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Garden Variety: Emerald ash borer confirmed in Eudora — here's what it means

I am glad to see this article. We have many ash trees and I am concerned about that they stay in good health. For one disease or insect to another, we are losing many of our beautiful trees. Many of these problems are imported from another country.

October 10, 2015 at 8:12 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Letter: Fresh thinking

I agree about reducing Kasold. That is a poorly thought out plan in a city whose streets are already over loaded with traffic. They should be widening streets rather than reducing them.

October 9, 2015 at 9:25 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Crime reporter turned 'officer': Traffic stops, de-escalating situations are harder than you might think

I am glad that you learned how tough the job is and let the public know. I did the job for 30 years, and it is even more difficult and dangerous today. Today's young officers amaze me, as they cope with more technological advances and a rise in officer assaults. I served in the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office. I lived in Douglas County most of the time I worked in Topeka. We could live anywhere as long as we could get to Topeka within thirty minutes, and many lived in adjacent counties. We have good law enforcement here in Douglas County, as your article indicates. I continue to enjoy your series.

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Clubs for LGBT students and allies now at all Lawrence middle schools

I detest bullies of any kind, it has directly affected the lives of victims in the long term. I support any reasonable attempt to stop bullying.

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Letter: Road work

It is great that the fraternity takes the time and effort to keep Lawrence clean. Other fraternities should do the same. Besides in the city, there are places in the county that could use their help.

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Editorial: Determined Dole

President Eisenhower is one of my heroes. If a suitable memorial to him can finally be accomplished, Senator Dole is the man to do it. Senator Dole is another of my heroes. He recovered from his war wounds in the same hospital I was born in, and my Dad served as an Army physician.

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Letter: Go egg-free

I agree with you about animal suffering, there is no reason for egg laying hens to suffer as you describe, nor for males to suffer as you describe either. I used to raise Rhode Island Red chickens, so I do know something about it. Mine were well taken care of in a large pen with a chicken house and nests. I do not agree with you that egg substitutes should always take the place of real eggs. I like eggs now and then, and my wife makes the best scrambled eggs I have ever tasted. As to chicken waste ending up in waterways, can you prove this statement?

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Letter: Parking access

I agree. KU should find something else to do than placing additional burdens on the handicapped, we have enough already.

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Letter: Flawed plan

I hate round-a-bouts. If there is even a chance that they endanger pedestrians or bicyclists, don't build any more of the things. Cutting a major street to two lanes is insane. It is obvious to me that whomever is doing the traffic planning for Lawrence needs to be replaced.

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Lawrence and Douglas County first responders honored for acts of valor

Congratulations on your awards, you deserve them. I salute all of our First Responders, LEO, Fire & Medical. Thank you for keeping all of us safe.

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