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Experts warn of carbon monoxide leaks

"Floerchinger recommends homeowners install carbon monoxide detectors. The detectors should be put on the lowest level of the home because the gas sinks."

Mr. Floerchinger is incorrect. CO is almost exactly the same density as air. Air has a molecular weight of about 29 and CO has a molecular weight of about 28. So CO is actually slightly lighter. Some CO detectors plug in the wall (low) and some mount on the ceiling like a smoke detector. Some alarms are combination smoke/CO.

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True to faith


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KU lends 2008 basketball championship trophy to speaker of Kansas House

The correct term is "inbreds".

I prefer the term "genetically disenfranchised".

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Have you ever seen a rock from the moon?


Lunar Sample Building at Johnson Space Center.

They store the rocks in a Nitrogen atmosphere to prevent contamination.

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Obama revolution

"It’s reaching a dangerous stage that will change America for decades, in domestic matters as well as in America’s position and stature abroad."

I certainly hope so.

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Waterless urinals: Cheap, green, but some say gross

They need to replace the troughs in the fieldhouse with something like this.

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Infrastructure treatment key issue for city candidates

Black and Veatch estimates that we have sewage treatment capacity for about 8,000 more residents. What do we do after that, tell people to move to Topeka instead?

Now might be a great time to go ahead with construction with commodities like steel at 4 year lows and concrete coming down. If we wait till growth and the economy gets rolling again, the price for the plant will most likely inflate enormously.

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Consumer groups, utilities at odds over energy proposal

I makes little sense to me to have an electric company encourage their customers to use less of their product. However, it does make sense to have such an effort and to pay for it predominantly by those that waste/use the most.

The fact is that Westar is way behind the curve, even when compared with KCPL, when it comes to encouraging energy efficiency by offering rebate programs and other measures. They have fought tooth and nail to avoid getting into wind power, while several companies outside the state have moved in to take advantage of this great state resource.

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Backers of "In God We Trust" license plate get $10,000 break from state

Will the legislature be so quick to approve the same legislation in support of other religions?

In Allah we trust

In Jesus we trust

In Mother Nature we trust

We trust in no God!

In the Flying Spaghetti Monster we trust

In Darwin we trust

Where does it all stop?

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Backers of "In God We Trust" license plate get $10,000 break from state

Could this be a clandestine attempt by atheists to force the issue in front of the supreme court? Did someone perhaps plant the idea to some puny minded right winger knowing they'd take the ball and run with it? Kansas would be the perfect place to do it.

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