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Letter to the editor: Shooting concerns

We had a similar problem in SN county. Our range was at an old dump. It was there long before houses were built around it. In dealing with the complaints from homeowners about the noise, it was discovered that a use permit was never requested or issued for the range. The range was closed. During the time SN county was building a new state of the art range and training facility, we asked other agencies for the use of their range and were granted access. When our new range and training complex was finished, in an area behind Forbes Air Base, with all of the proper permits, it was dedicated. I have the privilege of shooting there once per year to re-qualify for my LEOSA permit. I doubt it will be moved again for a long, long time, if ever. If the FOP range you are complaining about has the proper conditional use permit, which I have no doubt it does, they do not have to tell you when they use it. They do not always have a set schedule. Some are most likely night shoots, our's were. Only law enforcement officers use the range. It is quite safe around it. Most likely the range was there long before the houses were built around it. I do not want the DG county FOP range to have to answer to you, or any other neighbors, as to it's schedule. A red flag is flown at the range when it is in use.You should be proud that area law enforcement officers are using the range to become proficient with their firearms, rather than whining about it. After all they are protecting you and all members of the public. Buy some ear plugs if it bothers you that much. Surely you were told about the range before you built or bought your home.

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What's your favorite breed of dog?

I like all dogs, too. My favorite dog is the labrador retriever. We now have our first chocolate lab, and had three black labs before him.

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Lucky Dog Program teaches Kansas inmates responsibility

I love dogs, and I think this is an excellent program. It helps the inmates and correctional officers, or deputies, depending on where the dogs are. I would like to see this program expanded to both SN & DG county jails, if possible. I think the dogs reduce stress for everyone.

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Letter to the editor: Israeli borders

I have always supported Israel, and always will. They should be a lesson to all of us. A tiny nation, surrounded by their enemies, has existed under these conditions since their founding, and they will not quit.

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City, county leaders voice support for traffic signal at K-10, Kasold intersection

I do not support traffic signals on a busy highway with a speed limit of 65 mph. Take I-470 in Topeka as an example. The speed limit is 65 mph. All of the traffic signals are on the streets off of the highway, at the bottom of off/on ramps. One can get around town quickly using this highway. That is the way K-10 should be.

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Letter to the editor: Weapons ban

I am a life member of NRA, GOA & LEAA. I am also a career, retired, peace officer. If FL had constitutional carry, as we have, and no gun free zones, the victims could have defended themselves. Gun Free Zones are happy hunting grounds for mass murderers. They know they will face little to no armed opposition there. That is why so many schools are targeted. In Israel teachers are armed to protect the children, and a sign at each school proclaims this. No school shootings in Israel. If the liberals want to have their gun free zones, they should employ many armed peace officers to protect them. I understand the club in Orlando had one. I also fail to understand why it took the special weapons team three hours to act. If they had intervened much sooner more lives could have been saved. Most of these mass shootings are either the result of people with mental illness, or radical islamic terrorism. We need to do better at preventing both. Attempts at disarming law abiding citizens only makes us vulnerable. It accomplishes nothing else as evil people will always have deadly weapons.

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Letter to the editor: Traffic woes

Traffic in Lawrence is a nightmare. If you drive the speed limit, as I do, you are likely to get run over by everyone else that doesn't. There are many traffic lights that cause your vehicle to burn gasoline, and thus pollute the environment and costs drivers money for wasted gas. Though I have to go to Lawrence for medical appointments, shopping, etc., I hate it, because of the traffic and those damn roundabouts that accomplish nothing. I am glad I live in the county, but we have our own traffic problems out here, too.

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US immigration agency arrests dozens in Kansas, Missouri

Great work. Please keep it up.

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Letter to the editor: Final straw?

Very few people own assault weapons. An assault weapon is capable of automatic fire. The media has misused the term to scare people. A semi automatic rifle in the same configuration as our military's is excellent as a coyote gun, target gun, and other legitimate uses that do not kill anyone. A crime involving a firearm is the only one I know of where the tool used in the crime is blamed, rather than the evil person who misused it. CA where the crime you discuss happened, already has some of the most restrictive gun laws in America. They did not work, and will never work because only law abiding citizens obey them. In this crime the murderer bought all of the guns legally, in CA, again with the strictest gun laws in the US. Now the liberals scream for more restrictive laws upon law abiding citizens, because criminals will always get guns. They steal them mostly, or buy them on a huge black market of mostly stolen guns. You are not placing your anger, and mine, where it needs to be.

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Letter to the editor: Gun epidemic

Depends on the amount of self control the person carrying has. Peace officers carry firearms for defensive purposes, and given the number of said officers in America, a very, very small percentage misuse them. Virtually the same could be said for our military. A large number of law abiding citizens with firearm training are safe carrying. KS law now permits carrying in many places, though not all the ones you mention, by any person allowed by law to own a firearm. Since the law was passed, I saw the first person open carrying a few weeks in a shop. Though I never asked him why he was carrying that way, we did have about a half hour discussion about his dog, guns, and other subjects. This was totally different than my vision of what a person carrying openly would be. As to your statement as to where a firearm should be carried, I obey the law. I do think "gun free zones" are hunting grounds for mass murderers, and changes to this should be carefully considered. For instance in Israel, schools have armed teachers and they have yet to see a school shooting. Talk never killed anyone.

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