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Update on Texas Roadhouse, Planet Fitness and other south Iowa Street projects

Popeye's is great. They opened one in Topeka, but closed it. I never understood that as it was always busy. Glad to hear of one in Lawrence, I hope it does well and stays around.

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Editorial: Out of options

Stealing from my pension fund will come back and bite him in the ass.

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Review finds Lawrence police voided city tickets without proper approvals

All of this is important because? If you were a peace officer and dealt with the myriad of state laws, coupled with the general orders of the agency you work for, plus all of the city ordinances if you worked for a city agency, and also had to make a split second decision which could decide if a person lives or dies, then you would see how a career peace officer attaches so little importance to all of this. There is so much paperwork involved in the job, along with what I mentioned above, of course some mistakes may be made. Even on something like traffic and parking tickets. Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed every day of the 30 years I served in another county. When I look at the overall picture of the responsibilities the job entails, a mistake on a traffic ticket means little. It can be corrected. I recognize that you have to sell papers, and people do not like officers that cause them to obey the law, so your articles about traffic and parking tickets accomplishes that. This seems to be especially important in a town where anything and everything is so controversial that it took 20 years to get a needed road built. Lawrence is a nice community, but I enjoy living in the county. Why don't you do an article about the fine job our Sheriff's Office does?

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What's your favorite way to relieve stress?

Go to the range and shoot.

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Letter to the editor: Empowerment

Well said, and I completely agree. As I grew up we were taught to deal with things we did not like. We didn't have the option of having our feelings hurt by something, that "adults" would cater to and ban for us. Doing so is a disservice to learning about life. Today's people act like small children, being so sensitive that others go out of their way to keep from hurting their feelings. They need to grow up and learn life contains good and bad, and you must learn to live with it. I do not include being bullied in this. People who are bullied consistently in school or elsewhere can be adversely affected for life. Though I and many others lived through being bullied, it needs to be stopped. .

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Letter to the editor: Jail questions

The answer is simple. More minorities commit crimes, and are less likely to be able to post a bond. Based on the amount DG County spends on farming out inmates to other jails, due to over crowding, it is obvious an expansion is necessary. I do not like it, but those are the facts.

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Letter to the editor: Crazy contractions

What I find worse than that is TV live news shots that consistently start with "yeah", and it isn't isolated to one or two stations.

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Editorial: Irresponsible path

Brownback's experiment is costing us dearly. Our taxes went up $ 300, because businesses don't pay very many, if any, taxes. I am really angry when Brownback starts messing with my retirement system. I worked very hard, and paid in to it for many years as did lots of other public employees. I count on it now that I am retired. He had best tread very lightly on this and pay the money he is stealing "temporarily" back quickly.

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