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Mapping gets to bottom of state's shrinking lakes

"Hundreds of millions of dollars in dredging costs" ?

Good god, let it fill in and build another damn somewhere else. Let's not lose sight of the fact that these aren't exactly natural features! All that's happened is that dirt moved from one place to another. Damn good Kansas dirt, I might add.

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Measuring success

A million dollars! $1,000,000!

We know, you keep telling us. What do you think that's for, exactly? Maybe it's directly equated to teachers' time? To double the amount of education your 5-year-old sponge is exposed to that year?

Tell me what you think is spent overall on instruction any year? Do you know that number? Come on, I'm sure you do. You're totally up on the issue, right?

It's $68M. About $20M more to pay for operations and administration. Total budget well over $100M.

Apparently, spending another 1% of that on a program that is proven to have downstream benefits (aka: better test scores, more successful students) somehow doesn't make sense to you.

If I were still a Lawrencian, I'd happily pony up the money in the hope that the parents of tomorrow would be a bit more farsighted.

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Cemetery ownership still in limbo

Helluva a place to smoke dope, though.

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A planet no longer

So there are Kansans who still care about science? Who knew?

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City considers increasing water rates

As the J-W explicitly reports, Ms. Van Saun says that you'll be paying for "Capitol improvements", so it seems your beef is with the fine citizens of Topeka who should be bearing the brunt of these costs?

Or with the weekend copy editor, an intern from the Lawrence High Budget, who hasn't yet mastered the finer points of the language?

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Fountains to be seen, not played in, city says


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Bicycling enthusiasts advocate extending trails

Y'all need to get out more. This isn't exactly a cutting-edge concept. Coan's group and others like it have worked for years to piece together scenic links such as these.

Trails such as these are popular with riders all over the country. ("Tourist money" is as also known as "Other People's Money", just like when you take from the gubmint. It's ok!)

Do they cost money? Sure. Did the 4-lane highway that takes your bass-boat-hauling SUV out to Clinton Lake cost a heck of a lot more? I don't know - let's have Marion figure it out for us.

Usage fee? Great idea. What do you pay to plunk your boat down the ramp at the Lake? Make it the same - recreation is recreation. Yours is subsidized, mine is not?

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Video leads to barrage of mail


To cover the atrocities wrought upon the citizens of this fine metropolis by the State Board of Education?

To get to the bottom of the roundabout conspiracy?

To interview Guy Neighbors and take down the LPD?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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Shawnee steps behind 'walking school bus'

Laugh if you will, but if the feds are doling out $100M, I'm all for taking some of my money back. Thus, I've applied for the position of virtual mechanic for this new transportation system. Although I have absolutely no training in this field, I'm quite confident that nobody could do a better job than I will.

Since I have a soft spot in my heart for the kids of Lawrence, I'm reducing my salary demands to a quite-reasonable $25,000 / school year... BUT I do insist on overtime for the snowy days where the virtual buses need to have their cute little virtual tire chains installed.

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Library proposals to face scrutiny from committee

Yeah, in Alabama they don't spend much money on libraries, either.

Here's a tip for y'all: this should be a public-private partnership. If I'm a developer, I can think of a lot of reasons I'd want to bring 1000+ incremental potential customers per day to my location.... and they all start with the letter $.

I'd deed that current block (where the library sits today) to a developer in return for a 50-year lease within the ensuing project.

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