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New Kansas law would limit spending of welfare benefits

This legislation is long overdue. Much assistance money is spent on the wrong things, and this will help rein it in. People who are able to work, should find a job. I am sick and tired of my tax money being used to subsidize people who could work, but don't.

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Gov. Brownback signs bill allowing concealed carry without permit

Criminals will always have weapons. This new law levels the playing field. It allows law abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves and their families without the burden of asking the government for permission to exercise a constitutional right.

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Kansas to allow concealed carrying of guns without permit

" An armed society, is a polite society" - R.A. Heinlein.

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City hears that police HQ project could delay street projects, reduce parks and rec funding

If a much needed police facility had been given the priority it deserved, it would have been built before a library expansion, an ice rink, and Rock Chalk Park. If you want good law enforcement, which a growing city requires, you must give the police the tools they need to do the job well. The voters and commissioners in Shawnee County and Topeka recognized that, why can't the voters and commissioners in Lawrence?

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Key Kansas lawmakers defend plan to issue pension bonds

I think the state should continue to pay KPERS what it agreed to in the 2012 agreement. I am not pleased with the experiment that did not work, and put the state in the dire financial condition. I am a recipient of K, P & F pension benefits, and anything that threatens KPERS, threatens me. I would hope that the governor would admit to his mistakes, and get KS back in good financial condition.

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Lawrence man charged with animal cruelty, making threat

I hope this man is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I detest animal & people abusers.

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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

It is very simple. You should not be required to have a permit from the government to exercise a right granted under the constitution. Thank you.

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County updates public on efforts to improve jail, mental health care

I am pleased that they are looking at alternatives to incarceration for mentally ill people. It will cost taxpayers less, and will allow people with mental illness to get treatment instead of looking at cell walls. There are instances, however, that mentally ill people who commit horrific crimes must be locked up. A recent example is Ms. McLinn who was just sent to prison for the terrible murder of Mr. Sasko. She claimed she had mental illness.

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Group asks what will make planned 9th Street Corridor project a success

Just curious, I have noticed this for quite some time now. When did streets, highways, boulevards, etc. become corridors?

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Letter: Animal advocate

I am an advocate for animals, and totally agree with your letter. It may be too late in this legislative session to make a difference, but a much stronger law should be prepared for the next session.

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