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Longtime media executive Ralph Gage retiring from The World Company

Congratulations, Mr. Gage. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

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When online friends die: a goodbye to Multidisciplinary

I will miss Multi and her wonderful sense of humor, tolerance and stories about life in the Flint Hills. Go in peace, Multi!

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In Plain Sight 6/14/2012 (Solved)

I think it is the cemetery off sixth street, behind Henry T's.

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In Plain Sight 6/2/2012 (Solved)


I haven't a clue, but am intrigued. Can't wait to hear where this is and what it is.

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Long-time Lawrence police sergeant retiring

Congratulations, Susan. You'll be missed!

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Photos and untold stories from Clinton Cemetery

Great photos, thanks for posting them.

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Shoshone Falls

Beautiful photos, Paul.

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Brownback announces big changes at Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services

Not only is Brownback firing people left and right and replacing them with like-minded puppets of his, the manner in which this is happening is appalling. Not only at SRS but other state agencies, people who have spent 25 years or more serving the most vulnerable people as well as every citizen in our state are being unceremoniously fired and marched out the door at the same time. This is not compassionate conservatism. How about a chance to honor them for their work and dedication, how about letting them say goodbye to colleagues and their employees or help make the transition as orderly as possible?

In terms of SRS being "evil", it is pretty ridiculous to use some wide brush to paint everyone and everything about a huge organization as evil. As a former employee at several agencies and organizations in Lawrence, it is absurd to say every single person in the organization is "evil", lazy, incompetent. Certainly, there are a few of those folks in every organization as well as many private businesses. Social workers provide services for children and families in the state and it is a fairly thankless job most of the time. There are many dedicated employees in differing roles and professions who care deeply about the welfare of the children, disabled and the elderly in this state.

There are many people employed by these agencies and we all probably know someone who works for a local or state agency. Try telling those friends, relatives or acquaintances that each and everyone of them are evil, lazy or incompetent.

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Do you know someone who is a twin, triplet or other multiple?

We had neighbors in New Jersey who had a set of triplets. Two of the three were identical twins as well.

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