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Brownback: Kansas should defend gay marriage ban

M. Lindeman, now that you've been provided with a series of responses, please read them, take note and do not respond with this same post. Don't ask questions you believe are rhetorical if you're not willing to listen to the answers.

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Letter: Propaganda tool

aaaaaand, point missed.

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Letter: Even-handed?

"Bush, during his presidency, owned his successes and failures."


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Opinion: Progressive culture hurts colleges

This concept continues to destroy the GOP from the inside.

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Saturday Column: Obama will use all means to push change agenda

Scott commenting on willful that's funny.

Also, a head's up Faux News does make most of it up.

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Letter: Financial strategy

I don't believe he's talking as broad a scope as you are responding to. The letter is directly addressing issues regarding the Rock Chalk park and the police station. If monies were being used to actually boost the economy, work towards business expansion and area growth it would be a different story.

But as he points out, the end result of these projects, as well as the parking garage and others only work to move funds from the general public to the hands of a few certain individuals, rather than back into the local economy.

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Letter: Local wages

Simple only because you don't understand.

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