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How Many Guns Does One Man Need?

You bet it does LarryNative! I'm a Democrat, Life Member of the NRA and never have enough guns! I think tuschkahouma hit it on the head with the comment about the GOP. My favorite firearm is the last one I purchased! Shinny steel and polished wood, in every caliber please.

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

The range has been there for the 25 + years we have lived in the area. In fact anyone who has been in the area for any time know that firearms make noise and it is a :shooting range". There has always been shooting out there even before we moved to the area. We knew about it. I have a range out by my barn and I shoot all of the time, as do some of my neighbors along Washington Creek. It has never bothered me, even when they are shooting fully automatic stuff.

Every serious shooter knows that alcohol and firearms don't mix. I would like to think that the FOP keeps an eye on that type of thing. The range doesn't bother me.

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Who will win the election for Kansas Attorney General?

Once again Kansans rise up to defeat Obama........but wait...

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Kobach beats Biggs to win Kansas secretary of state race

Just what we need.....now we can build a fence around Kansas to keep out all those illegals who are voting and collecting healthiness and unemployment benefits that should be going to good Kansans...who vote the RIGHT way.

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Jenkins wins 2nd District seat, beats Democrat Hudspeth

WOW! Our CPA beat Pelosi! She will save us from the wild spending in Washington. As long as it's not Republican spending, that's is.

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Moran beats Johnston in race for U.S. Senate

Moran because "God Wills It!! How far back into the dark ages can Kansas go?

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Brownback wins race for Kansas governor

Brownback because "God Wills It!' How many times can it be said.... What's the matter with Kansas????

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Holland, Brownback unsure about future debates

The good senator will not make the same mistake twice. He will not debate. If he stays in Washington he can claim to be busy "working for Kansas" and no one will be the wiser. No one knows what he does now anyway. You can run and you can hide, the people of Kansas are totally clueless when it comes to voting. In Kansas, the NO's have it.

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Who should be responsible for making sure students are eating a healthy lunch?

Why is everything Obama's fault. Those who are so quick to point a finger and blame the new administration are the same ones who kept the old administration in office for 8 years, wrecked the economy, sunk our youth into two loosing wars, were poor stewards of the environment and only worry about how much money big business is loosing by giving employees heath care benefits. Or could it be that the blamer's just don't want to take any personal responsibility for the world?

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Jenkins tours KU's School of Pharmacy site, says public option would be 'government takeover'

Maybe we should just leave things to the free market, like Lynn's friends say. After all, if poor people don't have health care, they might all die and stop being a drain on business. With less of a drain on business, CEO's could get a bigger bonus and give to her re-election fund.
Jenkins does not have a clue about health care or how it works.

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