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Why America is on the Brink of Class Warfare

Well said! To add to that, I think what is going on in Wisconsin is emblematic of a bigger problem that not everyone needs to be, should be, or wants to be ultra rich, but everyone needs to earn a living wage. We have many hard working citizens who continue to see their wages slide backwards and their opportunities diminish despite their best efforts. The amount that a CEO in a manufacturing plant commands in salary relative to that of the men and women actually producing the products is off kilter. It's that simple. Combine that with a previous poster's comment about America becoming the land of paper-pushing and we have a pretty serious burgeoning problem.

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Why America is on the Brink of Class Warfare

Good luck with that oh great one who entered the work force in 2008. I think you are in for a few surprises.

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Why America is on the Brink of Class Warfare

The irony is that the rich want even more. The Koch brothers, in addition to owning Brownback, are a major influence on the fiasco in Wisconsin and apparently own their governor as well. The Koch boys and their ilk need to read about the French revolution.

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Phill Kline faces more questions about abortion investigation in ethics hearing

You have no idea what your talking about. I know someone who interviewed for a job with Kline and he asked the interviewee how many children he had. The interviewee indicated he and his wife had one child and Kline said, "one, why just one? You're going to have more, right?" The gist of the conversation is that it is his obligation as a white, good American Christian to populate the earth. So much for separation of church and state. This guy is a nutbag who belongs at Liberty with all the other nutbags.

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Phill Kline faces more questions about abortion investigation in ethics hearing

Phil Kline = Fred Phelps. Grandstanding, immoral, attention whores who have chosen a segment of the population to ostracize to make a name for themselves in the annals of legal history. One wears a suit, the other wears a warm-up suit...that's the only difference.

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The Liberal Slave

LibertyOne's only bible is that which resides in his or her own brilliant thoughts.

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The Liberal Slave

Well, now I am relieved, LO. You have already dropped out. You are a societal fringe player with your own delusions of grandeur and a psychotic construct of your own perfect government that has no hope of ever coming into existence, let alone surviving. Keep complaining about the system, blog until you get carpal tunnel, and by all means stay away from the polls because, after all, your vote doesn't count. Keep thinking that way and the rest of us will participate while you sit on the sidelines bitching about the government and dreaming of your utopia. Thanks, I feel better knowing that you are nothing more than a noisy dropout.

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The Liberal Slave

If you don't like representative government, you are more than welcome to try elsewhere and don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. I have been all over the world and experienced many forms of government (or lack thereof). You can bitch all you want to about our government, but if it didn't exist, you would likely be a real slave and not the mythical pseudo-slave you portray in your little screech. At this point, we have the ability to vote and take part in participatory government, to go to public or private schools and achieve knowledge and skills, to obtain employment in many ways including starting our own businesses, to practice religion freely (or not), and, yes, to benefit from government programs that serve to protect all of us from various forms of oppression. I think a good many of us would probably defend each of these princples vigorously. So again, if it's really that bad, you can always try somewhere else.

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The Liberal Slave

I have read many of LO's blogs and the only conclusion that can be drawn is that he or she is a self-diluted, self aggrandizing, extraordinarily sheltered megalomaniac who has hopelessly merged the concepts of free democratic governance with free market capitalism. There has never been a successful totally capitalistic society in the history of the world because at the root of the system lies people...a certain percentage of whom will always game the system beyond any level of acceptability. This is why we have governments and while they too have flaws, it is the thin red line between anarchy or fascism, take your pick. Our current government has issues, but they have nothing to do with LO's vision of libertarian utopia. In fact, exactly the opposite, I believe our problems stem in part to business and government being a bit too cozy. BP oil spill, Halliburton, KBR, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, hell, take your pick of these and more and at their core you will find an entirely too small a number of fat cats taking benefits from an entirely too small number of politicians who in turn get re-elected every year because they outspend their opponents with contributions from the aforementioned corporations and convince Joe voter that if they hang on for just four more years they too can have their price of the American dream Robin Leach style. It is the interface between corporations and politicians that threatens the average citizen and not the EPA, the Dept. of Education, or any of the other bureaucracies against which libertarians like to rail.

So if you want true free-market economics LO, go to Somalia and become a pirate because that's closest working model there is to your brand of free-market economy. And by the by, it's not working out too well.

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Kansas senators question Kansas Bioscience Authority staff on spending

Yea, the "bio" happening in the bioscience center here in Lawrence is thin if not non-existent. I would classify it as style over substance for an exorbitantly high price. They should have had at least one legitimate bioscience start-up before they even broke ground.

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