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Shelter to ask city for support

How about building a homeless shelter near the new county jail? They're few residential neighbors, the land's relatively cheap, the T and Johnson County connector could provide transportaion and the police would be nearby to provide security.

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Store wins final OK

What was the final amount in legal fees that the City paid to lose this Wal-Mart fight. The last I read it was well over $300,000. Since the Deciphera scandel it's also apparent that we also need to know what attorneys these legal fees were paid to. Who's going to be held responsible for wasting our money in this futile legal fight since Wal-Mart never loses these type of zoning court battles?

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Leader: Coal ruling hurts economy

Has anyone figured out what the difference in Kansas job creation would be between building the proposed coal plants and the wind farms?

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KU Hospital advisory board gets look at hospital affiliation agreement

I remember reading that the legislators asked for an audit of this situation, but I never heard the results. What were the results of this audit?

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Wal-Mart meeting draws smiley faces

The City of Lawrence is under budget pressure and should require that either Wal-Mart reimburse the City for the $300,000+ in legal fees or Doug Compton pay the City these legal fees before the project moves forward.

Keep it simple - give Lawrence back the $300,000+ in legal fees and the project breaks ground.

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Tax restraint

A very good point, but it's much easier to raise taxes than to implement prudent budget cuts.

However, here's a win-win idea to at least consider.

Adopt a policy of two police officers in each police car, like most major cities have done to improve the safety and effectiveness of their police forces. Then we can reduce the number of police cars and cut the high associated maintenance expense without having to reduce the number of police.

I know everyone wants their own police car, but it's just too expensive. Besides we have so many police cars in this town it's obviously wasteful and very hard on the environment.

It's at least something to consider.

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Federal agents investigate Yellow House owners

Hopefully this federal investigation will end quickly, since obviously if there was anything to this situation the Lawrence police would have filed some sort of charges.

It certainly appears that there wouldn't have been this much law enforcement attention if the Neighbors weren't a mixed race couple. I really thought our law enforcement community was past this sort of issue. It's very disturbing to see these local small business owners treated this way.

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What do you think of moving Guantanamo detainees to Fort Leavenworth?

Obviously no one wants to have dangerous prisoners nearby if they can escape.

However, given these prisoners high profile and significant numbers, I'm sure that new maximum security prison construction will be required at the Leavenworth facility to accomodate these prisoners so that they can't escape.

Assuming that proper security is in place, the dollars these prisoner's will bring to Kansas from prison construction and their on-going maximum security costs will help our State's economy.

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Chat about the city's $1 million budget shortfall with David Corliss

How about the City coming up with some non-tax ideas to raise revenue.

Like seeking federal/state grants more aggressively, selling and leasing back land/facilities/vehicles?

Seems like the mind set is just focused on one side of the budget problem - expenses.

I'm hoping this new City Manager is bright enough to devise and attempt some new non-tax revenue ideas.

I know this is much harder than slashing expenses, but it's time to think outside the box.

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Wal-Mart case

Wal-Mart's store expansion strategy is to force those municipalities who won't allow their stores into litigation until the municipalities financial resources are exhausted by the legal fees.
Not fair, but this is Wal-Mart's strategy.
So, this situation is simply a business decision - how much is Lawrence willling to spend fighting Wal-Mart in court? I believe Lawrence's legal tab from fighting Wal-Mart already exceeds $300,000.
With the Lawrence budget crunch getting worse rapidly, I think the time has come to decide how much we're willing to spend fighting Wal-Mart before we settle. My recommendation is to settle, but then to tax Wal-Mart at the highest legal level possible in order to discouage continuation of their Lawrence operation.

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