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County commissioners apologize to criminal justice coordinating council for oversight

Taxpayers are to pay someone to remind criminals of their court dates. Hogwash. If they do not show up on time issue a bench warrant for them, throw them back in jail, and maybe that will improve their memory. That is always how it was done previously. Taxpayers do not need to be paying for a babysitter for these people. I think this council is another waste of taxpayer money.

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Saturday Column: Politicians could learn lesson from city manager

I think Lawrence had best listen to his assessment. That is what you are paying him for.

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Police arrest one suspect in three armed robberies, killing of dog in Lawrence

He should get what the dog got, by the dog's owner.

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Lawrence police name suspect in traffic stop that injured officer; car found

I do hope this guy is apprehended fast. If he will do that, there is no telling what he will do again when cornered. Very glad the officer wasn't hurt worse than they were.

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New private elementary school with unique name, curriculum to open in eastern Lawrence; longtime heating and cooling company sells to new owner

My parents taught me and my brothers that, it is called the Golden Rule. Treat others as you wish to be treated. I have used it all my life, even in my 30 year career as a peace officer. It has helped me in so many ways. I recommend that every parent teach it to their children. Though a special school is not required there is certainly nothing wrong with a lot more love in this world.

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What's your favorite card game?

I don't play games.

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Police review board asking city for more responsibilities

Most law enforcement agencies, if they have a problem that needs to be investigated by an outside agency, turn to the KBI, or the Attorney General's Office. I think that makes a lot more sense than a group of appointed, untrained civilians, with no investigative training, getting involved.

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Lawrence City Commission to choose between advancing or halting two requests for tax breaks

I think " affordable housing " certainly applies as public good, given the normal rental and mortgage rates in Lawrence.

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