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CEO Gene Meyer honored for leading Lawrence Memorial Hospital to success

exactly why I left there. I was reminded too many times just how "essential" I was, like that would make up for low pay and lack of career development.

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Mural transforms Pinckney School tunnel

My husband and I went to check it out. Looks very colorful, but why is the sun and the "good morning" part on the west side and the moon and the "good night" part on the east side? Wouldn't it make more sense to have the "good morning" part on the east side, where the sun actually rises? Doesn't seem logical to have it the way it is. Seems like it would confuse kiddos' sense of cardinal directions.

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Mural transforms Pinckney School tunnel

The tunnel already had art. I don't know who the artist was, but there was an amazing kraken and submarine mural that took up most of the east side. Did anyone get pics before they painted over it?

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

I keep thinking of that guy who accidentally shot his wife during dinner because he left the safety off.

I work on a university campus. I can't figure out what would piss me off more, or which is more likely to happen: being shot randomly but on purpose by a crazed fellow human, or getting shot randomly but accidentally by an idiotic fellow human.

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Lawrence nurse to become full-time missionary

For what it's worth, this godless heathen knows Karin personally. Karin is one of the kindest, giving people I know. I know the work she did at LMH. She is someone I bring up when I tell people that I appreciate when faith brings out the best in people. Despite our differing beliefs, I stand behind her. Love you, Karin!

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Abortion ban to be proposed in Kansas House

Careful now, you're making too much sense.

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Abortion ban to be proposed in Kansas House

Nice to meet you. Don't regret a thing.

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Battle forming over Brownback's plan to scrap earned income tax credit

@ktgman: "so called 'working poor?'" You don't think they exist? Do you get out much?

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Comings and goings here at

The key to staying happy in winters Up North is to bundle up and get outside as much as possible. Snowmobiles, cross-country skis, and sleds, all the way! There's nothing like snowmobiling into town for a drink on a dark winter afternoon. Just make sure you live close enough to walk back home if you need to.

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