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Retired Lawrence police captain killed in wreck on I-70

Prayers for his family, friends and fellow peace officers. Such a tragic loss.

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Editorial: Tax lid protects taxpayers

I strongly support the tax lid. Seniors on fixed incomes have great difficulty paying increasing taxes. Without the tax lid many, including ourselves, would be taxed out of the home we have worked all our lives to retire in. We actually need more protection that the tax lid, but it is a good start.

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KU deputy police chief dies; 'familiar face' had been with department nearly 30 years

Prayers for his family and friends.

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District leaders concerned about effect of police headquarters on nearby high school

If they are doing nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear from peace officers.

December 8, 2017 at 8:18 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Property tax lid causing harm, Kansas cities and counties tell lawmakers

Well said. Retirees who have worked all their lives to have a home to retire in, are being taxed right out of them. Happening to us now too. This has to stop.

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New wireless internet service expands to Lawrence, with TV to come; Baldwin City company gearing up for Lawrence gigabit launch

Out here in the country, where I like living, we basically have four choices for internet. I previously had wireless internet which required an antenna on my tower to receive it. When we had a two week ice storm a few years ago, no internet for two weeks because the antennas were iced over. Mercury provides wireless internet, but their antenna is different. Next we have satellite internet, a friend had it as it was his only option, he did not recommend it. Third we have A, T & T at the end of my driveway, which we now have. Since we have had it, we have had a number of outages but I assume it comes fairly close to it's advertisement of 99% service. I have COX lines on the poles on the west side of my property. My neighbor 1/4 mile north of me gets their services, but they say I am too far away. I have questions about this, such as there are only two homes here, mine and a rental house across the road. I think they do not want to spend the money to bring the service up here for that reason. My friend in Topeka has their service and is not impressed.

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Letter to the editor: Stop the waste

I have not been convinced that these round abouts are any better than stop signs, or traffic signals, at a 4 way intersection. I certainly do not want to see any more of them.

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Editorial: KPERS funding concerning

Legislators, leave my KPERS, and KPF, alone. There are a lot of old, pissed off retirees that you do not want to contend with, if you do otherwise. This isn't a threat, just a fact, as we depend on our pensions to live, after working many years for a KS government agency.

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Editorial: Don’t pursue ‘modular jail’

I have confidence in Sheriff McGovern, and his Under Sheriff Bunting, to arrive at the best solution to this problem. Not the editorial board of this newspaper.

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