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'No Tyson in Tongie' effort adding supporters by the hundreds

I hear you, Zak.
People have no idea of the true cost of what they eat.
There should be an awareness of the true cost of food.

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School board leaders discuss bond issue at town hall forum

I read the informational flyer the district mailed and was amazed to learn that "the owner of a home assessed at $200,000 would pay an additional $55/year...". That is the ASSESSED value, not the APPRAISED value. If you check the Annual Notice of Value from the Douglas County Appraiser's Office (Mailed February 28, 2017), you will be able to see what the assessed value of your home is and can calculate what you would owe. "(Add/subtract $2.76/year for every $10,000 in assessed value)". The increase in my taxes would be nowhere close to $55/year! I believe that money would be a good investment in my community so I am going to vote YES!

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Notable KU alumna Marynell Reece dies at 96, instilled in daughters that 'opportunities were limitless'

Deanell and family, my condolences. What a great lady. Susan Judy H

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Mrs. Mass.: Home-grown groceries

Actually, when I comparison shop, many items are cheaper at The Merc than at its competitors. The product standards are actually very high; for example, you can be assured of seafood that is sustainably harvested, of meats that contain no nitrates or hormones and of the very best cage free eggs in town!
No mention was made of the amount of support The Merc gives to the local community. There are many and varied locally grown or produced products available at The Merc so there is economic support to local growers. The Merc also supports the wellness of the community in numerous ways through the Education and Outreach efforts. The Merc was recently recognized as a Master LEAP Partner (Lawrence Education Achievement Partners) by the Lawrence Schools Foundation. It donates thousands of dollars of product (like organic apples or energy bars) to schools, non-profits and social service agencies every year.

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Final tank leaves Farmland plant in east Lawrence

So I'm did that big sonuvgun get outta town? It appeared to be turning right out of /the lot, which makes it going west. How in the heck did that big enchilada get out of town???'


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Douglas County eyeing diversion to combat noxious weeds

My husband and I came to Lawrence from NC Kansas. We had our own (not for commercial uise) flower and vegetable gardens as well as yard trees that were negatively impacted by aerial spraying of herbicides.

Our pasture land was kinda isolated, so we went with a bio-friendly approach to knotting thistle (a really noxious weed that can take over lots of land). We, with the assistance of our local noxious week control manager, encouraged a more natural approach to the control of knotting thistle. (natural bugs rather than sprays)

I recognize Greg Shipe's posture: he's on attention, watching for planes or other machinery that might disperse chemicals and his nose is on full alert! You can tell by the smell!

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New community garden sprouting at West Junior High School

I understand that it is to be a sustainable garden -- funded by the sale of the produce at the West Farmer's Market and other sites as indicated in the article. There will also be the community dinner utilizing produce grown in the garden that will be a donation per person event. I would think the major expenses are in the first year - investments in tools, time breaking sod and garden preparation. There are probably more up-front costs this year with the garden coordinators since they must develop the garden from a patch of grass. It would seem planning and execution costs would be much lower in future years.

I think this is a really exciting project. I hope it garners great community support.

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Merc Giving Tree to benefit two families

I've participated in this effort for several years. It's really uplifting to witness the generosity of Merc customers who really step up to fulfill the holiday wishes of these families. Another way to celebrate the true meaning of this season. Sharing the joy multiplies the joy.

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South Lawrence neighborhood looks for traffic calming help

I walk this neighborhood early in the morning. Cars cut through from 23rd, down Vermont then to Montana and on onto Park Hill Terrace going entirely too fast. It is a definite cut-through and is dangerous for pedestrians (and puppy dogs on leads). Kid walk to school along these streets with no sidewalks. Some sort of traffic calming devices need to be installed and these seem to be as good as we can get right now.

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Joan Baez

The first time I saw Joan was in 1963 and she did major change to my musical life. Last night was great!

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