues. Why were you people elected if you can't do the needed research and work on these problems yourselves? Hiring more out of town consultants is another waste of taxpayer money. Suck it up and do the job you were elected to do.

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Letter: Rural protections

I live in the county, and agree with you. This loophole should be closed forthwith.

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Police and fire put together list of more than $33 million in funding needs for 2016; Sprouts sets new opening date for Lawrence store; former KU basketball player says deal is near on wing restaurant

I live in Lecompton Twp. I was told that they respond to medical calls in a specially equipped SUV or pickup truck. I see it going by a lot, rather than the larger trucks. I think this idea has merit, but the 911 operator must make sure that it is only a medical call. These operators know and do their jobs well, so that should not be a problem.

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Letter: Money talks

I strongly agree. We should never have to petition the government for a permit to exercise a right given to us by the constitution. When open carry was made legal statewide, there were cries of blood running in the streets. Didn't happen. When concealed carry was passed, same thing. Now when constitutional carry becomes the law in KS July 1, the cries are both no training and blood running in the streets. There will be no blood running in the streets, unless it is outlaw's blood. Sure, there will be a few incidents with this, as with anything. There are always a few bad apples. Every law abiding citizen should be able to exercise their second amendment right without government interference.

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New Kansas law would limit spending of welfare benefits

This legislation is long overdue. Much assistance money is spent on the wrong things, and this will help rein it in. People who are able to work, should find a job. I am sick and tired of my tax money being used to subsidize people who could work, but don't.

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Gov. Brownback signs bill allowing concealed carry without permit

Criminals will always have weapons. This new law levels the playing field. It allows law abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves and their families without the burden of asking the government for permission to exercise a constitutional right.

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Kansas to allow concealed carrying of guns without permit

" An armed society, is a polite society" - R.A. Heinlein.

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City hears that police HQ project could delay street projects, reduce parks and rec funding

If a much needed police facility had been given the priority it deserved, it would have been built before a library expansion, an ice rink, and Rock Chalk Park. If you want good law enforcement, which a growing city requires, you must give the police the tools they need to do the job well. The voters and commissioners in Shawnee County and Topeka recognized that, why can't the voters and commissioners in Lawrence?

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