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Saturday Column: Faculty are loyal but concerned about KU’s future

Jack, by now you must know. Dolph has never let reality or facts get in the way of one of his his Saturday rants, usually published as a Saturday Column. The same thing applies to all his columns, but especially when they are about KU or the non-rightwing nutcase party.

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Buffalo Bob's Smokehouse to close after 37 years in business

Lots of beer, food quality is secondary.

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Kansas Supreme Court blasts bill signed into law by Brownback

The Supreme Court has been the only check on the out of control legislature and the totally in-competent governor. What brownie and his fellow koch heads have been doing will come back and haunt Kansans for years. We simply need to wake up and throw these idiots out of office and never again allow any Republicans to control the state like they have done for last 4 years.

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Governor lets Southeast Kansas casino bill become law

Brownies on-going quest to get re-elected. Bet the Kochs will now jump into the casino business.

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Letter: Koch goals

See James beat me to it, I was going to post same link.

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Letter: Koch goals

GOP'ers are firm believers of that with all their actions.

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Regents leaders remain committed to disciplinary aspects of social media policy

See the Regents got the Koch memo and will follow their orders.

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Jenkins explains budget vote; tours local businesses

Lynn has never had an idea or thought that didn't come from the Kochs. Note the blank look on her face in the picture. Hope Mr Hill was using simple words and lots of pictures to explain to her how hi tech plants work.

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Chipotle money at heart of KU student elections limbo

Didn't realize a strong young Republican group was so active on campus.

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Lawrence would lose $1.7 million from school finance changes

Dave is well paid for posting Koch lies.

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