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Editorial: Practice run

I sleep better knowing Teri is doing her job so well. I also applaud our terrific Sheriff's Office, the Lecompton Twp. Fire Department, and Douglas County Fire & Medical. It is great knowing if something bad happens these people will help us.

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Editorial: Patrol needs

I agree that the Highway Patrol needs more troopers. Until that happens why don't all the ones sitting in offices downtown get out and help them?

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Letter: Code comments

Commissioner Flory is a smart guy. I support him 99% of the time on decisions he makes for me and other citizens of DG county. I expect that is why he keeps getting re-elected. If he made a mistake, so what, I make them and everyone does from time to time and that includes the writer of this letter.

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Lawrence mayor: 'Hopefully sine die is not a synonym for unfathomable stupidity'

The property tax lid is the best thing to happen for homeowners, especially seniors, in as long as I can remember. Sales taxes are going up. School districts are trying to get more money from us. It is about time that someone thought about the homeowner. Property tax punishes us for working hard all our lives to have a nice home to retire in.

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Letter: Less safe

I agree with Mr. Reber. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. A gun is a tool that can be used for good or evil. Mass murderers are attracted to "gun free zones" like flies to honey. The recent mass murder at the church in Charleston, SC demonstrates this. The minister was very anti-gun, was a legislator that voted against the concealed carry bill in SC. The church was a "gun free zone". I am just as angry and sickened about mass murders as anyone. Something needs to be done about the "gun free zones" that attracts these nuts. Give good guys a chance to stop them.

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Editorial: Police options

The Law Enforcement Center in Topeka is a renovated Montgomery Ward store. It has the Police Department on one side, the Sheriff's Office on the other. They are connected inside. The 911 dispatch center is also in the building. I am certain Sheriff Jones would be happy to give Lawrence officials a tour of the building.

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Letter: Paid to fight?

That is a good idea.

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Letter: Rigid politics

Good point.

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Douglas County armed robbery suspect remains at large

I would say that if he displayed a gun then it is an armed robbery. Hope our deputies find and arrest him.

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Kansas prison system could face cutting programs, staff

After July 1, 2015, most everyone will be armed. So public safety may not be compromised after all.

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