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Would you ever homeschool your children?

Homeschooling does have it's benefits, when done right kids get through subjects at a greater speed with a deeper understanding. However, I've seen some home-schooled kids wind up being no-school kids.

I think I'll end up sending my kids to public school. Mainly because I think that there are benefits to doing so.
I want my kids to be exposed to other's ideas and views and not just my own. As parents we tend to teach our children from the lens of our own life experience, I want my kids to be confronted with other's life experiences as well.
I've seen a lot of very conservative Christian home schoolers, and while I respect their beliefs, I do wonder how their kids are going to handle being exposed to opposing view points as some point. I mean regardless of someone's view point on evolution, it's an important concept to study and understand because it has really changed the way science views life. Even if someone is a creationist, in my opinion, they should still understand the opposing view. I don't think a home school education could really satisfactorily dig into those kind of opposing views if a parent was set on one viewpoint. I hope that makes sense. In addition, I want my kids to learn how to negotiate conflict and deal with the real world issues they will have to face at some point.

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Amy Winehouse found dead in N London apartment

I thought Russell Brand's comments on her addiction were pretty spot on.

It's sad to see someone make poor choices and reject the help that was available to them.

I hope those that cared about her are able to find some solace, watching an addict destroy themselves is difficult.

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Casey Anthony found guilty on four counts of lying.

Regardless of the verdict, I doubt Casey Anthony will have an easy life after all of this. I feel bad that Caylee was born into such weird circumstances, I just have to have faith that she is in a better place now.

The case that has really interested me is the Amanda Knox, that case is just strange.

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KCK abortion clinic denied state license

That is more of a western thought. In Japan they actually have a period of mourning for the unborn. They dress statues up like's kind of interesting.

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Aldi Produce Has Me in a Jam

Good luck on your blueberry bushes! I've been looking into planting some myself, but it seems like the soil needs to be prepped to make it more acidic in this area. Any tips for when I take the plunge?

Also, did you ever find out why it took your strawberry plants so long?
We planted some this year and nothing came of them. I was wondering if I did something wrong. Maybe they just take a little longer to get established???

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Sarah Palin - One Child Left Behind

Fair enough Bea.

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Sarah Palin - One Child Left Behind the first sentence of my post. What did I say was the purpose of his ride?

There is your answer.

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Sarah Palin - One Child Left Behind

Bea read the post I wrote right above you. Quit arguing with nothing, you are so partisan you are as bad as Tom just on the opposite side of the spectrum.

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Sarah Palin - One Child Left Behind

Actually OP is about both Sarah Palin and whether she was correct about Paul Revere.

Now in response to your diatribe, I doubt Obama has set race relations back 50 years. The fact that his skin color is a non-issue and people are arguing about his policies is a significant step forward. I haven't met anyone who is concerned about Obama's race, but I have met people who are upset about his policies. That is an intellectual disagreement and not one based on such superficial things as race.

The general public doesn't take Palin seriously. Plus, if she ran she would be up against some formidable opponents who have a lot more going for them than a partial governorship, failed VP bid, and reality tv series.

"Could Palin win? Depends on how serious Hillary takes her campaign."

Not sure where this came from? Hope it is a joke? Obama isn't a lame duck president.

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Sarah Palin - One Child Left Behind

I agree with you, I'm not sure her being technically right is much better. She was pretty clumsy in her description of what happened. Also, some of what she said WAS wrong and shows she didn't quite get the context.

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