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Former Lawrence police officer charged with DUI

Respect the job they do, cause I don't want it. But if you had your choice between pulling people over on a street light lit city limit and a dark deserted highway, where would you mess with people? Yes they have jurisdiction anywhere within the state.

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Brownback says lieutenant governor will welcome Obama to Kansas

Whether you agree or disagree with The Man, he is The President Of The United States and the office should be respected. When our elected leader, for The State of Kansas, disrespects the office in this manner it makes us as Kansans, on the national level, look idiotic.

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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

Gill can't even get credit for being competitive against the teams his player talent level allows him to be. It's going to take time to turn this barge around, whoever the coach is.

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Leftovers on menu for KU

This is what happens when you're not proactive. Lack of conference leadership led to this happening to the Big 12. Its funny if you look at the most recent football poll and the number of recent Big 12 schools in the the top 25. Texas is the lowest ranked of them all and their arrogance and greed led to this conference falling apart. Maybe things will turn out well for KU, hopefully the KU administration wasn't sitting on its hands as this conference fell apart in front of them.

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Big East best bet for KU

I could live with KU in the Big east. It may further open up basketball recruiting out there. East coast kids could have the opportunity to come to Kansas and play championship caliber ball, plus get a quality education and still be able to return home area on a weekly basis and perform in front of there families. Kansas just needs to be proactive one way or the other. Big 12 is toast.

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Towing can chain drivers to huge fees

people should make there own choice as to what company to call when needed. but the city, county should also be aware what companies are price gouging and those companies should not be called. strange to me how you are breaking the law for scalping a ticket for a athletic event but it is perfectly legal to price gouge people at a time of distress. somehow with the disaster in joplin they managed to take care of this same situation, why not here? heres a vote for hilldrest.

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Robbery reported at Central National Bank on 9th Street in Lawrence

shadow, now that is funny

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Accident closes eastbound lanes of turnpike

this happened right behind me. the first bridge going east off the east entrance was slushy icy. a car in front of me had spun out of control luckily missing barricade. they ended up on the south side below the turnpike. a car behind spun right then left, going toward barricade. a truck behind tried to avoid by going left but ended up t boning the car that had spun. looked like pile up behind them. this bridge was slick for some reason. no other bridges were. i feel lucky not to have been involved.

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Blacks should speak for themselves

All of these comments because "Dog" chooses to use the "n" word in what he thought was a private conversation and also casually throws it around in his private life. The man was exposed by his kid for what he is. Dog, "I thought the word had different meanings," what a joke. The joke is that he solicits Sharpton to try and save his TV career. I feel that this is what Pitts was saying, nothing more. Blacks will make up there own mind on Dog, Sharpton will have no influence.

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