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Sarah Palin - One Child Left Behind

Actually, she was technically right about his ride. The intention of the ride was to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock and he used lanterns not bells. He wasn't trying to get caught by the British, but when he did he tried to dissuade them from advancing. He ended up being released by the British without his horse and was on foot and ended up missing the battle.

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Israel interests

Israel should not have to negotiate with Hamas, however, they should negotiate with Fatah.

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Israel interests

The problem with saying that it's a religious conflict is that not all Palestinians are Muslim.

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Obama: Israel’s 1967 borders reflect longstanding policy

Bozo has some really good points.

Also, Israel has a cache of biological and chemical weapons at their disposal as well. I know Egypt has developed some biological and chemical weapons, however, I'm not sure how their resources compare to Israel.

I think with the fact that Israel does have the US as and ally, a large store of nuclear weapons, both chemical and biological warfare capabilities..that they really have the advantage over any country that borders them

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Obama: Israel’s 1967 borders reflect longstanding policy

I think it's important to note that it is more beneficial for Israel to negotiate now, before Palestine goes to the UN and petitions to be recognized as a separate state. President Obama was trying to dissuade Palestinian leadership from going to the UN and to sit down and talk with Israel instead. By being so stubborn Israel hasn't done themselves any favors.

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Obama: Israel’s 1967 borders reflect longstanding policy

I don't really understand this logic. In reality, Obama doesn't just need money he needs voters. Yes, the GOP hasn't done a very good job at wooing American Arab voters with much of their rhetoric.

However, American Jews are statistically more likely to be Democrat than Republican. Also, American Jews as a majority are more likely to be pro-Israel (although there is some diversity as to their approval of Israeli policy). It doesn't make much sense, from a campaign perspective, to alienate a core group of dependable voters who also contribute financially to the coffers of the DNC.

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Obama: Israel’s 1967 borders reflect longstanding policy

How do the resources of those countries dwarf Israel?

Which of Israel's neighboring countries has as large a collection of nuclear weapons?

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Support Israel

Umm, actually he isn't waving an anti-anything flag.
He made that speech hoping to deter the Palestinians from going to the UN in the fall to be declared an independent state. That is what Palestinian leadership is going to do. If Obama can get both parties to sit down and hash things out it will ultimately be better all around. Israel isn't going to like what the UN is going to do, because most countries are not as supportive of Israel as we are. In addition, when the UN recognizes Palestine as a separate state it will take away a bargaining chip that Israel has been using in negotiations for years. It's in Israel's best interest to sit down with Palestinian leadership and negotiate as it is in Palestine's best interest to get rid of Hamas and recognize that Israel isn't going anywhere.

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Support Israel

Palestine has like 12 million people in the hell are these bordering countries supposed to realistically support 12 million extra people dumped in their lap?

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In speech, Obama embraces 1967 Palestinian borders

Sorry guess I should have finished that though. I think the key take away from that speech was that both sides needed to sit down and begin serious talks. He outlined some expectations, appropriate (especially given how involved we are already).

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