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Joplin tornado death toll climbs to 89

Heart of Missouri United Way (Columbia, MO) has stepped up and established the Joplin Tornado Relief Fund. 100% of donations will go directly to Joplin United Way, with ZERO overhead. Follow the link, call 573-443-4523, or text "Joplin" to 864833.

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Kansas House wants to block funding to Planned Parenthood clinics, even though funds don't pay for abortion

As a matter of fact, Planned Parenthood does provide services for men as well.

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Homosexual Marriage Is Absurd

Anthony, I just read your bio on LJW. Thanks for sharing. Perhaps you'll blog about your experiences here sometime.. I really want to second your statement, "same sex couples relationships are not based on sex....they are based on the same things heterosexual couples relationships are based on .....love, trust, commitment and respect. that is why our relationships last as long as yours." That doesn't seem so hard to understand, but evidently it is if people deny themselves friendships with gay and lesbian couples.

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Homosexual Marriage Is Absurd

The author might want to take a look at this article about latent homoophobia if he's not too afraid to do some soul searching.


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Kansas Business Coalition opposing immigration legislation

I think the concern is whether anyone with brown skin and a Hispanic name may be pulled over or ask to show their identity which would unfairly target persons of Hispanic descent who are citizens and whose families have lived in this country for generations. I don't want us to be a country where we have to "show our papers". Obviously people do show their papers or passports at international airports and border crossings as they should, but people should not be asked to prove their right to be in this country unless there is probable cause to believe they have entered illegally (and skin color and surname should not be acceptable probable cause).

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LMH cardiologist to chat about heart health

Thank you, very interesting, informative and useful information!

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Lawrence nurse returns to Haiti along with One Heart Ministries International team to provide medical care to those in need

Thank you, Karin, for all you do for people far and away. You're the best!

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Texas snaps streak, Jayhawks cope with loss of Thomas Robinson's mother

See Poe's Law referenced above.

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Texas snaps streak, Jayhawks cope with loss of Thomas Robinson's mother

Maybe we could invent an icon of a basketball with a winking eye as an indicator to prevent confusion.

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Texas snaps streak, Jayhawks cope with loss of Thomas Robinson's mother

jonas, I understand that was tongue-in-cheek. :)

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