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Letter: Hate speech

Great letter. I am a life NRA, GOA, & LEAA member. I consider the rants of Guth a threat to my children's lives, as did many. Just like yelling fire in a crowded theater, you know better than most that there are limits to the first amendment. To all who think Guth was disciplined, remember he was placed on PAID leave. Like you my family detests death threats by anyone, especially against my children. I do consider this babbling by Guth as hate speech.

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Letter: Lightning danger

My 40' antenna tower was struck by lighting twice. The first time it cost the insurance company about $ 2,500, less my deductible. I asked the insurance company to pay to ground the tower, they refused. The second time the tower was hit by lightning it cost the insurance company about $ 3,500, less my deductible. I asked them to ground the tower, they refused. I paid around $ 1,500 to have the tower grounded correctly and have had no lightning strikes since then. It has been 15 or so years since the tower has been protected. I know farmers have had lightning rods on their barns, homes, etc for many years. I have no idea if they work. I have no idea if they work on modern buildings. They work on a single tall object, I can attest to that. You say all of the buildings on Mount Oread have them. Why take a chance when the cost of the rods are miniscule compared to what they are protecting?

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Letter: Shame on state

To say stupid things, as well. I see no retribution for Guth's shooting his mouth off, after all he is on PAID administrative leave.

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Deputies recognized for extraordinary service

I am very proud of both deputies. It is good that people of this caliber protect us, and help us when we need it. God Bless all of our peace officers !!

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Letter: Dismayed Kansan

You should be !!

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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

Obama lies so much, how could anyone trust him about anything? No doubt he has brought the "change" he promised. He does it by bypassing the congress, issuing executive orders like the emperor he thinks himself to be, and driving our country into more and more debt. I do not trust him, anything he does, or any of his appointed staff.

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Letter: Puppet leaders

I like the job Brownback is doing.

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Letter: Civil discourse

You know what, I agree with you. I was one of the first people to respond to the article about Guth. I was quite angry when I wrote my response. I have settled down since that letter. I would not be opposed to the civil discourse you recommend. I do not think it would change the minds of conservative gun collectors like myself, and liberals like Guth. If you have this discourse please post the time and date in the LJW. I might come and watch or participate. During my entire career I had to control myself and look at things from the other person's viewpoint. In other words I practiced the golden rule. I try and practice it in my life. I screwed up when I got so furious at Guth's tweet about NRA members children. I shouldn't have let that tweet bait me into losing my kool. For that I apologize. I agree with you that getting angry and screaming at each other accomplishes nothing. These mass shootings are about people with serious mental problems obtaining guns. We should concentrate on getting these people into the background check system anyone buying a gun from a dealer, or at a gun show, must go through. I am not opposed to that. I am against people blaming the gun, a tool, rather than the person who used it. Criminals do not obey the law. Passing laws against guns, that only law abiding people will obey, will not help stop these mass shootings.

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Editorial: Time to give

Alceste, & George, you are both correct. I worked for another county for over twenty years, and every year I was pressured to give to United Way. Every year I said NO and they sure did not like it. It screwed up the 100% employees donating, that they wanted to brag about.

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Editorial: Time to give

United Way is a scam. My dollar goes further because I keep it.

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