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Editorial: Plane defense

Good editorial, well written and I agree with you. As the KHP operates the airplane, is it also used for speed enforcement? If so the fines collected could offset a portion of the money spent to upgrade it. If not, it still needs to be in good repair, with state of the art avionics.

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Editorial: No easy solution

No more taxes levied by a school district !!

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University leaders share personal concerns about guns on campus

Nothing that I know of Randy, unless it is the exemption until July 1, 2017. This is something about the new law I never considered. Maybe I can get an invitation for dinner.

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2 injured, 1 suspect killed in shooting at Shawnee Wal-Mart

It is fortunate that a good guy with a gun was present in this situation. A gun is a tool that can be used for good or evil. We should not blame a tool for how it is used, we should place the blame on the person using it.

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Peggy Kittel appointed as Douglas County District Court’s chief judge

She is an excellent judge, good choice.

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Letter to the editor: Prevention best

That sounds reasonable to me, well said.

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18-year-old dead after reportedly pointing handgun at Kansas deputy

Glad it was the officer who walked away. That is what happens when you point a gun at a peace officer. That is why we train so hard and have range every three months, to protect the public.

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Douglas County feels earthquake with epicenter in Oklahoma

Fracking is what is causing the earthquakes. I was watching TV, the bed shook, the blinds in the windows shook. It was my first earthquake. I hope it will be my last. I recall my insurance agent telling me, only a few customers took earthquake insurance out. I am glad I did it.

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Editorial: Voting security

Well said. Shew has been doing an outstanding job for all of his time in office. I hope he continues to be re-elected.

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Letter to the editor: Clinton not to blame

" The buck stops here". Clinton was the Secretary of State. Whatever happens on her watch is her responsibility.

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