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Letter: Big government

Ignorance and the spread of misinformation. Ignore.

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Data from KU's CReSIS used to predict Antarctic melting

Considering that's how science works (although, not as in "if") they're not really key words of note, it's the way those who operate in realms of probability-based reality speak.

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Letter: Veteran care

I don't think you understand what 'worse' means.

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Davis files to run against Brownback

"On Thursday, Brownback tried to link Davis to President Barack Obama."

So he's a moderate with critical thinking skills? Good, we need more of those.

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Letter: Commit to peace

I agree with your initial sentiment, but believe you are quite off-base with the rest. I think Anna seems to understand the price of freedom and encourages a better use of that cost. It's should also be pointed out to you that she is not talking about wars for or defending freedom (we're not in many of those now).

It's about our constant need to be involved in conflict and our willingness to spend more, both in money and in lives, to be in these conflicts, rather than using what those lives have given us - freedom.

A few corrections as well:

"The United States is the first to offer aid." - This is often false, and we use our refusal of aide to abuse other country's systems to gain profit or power.

You also seem to be under the illusion that the United States fights to promote 'freedom' and give needed opportunities to other countries. I don't know if this has ever been true, it certainly hasn't been with wars we've fought for the last several decades.

The wars we have now are promotional battles geared towards profit mongering and geographical control. If we really wanted to defend freedom we wouldn't be attempting to go to war with countries just because we didn't like the outcome.

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Kansas officials discuss signage for new gun law

It's a good thing Kansas is a near Utopian State with absolutely zero problems that allows these individuals to have high school level crafts discussions, and allow it to be important enough to be job they put a rush on and have to finish asap.

I'd feel sad for Kansas if they had any problems with finances, civil liberties, social rights, poverty, etc, while having this be the focus and be the one thing that has to be completed in the next 32 days.

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Net neutrality rules stirring concerns in Lawrence

So do you still not understand, or do you see where you were wrong and just don't like that fact?

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Letter: Commit to peace

Vacant response? Typical.

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