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Letter: Award questioned

I agree with you. Clinton was a poor excuse for a President, though better than what we now have. Certainly all the true things you say about Clinton would rule him out for the award in any sane person's mind. It is obvious the illegal activities of Clinton, and wife, go ignored by many people, but I am not one of them.

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Editorial: Key transition

Obviously he meant Doll. Good editorial.

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Letter: Safer Kansas?

As a retired peace officer I support constitutional carry in KS. I worked to get it passed into law. I prefer that people carry concealed, but the law says they can carry as they wish. I think open carry scares people, and wastes LE resources as people call in a person with a gun when they see one. I have yet to see a person carrying openly. My personal opinion is that only peace officers displaying a badge should carry openly, but I support the law. It certainly doesn't make me nervous or paranoid.

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Letter: Guns, refugees


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Letter: Guns, refugees

Perhaps you should be. Then again, it depends on the person. When I was 21, I was sworn in as a deputy sheriff, and began carrying a firearm. I worked as such for 30 years, and am still carrying a firearm. I expect I will until I either get really sick and/or die. Whatever happens, you have nothing to fear from me. Not everyone who carries is something to worry about. A gun is the only inanimate object I know of that is blamed more for the evil done with it, than the person misusing it.

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Letter: Another blemish

Fine, you open your door and let all of them in. They won't get such a welcome at my place, because there may be terrorists among them. I detest terrorists.

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Editorial: ID concerns

I agree that proper identification is most important for most of the activities we do. I support proper identification for voting. A state issued ID such as a driver's license should be adequate, though we all know that these are not 100% accurate. KS continues to make every effort to make them so. They change the format regularly, and update it to make it much harder to counterfeit. The editorial is well written and covers the problems that lack of adequate ID can cause in our society.

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KU professor who used n-word in class discussion is placed on leave

This is insane. I grew up in the TX, where this word was used frequently. I never liked it, and as a child never understood the discrimination. The required sitting in the back of the bus, the separate restrooms, drinking fountains, and restaurant facilities. We had a black maid who was one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. I loved her as I loved my Mother. She refused to enter our home by the front door, though we told her to do so many times. She said it wasn't right. The n word was used in a classroom setting in a university where supposedly learning is taking place. How can one learn about discrimination without describing it? I grew up with it. This professor did nothing wrong, and this entire response is silliness by a group of stupid people. I would suggest that all of them need to grow up.

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Letter: Lesson of history

I disagree. No one thinks all Syrian people are terrorists. The concern is that terrorists will hide among the Syrian's and get into our country that way. After what terrorists are doing all over the world, it appears to me to be a very valid concern. My opinion is that there are already terrorists among us, be it foreigners or Americans who support terror groups. Using caution in this situation is prudent and I agree with it. I do not agree with the way japanese Americans were treated in the US during WW II. That was a knee jerk reaction, and I am ashamed of it.

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Letter: Quick response

Exceptional job done by the LPD, congratulations.

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