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Couple create meditative labyrinth on property west of Lawrence

This is the most wonderful of joyous ideas. Is it permissible to reflect in the nude walking my walk and is it pet friendly?

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Sound Off: In college basketball, why is the shot clock for the women only 30 seconds and for the me

I would like to see the men's basketball champions play the women's basketball champions and see who would actually win the game though there are no winners or losers since that is competition with a loser to rub in the faces of the opponent and that would promote agressions.

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Town Talk: Starbucks moving forward with W. Sixth Street drive-through; community theater project taking shape; incubator to launch entrepreneur series

Will they allow late night breastfeeding after the remodel? It was a sexist move when they banned parasitic displays from child and mother.

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Town Talk: Call center set to move to North Lawrence, add 70 jobs; my day with the South Park protestors

The message is clear the direction is just.

I would like to personally thank all the great and wonderous people who enjoy this great movement started in the grass that made its way to the wall street and our presence in our society for this is the way to make real change that matters and hope to transcend all who come before us with their aurora and enlightenment. Now we spread eagle on the air to be breathed and soar with a great roar, our hands are warmed with freedom ember log of heat, my love to all. Good camping. A movement to enjoy and savor, its rich aroma fills the downtown scape. I cry with joy!

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Cosmosphere and Space Center has eye on city’s missile

I cannot believe this missile of death stands in our park and so close to my Merc it makes my hairs stand on end when I see it and think of its destructive ways to the world that could cause annihilation of all people young and old across the globe. Remove our doomsday machine. How ironic we have the Hrsuka Peace Park next to Watkins Museum for the people our disgraceful country blew up with an atomic bomb in world war 2. I deplore you give it to Hutch so I don't have to look at its long fat silhouette standing erect over the bush of my park.

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Have you ever attended a Relay for Life event?

I am pro choice, so no.

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Lawrence's Earth Day Celebration set for Saturday

Camp Gaea is a welcome time after Lawrence's festivities. Worship our earth by feeling its sun of warmth against your bare skin and learn to cook using those energies. Learn how to grow a big worm to feast on the dirt. It is most enjoyable.

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What cosmetic or beauty product do you spend the most on?

Womyn shouldn't be buying makeup to look pretty for men just like shaving or waxing the legs and pits and if my husband or boyfriend started wearing makeup and waxed then I'd spend the money on them. My girlfriend wears lipstick and looks very lady like with her professional hair removal but she does it for me and she pays for it out of her own wages and I can't complain at her smoothness and as for me I like to let my garden grow and there are no complaints welcome to the jungle they say in the singular or collective farm ways and in the cold it relieves me wuth the insulation as long as I bathe and so it goes for one and all regularity is my key to happiness. It makes me have a smile sometimes.

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Sam Brownback sworn in as Kansas Governor in Topeka

Greg Brady is sworn in. How much he commit to ecotourism? Will he rid people the need to eat meats? What about womyn? How about legalizing K-pot? I don't see anything good coming from this happenstance........Sebelius was enjoyable to partake and a vision of visions and she made movement to HHS secretary so we healthy with her at the helms. O wonderful Kathleen. I miss her! XOXO


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What are you thankful for?

I'm very thankful in a most joyous of ways for my ex-husband, my boyfriend, my companion Abigail, my two yorkshire terriers, my cat Damian, cleaner air to breathe, water to drink, my earthen berm home, patchouli oils, electricity and my hibachi.

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