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Editorial: Pet protection

I agree, very well said. I love animals and they should be protected. For many people, including us, animals are their kids. We love them accordingly, and the loss of one is devastating. We have lost a cat and dog in the past few months. Losing one caged somewhere, in a fire, should make any animal lover feel horrible guilt and anger. By all means make sure animals, who cannot speak for themselves, are protected, regardless of the size building they housed in.

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Letter: Kasold configuration

I do not like roundabouts. I think they are a waste of money. I would much prefer a 4 way stop intersection where you can easily see people, cyclists, and cars. It can be a traffic light, or just stop signs but it is much safer to me.

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Lawrence City Commission considering stricter fire codes for animal facilities

I love animals and support requirements for their safety. At the very least they should have a good fire alarm system, preferably a sprinkler system as well. If we leave a pet in one of these facilities, we should expect to get them back in the same condition, or better, than when they went in.

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Patrol Service Dog catches fleeing suspect; fight over truck; one arrested after teen says he was beaten by relative

Every other law enforcement agency I have ever known calls it's dogs a K9 division. The dogs are called K9's. They even have that designation on their patrol cars. I guess Lawrence once again has to be different. Never the less the dog's, Lawrence Police & our Sheriff Department did an exemplary job of capturing this dangerous man. Great work !!

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Former Congressman Jim Slattery urges passage of Iran nuclear arms deal

This "deal" is so bad they know it would never pass Congress. It gives Iran the upper hand, and we already know we cannot trust these people. It puts our ally Israel in jeopardy of being attacked first, then we would be next. These people hate America. Does anyone know we had to pay them to even sit down at the table to negotiate this farce?

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SLT project would create major changes for west Lawrence traffic; city auditor urges more protection of certain City Hall files

What an unnecessary mess. Surely educated people in vehicle traffic matters can do better than this, without wasting more taxpayer money.

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County commissioners seeking consultant to conduct review of codes department in wake of Kobach controversy

As a taxpayer I object to more of my money being wasted by hiring outside consultants once again. Why can't our competent Sheriff investigators look into this mess? They can, of course, and should.

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Letter: Healthy lunches

There is nothing wrong with meat and dairy products if combined with vegetables and other healthy foods. I grew up eating meat, drinking milk, and continue to do so. I am not obese. I walk a lot and get other exercise. I am in my 60's. I do not think it is proper to compel growing children to eat school meals of only vegetables & fruits, meat and dairy products are not demons and are important to growing bodies.

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Letter: Empty gesture

We have not gone to a movie theater for the 29 years we have been married. We enjoy watching movies at home, either on television or from our large movie collection on DVD. For what you pay to go to a theater to watch a movie, you can buy it on DVD and have it to watch anytime you wish. I do agree with Mr. Masters, if you do not like the requirements imposed by a business, you do not have to go there. Checking women's handbags will not keep firearms out of a movie theater.

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Former Kansas Chief Justice Kay McFarland dies

This is a great loss to all KS law abiding citizens.

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